Calendar 2 made $2K in 3 days mining cryptocurrency, but Apple says it violated Mac App Store guidelines

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Yesterday, we reported on a macOS app called Calendar 2 that seemingly added cryptocurrency mining as an alternative to paying for premium features. At the time, the app’s developers, Qbix, had made the decision to remove the feature from the app.

The company now tells us, however, that Apple ended up pulling the app from the Mac App Store for violating its guidelines…



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PS4 zombie survival game ‘Days Gone’ delayed until 2019

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Kotaku UK has confirmed that Days Gone, the PS4-exclusive peripatetic post-apocalypse game from SIE Bend Studio, has been delayed until 2019. The title was announced in mid-2016 but we first got our hands on it at E3 2017, where a gameplay demo showc…
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Lineage 2: Revolution turns 100 days old, and receives special update in celebration

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Lineage 2: Revolution recently turned 100 days old. That’s not even one candle on a birthday cake – so you might be wondering why developer Netmarble is celebrating. Well, it’s because in that brief ‘hectoday’, Lineage 2: Revolution players have created over 10 million characters and played for over 170 million hours. That suggests the South Korean creators are doing something right. In honour of this, Netmarble has given the MMORPG an update, featuring new events and content.

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Honor 7C video comes out a few days early, shows off the face unlock

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There’s just under a week until Huawei makes the Honor 7C official – the unveiling is set for March 12. So this fairly long video comes a bit early. The clip stars the face unlock feature of the Honor 7C as well as its dual camera (13MP + 20MP). The 18:9 screen will measure 5.99″ and have 720 x 1,440px resolution according to TENAA. The Black and Blue color options are seen in the video, but there should be two Gold options as well – Champagne and Rose. The phone should launch with Oreo/EMUI 8.0 and seems to be a more affordable version of the Honor 7X. Compared to it, the screen is… – Latest articles

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LG G7 Neo Leak Shows iPhone X-Like Notch As Well Because We Cannot Have A Phone Without A Notch These Days

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Latest LG G7 Neo leak shows yet another phone featuring iPhone X-like notch display. Here are the details on it.

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Only two days of the entire PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics were more popular than Sochi

TV viewership altogether is down since the last winter games.

On average, 19.8 million people watched watched NBC’s* primetime coverage of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang this year — 7 percent fewer than the previous winter games in Sochi.

Only two days of the entire 18-day PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics were more popular than Sochi: The second Tuesday (women’s alpine skiing) and the final Saturday (figure skating gala).

On every other day, Sochi beat — or in one case tied — PyeongChang in viewership, including online. Some 3.4 million more people watched the Sochi opening ceremonies than watched those in PyeongChang. The closing ceremony Sunday had 400,000 fewer viewers than Sochi.

Of course, TV viewership altogether is down, with fewer people paying for traditional subscriptions. In fact, the built-in viewership for TV has decreased since Sochi. The number of pay TV subscribers in the U.S. dropped over 6 percent to 93.8 million in 2017, down from 100 million in 2015.

Olympics viewership has been in decline for years, while the cost to air the Olympics has risen — a trend happening across TV.

NBC paid $ 963 million for domestic rights fees for PyeongChang, up about $ 200 million from what it paid for the last Winter Olympics in Sochi. However, NBC has already made much of that back, banking more than $ 900 million in ad sales, a Winter Olympics record according to the network.

This was the first year NBC simultaneously aired TV and streaming versions of the Olympics. People could also watch competing cable broadcasts on NBCSN. Both of these are included in the PyeongChang viewership numbers NBC provides.

* NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Vox Media, which owns this site. Vox Media has also collaborated with NBCUniversal on The Podium, a podcast series about the Olympics.

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NASA’s Opportunity rover surpasses 5,000 Martian days on the Red Planet

On Saturday, NASA’s Opportunity rover celebrated a monumental anniversary all by itself on the surface of the Red Planet: surviving 5,000 Martian days. It’s an incredibly significant milestone for the little-wheeled robot, given the fact that it was only expected to last just 90 days. Opportunity is just one of two rovers currently functioning on the Red Planet, along with NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Opportunity launched on top of a Delta II on July 7th, 2003, along with a twin rover called Spirit. The pair then landed on Mars three weeks apart in January 2004, both going to opposite sides of the planet. The day of Opportunity’s landing, January 25th, was considered Sol 1 — or the first Martian day for the rover. The term “sol” is used to…

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Twitter is shutting down Twitter for Mac app, support ends in 30 days

Twitter today announced that it will be ending support for its Mac application in the next 30 days in favor of the web client. The app will no longer be available to download from today. The company suggests users use the web client to get the full experience. The Twitter app for Mac which was once very popular when it was originally dubbed “Tweetie” is now been lying around for quite some time with no updates or additions. Third-party clients like  Tweetbot or Twitterific have taken over the MacOS. This also goes to indicate that Mac App store itself is a failure where most apps mimic popular websites and lack the punch. [HTML1] On the other hand, there are also rumors that Twitter is working along with Apple under NDA to bring its iOS app onto the Mac platform, this news indeed gained some traction on social media over the past few weeks. Whatever it is, the Twitter app for Mac has just 30 days to live, post which it is only the web client for Mac users. With the Twitter app just lying there no major changes and updates, users have already migrated to a better third-party app client.
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Twitter puts deadline on Mac application, will drop support in 30 days

Today Twitter has announced that it will be killing its Mac application in favor of a web client. The social media giant tweeted on its platform today that the app has thirty days to live, and that it will no longer be supported beyond that.