[Deal Alert] Save 50% on Pixel Buds ($79.50 off) with purchase of Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL on the Google Store

The Pixel Buds are priced exactly the same as Apple’s AirPods at $ 159, but that’s more than most people are willing to pony up for earbuds. If you were on the lookout for a discount and you’ve also been considering a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, perhaps the Google Store’s latest deal of 50% off will entice you.

It’s worth noting that the Pixel Buds aren’t a perfect product. Our review mentioned several flaws, though the discount does make them more worthy of consideration.

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[Deal Alert] Save 50% on Pixel Buds ($ 79.50 off) with purchase of Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL on the Google Store was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Apple Strikes Deal with WeChat to Enable Tipping Feature

Chinese iPhone owners are now able to send money through instant messaging service WeChat as part of a new agreement between Apple and the app’s developer.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant has just signed a deal with Tencent, which owns WeChat. The companies are said to be on a “mutual understanding” after a bitter battle over App Store rules.

Last year, Apple banned the app’s financial tipping feature on the grounds that it apparently violated the terms of the App Store. However, the company has since changed its position on the situation. The tipping feature is popular among users of the app because it gives them an easy way to make payments to content creators and their peers.

The deal will also see the company improve the feature so that individuals can send money to each other through WeChat. Other firms are likely to benefit from these changes, too.

Alan Zhang, an executive at Tencent, confirmed Apple’s change of heart on Monday. He said: “In the past, companies like Apple might have had a difficult time understanding China-specific features.

He explained that the two companies are now on good terms. “We now all share a mutual understanding and we’ll soon bring back the ‘tip’ function,” added Zhang.

But Apple has become tough with third-party payment apps in recent years. It’s previously argued that they clash with a payment mechanism in the App Store.  

However, the company has since amended this policy to allow tip-based functionalities. In-app purchases work in a similar way and have been popular among iOS developers for years.

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Deal: up to $250 off Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note8 for Verizon

Best Buy was quick to knock $ 100 off Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL but the discount is now $ 200 and $ 250 respectively. Once again, this is for the Verizon model though it will have no issue working on Sprint or AT&T and T-Mobile. Google Pixel 2 • Google Pixel 2 XL You can’t pay full price for the phone, instead you’ll have to sign up for a 24 month payment plan. But you only pay $ 18.74 a month for the Pixel 2, which works out to $ 450 (down from a retail price of $ 650). You can get the 128GB model instead, that’s $ 22.91 a month. The Pixel 2 XL is $ 24.99 a month – $ 600 total,…

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Deal: Alcatel Idol 4S with Win 10 for $100

The alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10, also seen at some markets as the Idol 4 Pro, received several price cuts since its unveiling in Q3 2016. The free fall of the price now reached $ 100/C$ 125 on the Microsoft Store. If paying $ 100 is not enough of a deal for you, Microsoft will also throw free delivery and free returns for the unlocked Idol 4S. The phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as plenty of prepaid carriers. The offer is until February 8 and valid only for Canada and the US. Shoutout to J-G Duger for the tip! Source

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