OnePlus 5T won’t have wireless charging because Dash Charge is better, CEO says

Last week OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explained the company’s decision to keep the 3.5mm headset jack around in its next product, the OnePlus 5T. Today Lau is doing some more explaining – this time, about why the 5T will not come with wireless charging functionality. The lack of wireless charging on the OnePlus 5T shouldn’t be surprising to you if you’ve been following the leaks and rumors about the Chinese company’s next smartphone. No huge redesign of its back has been mentioned, even once. And since Qi wireless charging doesn’t work well enough through metal, the 5T would need a glass or… – Latest articles

You can — but shouldn’t — play Tetris right on the dash of this Russian truck

I love Russian automotive culture. When their not using stripped-down Soviet-era cars as curling stones, they’re doing something equally ridiculous like embedding Tetris in the operating systems of their vans.

Tetris, the quintessential Russian video game, is apparently — and inexplicably — included as an Easter Egg in some models of the GAZelle Next vans. To play, you need to perform the automotive version of the Konami Code, which is to say click the odometer and clutch a specific number of times while revving the engine. That makes the game appear on the screen behind the steering wheel. Here’s a closer look:

And props to Jalopnik for going the extra mile and translating the narration on this video:

1) Turn the ignition on 2) Start…

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Amazon UK now has over 100 instant-order Dash buttons

In order to be the biggest, sometimes you need to be the fastest. It's a philosophy that Amazon has strictly adhered to, thanks to 1-Click ordering and its one-click Dash buttons. It's been just over a year since Amazon introduced its instant order b…
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Bragi’s The Dash and The Dash Pro will get Amazon Alexa support in October

Completely wireless earbuds are everywhere at IFA this year, and so is the voice assistant war. While Google Assistant is busy getting its foothold into many speakers, Alexa is expanding into headphones and earbuds and the latest to join its rank is Bragi’s The Dash series.

Both The Dash and the newer The Dash Pro will get a software update in October to Bragi OS 3.1 that will enable Alexa integration.

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Bragi’s The Dash and The Dash Pro will get Amazon Alexa support in October was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Amazon Alexa is coming to the Bragi Dash

The Bragi Dash wireless earbuds are getting a new feature later this year: the ability to talk to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. The headphone maker announced at the IFA trade show today that a software update coming in October will allow access to Alexa, and will be available in English (US and UK) and German.

It’s not the first pair of headphones to receive Alexa support, but this is definitely the first pair of truly wireless earbuds to offer access to the digital assistant. Alexa won’t be triggered by a wake word, though — users will have to either tap or use the Dash’s “4D menu,” in which the earbud uses motion sensing to allow users to turn their head left or right and select from a virtual menu.

Dash (and Dash Pro) users can…

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