Xander Bogaerts Does ‘Fortnite’ “Take The L” Dance in a Game, Then Team Takes the L

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Athletes doing Fortnite [Free] dances in celebration has just one pro, as Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox did the “Take the L” emote dance after hitting a double on Opening Day. He’s perhaps the most prominent athlete to drop a Fortnite dance after the UMBC bench was dropping dance moves during their upset of #1-seeded Virginia.

Bogaerts didn’t go all out in his dance, which is sad for us not getting to see a grown man do a ridiculous dance, but good because the Rays would probably hit him with a pitch next time he was up. You know, because baseball is a sport for mature adults, and when somebody does something you don’t like, you hit them.

However, whether it was the baseball gods punishing a player having fun, or the Fortnite gods punishing Bogaerts for his half-measure dance, the Rays got their revenge as they beat up on the Sox bullpen to make the Red Sox take the L on Opening Day. This should serve as a lesson to Fortnite players: don’t do your dances while the result is still unsettled, because egg might be on your face afterward. Also, go whole hog. Have a boombox play that ridiculous circus music while you do the dance. Just make sure one foot is on the base while the other leg goes up, or do it after a home run, but make sure you wear a literal suit of armor the next time you come up to the plate, because the pitcher will try to hit you. Glory ain’t cheap.

Of course, the counterpoint is the story of when NBA player Ben Simmons tried to convince the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns to stay up and play PUBG with him by pointing out that they’re playing the garbage Atlanta Hawks the day afterward. Not only did the T’wolves win, but Towns set a team record for points in a single game with 56!

So, I don’t know if there’s a lesson here, necessarily, other than “sports are fun but will also devastate you emotionally.” Also, maybe PUBG needs dances if it’s going to take the crown back from Fortnite.


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‘Fortnite’ wants to put your dance in the game

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The free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale has become a cultural sensation with a wide-ranging playerbase. How do we know? Because professional sports players won't stop mimicking the game's weird dances in real life. Maybe one day they'll be doing one…
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Bring This Robot to a Disco, and It’ll Dance With You

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

If you’re one who thinks the ability to dance is severely missing from modern robotics, the fine folks over at ETH Zurich’s Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering have a treat for you. The team has developed a robot – a quadrupedal bot called the ANYmal – with the ability to analyze music and create its own choreography.

Other robots have shown the ability to cut a rug to varying degrees, like the stripper robots on display during the most recent Consumer Electronics Show. Even NAO robots have synchronized skills. However, what makes the ANYmal special is its ability to react to music in real time and not rely on a programmed set of moves.

The accompanying software allows the robot to analyze the beats per minute (BPM) of music, create movement to match those speeds, and then check to ensure the devised movement speed matches the speed of the music. The robot even has the ability to change up its moves when different songs are played back to back (although, to be clear, most of those “moves” involve shaking a robo-behind back and forth).

“We wanted to have it so if you bring the robot to a disco, it can figure out the music, create a choreography, and sync up its motion,” Péter Fankhauser, a doctoral student working on the team, tells The Verge. “We’re also interested in creating lifelike movements. Dancing is a very human and motion-intensive action, so it’s challenging to mimic.”

Evidence presented below:

This may seem like a lot of novelty without much significance to robotics as a whole, but looks can be misleading. The bot’s ability to provide itself with a feedback loop could have real applications in fields such as surveying, and search and rescue. Fankhauser compares this with a human’s ability to imagine how they will complete a task. In theory, this type of technology could someday save lives.

For now though, the motivation is a little different. “We do a lot of serious things with the robot, but this is the fun side,” says Fankhauser. “For us, for students, for everybody involved, it’s enjoyable to do these things, and really explore the capabilities of the hardware.”

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Qualcomm invites Broadcom to last dance for $160bn

NEWSBYTE: US fabless chipmaker Qualcomm says it would drop its objections to being acquired by bitter rival Broadcom, if the Singapore-based company increases its takeover bid. Qualcomm has been fending off Broadcom’s attentions on antitrust grounds.

According to the FT, Qualcomm is insisting that Broadcom raises its offer by 15 percent to $ 90 a share, valuing the company at $ 160 billion – including $ 25 billion in debt. Broadcom’s current offer of $ 117 billion already makes it the largest (potential) tech acquisition in history, after a starting bid of £103 billion in November.

However, Reuters reports that Broadcom has publicly dismissed the move as “engagement theatre”, designed to wriggle out of the aggressive acquisition.

“Broadcom does not believe that the process outlined by Qualcomm today is designed to lead to a prompt agreement,” Broadcom said in a statement. Qualcomm responded by saying that “the ball is in Broadcom’s court”.

Internet of Business says

Last chance or last dance? The latest moves in the Qualcomm/Broadcom tango have a 13-year history of bitter feuding and litigation behind them. But it always felt like a courtship and a fiery romance. So will they finally embrace? Our bet is on £135 billion.

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Apple continues ‘Shot on iPhone X’ campaign with new ‘First Dance’ ad series [Videos]

Apple has shared a series of new iPhone X ads on its Apple Australia YouTube channel. The ads showcase the iPhone X camera being used to shoot a handful of different weddings, hence the title of “First Dance.”



Soon You’ll be Able to Dance, Clap, and Tap to Charge Your Devices

Picture the scene: a few years from now, your phone runs out of battery. Instead of scrambling for a charger, you clap your hands and watch it spring back into life.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not, thanks to a new technology developed by researchers at Clemson’s Nanomaterials Institute (CNI). In March 2017, the team put together a seemingly rudimentary device made of plastic and tape, with the unique ability to generate electricity from movements. When the two materials are brought together — by clapping hands or tapping feet — they create a voltage. And because no one can stand cables, there’s now a wireless version known as the W-TENG, which is made of a combination of teflon and a multi-part fiber containing the ultra thin material graphene.

The tile-like device has a maximum capacity of 3,000 volts. As it creates a voltage, it generates an electric field that transmits energy over a distance of up to 3 meters.

All this electricity can then be stored in batteries, but can also be used for a range of other things too. The study’s author, Sai Sunil Mallineni, names a few:

It cannot only give you energy, but you can use the electric field also as an actuated remote. For example, you can tap the W-TENG and use its electric field as a ‘button’ to open your garage door, or you could activate a security system — all without a battery, passively and wirelessly.

The team behind the W-TENG is already in talks with industrial partners to develop practical applications of the tech, and they want to make sure that when it hits the market, the magic tile is also environmentally friendly, so they are looking for an alternative to teflon.

All being well, W-TENG could streamline our capacity to charge electronic devices, and one day help reduce the burden of energy poverty in the developing world too. According to CNI director Apparao Rao, its success is a matter of ensuring that the economics of the project are as bulletproof as its scientific basis.

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Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Learn Dance

Best Dance Learning iPhone and iPad Apps

Dancing has always been very close to my heart. During my school days, I would spend hours to perfect Michael Jackson’s immortal “Crotch grab,” iconic “Moonwalk” and ever-impressive “Toe stand.” Though I could never perfect those stunning moves, I never got tired of trying them. The one huge huddle that I used to face while learning dance was the lack of guidance. No longer! With the best iPhone and iPad dance learning apps just a touch away, everything from helpful guidance to motivation are now always there to help me master moves like a pro.

Whether you dream to be a popular choreographer or wish to win a lot of hearts by showing your amazing dance skill, these dance apps for iOS can be a big asset. Jump over to take a look!

Best Dance Learning iPhone and iPad Apps

Top 10 Dance Learning Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Time to give your penchant for mastering all the awesome moves a huge boost! Simply pick out your favorite song and start dancing on it. You can create your playlists with scintillating songs and earn plenty of coins to unlock new ones.

As new songs are added every month, you will always have something hot to play. Also, check out the total calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Healthkit dashboard. Moreover, this dance-learning app has the support of multiple languages like English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and more.

Price: Free

#2. Pocket Salsa Basics

Pocket Salsa Basics iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Pocket Salsa Basics” is the highest rated salsa dance app. It provides a number of video dance lessons, which you can watch to learn moves and practice them. Review amazing dance combinations and discover fabulous salsa dance beat.

Want some inspiration to keep you motived? Don’t fail to watch some of the best social dancers in the world to get the much-needed motivation to give your best. What’s more, you can also download your favorite videos to catch up with them even without Internet.

Price: Free

#3. Dance Tonight

Dance Tonight iPhone App Screenshot

“Dance Tonight” is primed for the folks who are always in search of events to showcase their dancing skills. With this app, you can explore events not just in your area but also abroad. Once you have decided to take part in any event, you will be able to purchase tickets right from the app.

Meet new people and make them your friends. Also follow famous artists, venues, and friends to share your views!

Price: Free

#4. Dance Strength Training

Dance Strength Training iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Dance Strength Training” can be immensely helpful not just for those who wish to learn dancing but also for the ones who want to improve their fitness.

As the app consists of basic moves and advanced exercises, both beginners, as well as pros, will enjoy using it. Watch the hot moves and repeat them as many times as possible to emulate Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj or even Beyonce! Listen to the instructions and follow them correctly.

Create customized workouts to push yourself harder. As the app works even offline, your training session won’t have any interruption if Internet suddenly goes for a toss. Additionally, you can unlock more features like splits shake, wheel shake through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#5. Dance with Vincent & Flavia

Dance with Vincent & Flavia iPhone App Screenshot

What matters most while learning dance is the step-by-step guidance. And with “Dance with Vincent & Flavia,” you get the much-required instruction to ensure you can perform moves perfectly.

You have to watch dance videos and follow the steps. If you are dancing with your partner, it will guide you how both of you can ideally co-ordinate and do the steps with more flair.

The app has six dances including Cha Cha Cha (the Social Foxtrot) the Waltz, the Jive, the Salsa, and Tango. You can read all the latest Vincent & Flavia news. Even better, you will also get online discounts across on various brands through gaining Tango Tokens by using the App.

Price: $ 3.99

#6. Dance Festivals

Dance Festivals iPhone App Screenshot

Are you a big fan of dance events and never want to miss out on any of them? If yes, “Dance Festivals” has to be your top bet!

The dance learning app hosts several Latin dance events like Atlanta Salsa Festival, Bachateando (Miami), New York Salsa Congress, Miami Salsa Congress, LA Bachata Festival and more. So, watch them all and learn the moves.

Furthermore, you can also purchase passes and even book hotels right from the app.

Price: Free

#7. Aerobic Dance Exercises

Aerobic Dance Exercises iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Wish to tone your body while learning stunning moves? You shouldn’t look beyond Aerobic Dance Exercises.”

The app lets you select your preferred workout from over 7 hours of video classes. With plenty of cardio and strength workout available, you can bolster your stamina.

Watch the dance moves broken down step by step. And yes, make sure to follow the professional instructions to learn dance moves immaculately!

Price: Free

#8. Viva Fitness

Viva Fitness iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Viva Fitness” offers a well-structured aerobic dance fitness program that’s aimed at helping you shed not just tons of pounds but also improves your dance skill. The exercises are a great mix of moves from Hip-Hop, Soca, Salsa, Samba, Mambo, Martial Arts, Bollywood, Meringue and Street Dance.

The app provides up to 10 videos with easy instructions. Get on with the Viva Party for the more intense workout! It’s designed for both beginners and pro dancers.

Price: Free

#9. Dance Dance AR

Dance Dance AR iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get into the groove with this fantastic augmented reality dance-learning app! The app has packed in with more than 120 dance moves, which you can comfortably learn by following the step-by-step instructions. Ranging from simple to some complex dance moves, the app ensures your progress remains smooth-sailing.

To bring more fun into the play, it divides the dance steps and moves into genres like Hip-hop, House, Jazz, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Rumba, BreakDance, Samba. So, closely watch the elegant models and learn how they perfectly execute moves.

Price: Free

#10. Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you have set your sight on mastering hip-hop moves, “Hip Hop Dance” would be an excellent asset for you. The professional hip-hop choreography ensures you can learn moves more conveniently.

It features 80 moves with helpful guides and keeps you motivated throughout so that you can deliver 100%. Your personal digital trainer assists you in remaining sync with the routine with the timely audio guide. Even better, you can also customize the workout to suit your needs better.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

I guess some of these apps have already caught your attention and you are all set to try them, aren’t you? Let us know your valuable feedback about them in the comments.

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‘Cytus II’ Review – Finger Dance Revolution

Some developers just demonstrate a knack for certain genres and decide to stick with them. It’s not a bad way to go, and since Rayark has already given us several quality rhythm games like Cytus and VOEZ, it’s only natural that the studio might want to revisit that particular music-saturated well again. Happily, what it’s come up with in Cytus II [$ 1.99] is the best kind of sequel, one that should please fans of the first game while also assuring you don’t require any knowledge of it.

What you do need is fast fingers, because Cytus II starts out challenging and only gets harder from there. It’s not so much the intricacy of the game mechanics because there are only a handful of things you’re asked to do to tap notes in time with the music. The presentation is unique, though, because instead of the stereotypical style of notes falling down from the digital heavens, this game features them popping up in different spots around the screen as a line traverses it vertically. You always get a sneak peek at what’s coming next like in classic rhythm games, it’s just done in a different fashion.

While you’re eased into this presentation in the sparse but fulfilling tutorial during the game’s opening credits, it doesn’t prepare you for all the different ways Cytus II throws notes at you the further you delve into it. You’ll find yourself holding some down for different durations (sometimes simultaneously), dealing with tempo changes that make the vertical line scroll faster or slower, rapidly tapping complicated chains of notes in quick succession and more that I probably forgot because it came at me so quickly. Yet pattern recognition and memorization is still your friend, and persistence pays off, so fans of things like Dance Dance Revolution and its many progeny or Guitar Hero and the like will find that aspect comfortable even though this is a very different kind of rhythm game.

One element you might not expect is that Cytus II also has a story, a sci-fi narrative set an indeterminate amount of years in our future. People have apparently “synced” the real and online worlds, and music is a powerful force in both of them. A DJ named Æsir is the most popular music star of all, but he failed to arrive for the first concert where he would show his face, and the mystery of his fate is a topic of interest to both his fans and rivals alike.

Cytus II

You’re free to ignore the story and just enjoy Cytus II for its music and gameplay, but you can’t escape it altogether because of the way it’s interwoven with advancement. Each DJ character has his or her own playlist of songs, only a few of which are unlocked when you start play. Every time you complete a song without failing, you earn XP toward leveling up, but those levels are specific to that DJ. You unlock new songs and harder difficulty levels for previously completed tracks as you go — I didn’t play anything on Chaos level and am frankly pretty scared about what it might mean — but you also hit a level cap that forces you to explore the other DJs’ songs before you continue.

That means you have no choice but to dive into the ‘IM’ part of the game, which is essentially the game’s version of a futuristic chat/message board hybrid. You don’t necessarily have to read everything in there if you don’t care about the tale the game is telling, and some players are absolutely going to skip right past the messages, but you need to at least visit to keep going. On the plus side, any song you play earns you XP even if you don’t set a new record score or combo, even if you’ve played it before, so it seems possible to unlock everything by grinding out your favorite tracks for each DJ if that’s what you want to do.

Cytus II

We haven’t even talked about the visuals yet, which are vastly upgraded over the first Cytus. While that game had its own style, this sequel is just all-around more polished, and everything from the gameplay animations to the story bits reinforces the overall anime-meets-cyberpunk (or whatever we’re calling it near the end of the second decade of the 21st century) aesthetic.

The only real debate comes when you consider bang for the buck. At its launch price of $ 1.99, Cytus II is an undeniably good value, offering plenty of entertainment and content for a couple of bucks. The DLC, however, is a lot more expensive clocking in at $ 9.99 per pack, offering only the equivalent of a new chapter in terms of music and story for several times the original price. It’s nice to have an immediate option to purchase more, and the new songs add even more variety to the mix of dance, EDM and K-Pop you have from the start. You can also start playing the DLC tracks right away without unlocking them within the story, but that doesn’t completely make up for the fact that a $ 2 game turns into a $ 22 game when it’s all said and done.

Cytus II

That shouldn’t stop you from purchasing the base game if rhythm games are your jam though, because Cytus II is a darn good one, building on what its makers have previously accomplished and wrapping it in a slick package. Even if you don’t surrender to its story, you just might to the music. Just be sure to limber up those fingers first, because they’re going to be moving.