Japan’s latest supercomputer is dedicated to nuclear fusion

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

This year, Japan will deploy a Cray XC50 that will be the world's most powerful supercomputer in the field of advanced nuclear fusion research. It will be installed at the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science (QST) and used for lo…
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Facebook Watch Platform to Launch Dedicated News Section

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Facebook is set to launch a news section for its Watch platform and is testing different video partnerships with around 10 publishers, according to a report by Axios today.

Launched back in August, Watch is a section of Facebook in the U.S. for mobile and desktop that’s designed to showcase TV shows exclusive to the social network. Along with serving as a platform for end users to watch shows, Watch is also meant to help creators and publishers find an audience for their content, build a community, and earn money.

The additional section would be the first standalone news product for national news in Watch. Previously news has been hosted on the platform mixed in with other publisher content through delivery mechanisms such as Instant Articles and Facebook Live.

Facebook is said to be testing a daily video feature for the upcoming news section that includes content from both “legacy and digital-first news publishers” and would run for at least a year, according to Axios‘ sources. Hosted content would be a minimum of three minutes, and Facebook plans to launch the feature this summer to test what works best.

Aside from Facebook’s monetization goals, creating a news product that’s native to the platform is part of an effort to promote content from vetted publishers, following last year’s outbreak of “fake news” on the social network. Accusations that Facebook did little to halt the spread of misinformation on its platform hit the company’s reputation among both users and publishers in 2017, and it has since been testing ways to guide readers to more credible sources of news.

Last week it was reported that Facebook and Major League Baseball have reached an agreement to stream 25 weekly MLB games on the social network starting in 2018. The games will be distributed over Facebook Watch as part of the MLB Live show Page. The deal marks MLB’s first digital-only distribution agreement, which was unanimously approved by 30 Major League Clubs.

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Instagram Could Soon Get a Dedicated ‘Portrait Mode’ Feature Within Its Camera

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

A new revelation has uncovered the possibility of Instagram getting a “Portrait Mode” feature for stories and posts. This was revealed by Ishan Agarwal on Twitter, who tore down an APK (Android Package Kit) and found this within the system alongside other camera modes like Live and Reverse. Continue reading
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Apple News generates little income for smaller publishers, curators take pitches from publishers on dedicated Slack channel

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Apple’s editorial team reportedly takes pitches from large reporting venues on a private Slack channel, and a team of about a dozen staffers decide if the story lives or dies on Apple News, and as a result, what makes money from being spotlighted on the service.
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TeamViewer launches dedicated user interface for the IoT

TeamViewer launches dedicated user interface for the IoT

Remote monitoring specialist TeamViewer is aiming to provide a GUI for the IoT generation, giving insight into how smart devices are functioning.

Online support and collaboration software company TeamViewer has released a new dedicated IoT solution to combine remote access, machine and monitoring capabilities.

IoT remote management software is a key enabling technology for the devices that we seek to bring online in smart cities, industrial civil engineering deployments and inside our connected homes.

As these software tools and platforms proliferate, TeamViewer’s differentiator may be its ability to access and control IoT devices from anywhere in the world.

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A GUI for the IoT generation

In many ways, TeamViewer is aiming to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for the IoT generation. The company argues that, although many smart entities are being developed with new advances looking to connected devices without the use of a screen (voice recognition, gesture control and so on), we still need to be realistic.

“These [new user interface paradigms] will take some time and not all industries will know how that will work for their business straight away. Graphical user interfaces are therefore still being used and are likely to be used for some time,” said the firm, in a media advisory.

TeamViewer IoT comes with support for Raspbian, an open source operating system born on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer well-suited to small modular device deployments. Alongside Raspbian, TeamViewer IoT can port to other Linux distributions.

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Aimed at the channel

To be clear on this product’s positioning, TeamViewer IoT is aimed at value added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and technology enthusiasts.

It is built with end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication and what TeamViewer cheekily calls its ‘Easy Access’ function – basically a route to connecting related devices within the same physical or virtual network, so that devices can share data without the need to provide an additional layer of credentials.

“With a TeamViewer account, users can quickly set up the web-based dashboard and install the software on a Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, TeamViewer provides an SDK plus an MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) API so users can collect the data they need and include it in their dashboard,” explained Raffi M. Kassarjian, the company’s general manager for emerging products.

Read more: ISO formalises MQTT foundational IoT standard

Wiggle your widgets, if you want

Kassarjian elaborates, saying that the dashboard is flexible enough to provide users with the possibility to tailor their widgets according to their needs. It also provides a means to trigger an alert when a critical metrics threshold is crossed.

Users can integrate the data – by means of a Cloud REST (Representational State Transfer) API – in a different system if they need to do so.

The technology should deliver business benefits in a variety of industries and use cases, according to Kassarjian. “In industrial settings, TeamViewer IoT allows production managers and equipment suppliers to increase machine productivity, monitor operational efficiency and carry out preventive maintenance from anywhere in the world. Additionally, building owners and operators can use [it] in conjunction with smart building technologies to monitor and optimise energy usage, space usage and long-term capacity planning,” he says.

IoT platforms are, obviously, proliferating and developing at an exponential space, so TeamViewer’s claims that it has ‘key differentiators’, unique positioning or has achieved an industry first are somewhat dubious.

But as we’ve said before on Internet of Business in relation to TeamViewer, technical teams working on IoT projects need to elevate their device deployments in the total IT stack and and look at the bigger operational opportunities that the IoT can bring. Giving users a more familiar GUI-feel connection point to these devices could well be a first step on that road.

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Google Play banner hints at dedicated audiobook section

Google Play might be close to launching a section dedicated to selling audiobooks. 9to5Google has spotted a banner displayed in the Books section of the app market announcing its arrival. It was even promoting a 50 percent discount for your first aud…
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Manchester City signs second FIFA pro as ‘dedicated PS4 player’

Sports teams the world over are adding gamers to their rosters, but it's particularly common in football. Manchester City FC signed its first eSports pro, Kieran "Kez" Brown, last summer, and today the club's announced Marcus "ExpectSporting" Jorgens…
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Opera browser’s AI powered News reader clocks 100 million active users, dedicated news and video app coming soon

Opera, maker of popular Opera Mini and Opera browsers today announced it now reached 100 million active news readers as of November 2017. The company has also mentioned that it will soon launch a dedicated news and content app, which will offer users with news and videos relevant to them.  The company’s own Artificial Intelligence is aimed at providing users … Continue reading “Opera browser’s AI powered News reader clocks 100 million active users, dedicated news and video app coming soon”
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Google Phone app gets dedicated ‘Video call’ option that launches Duo from ongoing call

Google has finally enabled a dedicated ‘Video call’ option in its Phone app. The option in question shows up while you make a normal call, and tapping on it launches the Duo app, switching you to a video call. In case you aren’t aware, this integration between Phone and Duo was already there, but the option to access it was missing. That changes now, as the ‘Video call’ option is now live. Tapping this new option during an ongoing call launches the caller’s video camera. On the receiver’s end, Duo is launched as well (provided their device is unlocked). Of course, triggering this…

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Parking Insider is a mobile wallet dedicated to helping you avoid parking tickets

 Parking Insider is smart app with a mobile wallet expressly dedicated to enabling its users to quickly and seamlessly pay for parking spots — by the minute. The app — cobbled together last night at TechCrunch Berlin’s 24-hour hackathon — also invites users to earn free minutes of parking by snapping pictures of free parking spaces, photos that it will use to create a… Read More
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