How to customize your Google Chrome and Chromebook searches

I just reviewed the Google Pixelbook and I think it’s great — but Chrome OS is much more limited than either macOS or Windows when it comes to customizing how the core OS works. One of my favorite tools on the Mac is called Alfred, a tool that pops up a little search bar that can do basically anything you can think to program into it. I use it so much I have replaced my Caps Lock key with it and when I use a Chromebook, I miss it terribly.

But! Chromebooks have a similar text box, it’s the Google search bar. But it’s not as powerful as Alfred when it comes to customizing stuff. Luckily, Chrome has a hidden little feature that lets you customize how that search box works with different rules.

If you do a certain kind of internet search…

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How to customize Philips Hue Dimmer Switches to control any Apple HomeKit devices

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A recent firmware update for the Philips Hue lighting lineup has given HomeKit compatibility to the company’s affordable dimmer switches. That means you can now customize the switches to your liking, making them control a multitude of HomeKit accessories beyond Hue bulbs. AppleInsider shows you how to do it.
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Apple now lets you customize moving emoji with Animoji

Apple today announced Animoji, animated emoji which use the new FaceID on the iPhone X to allow users to customize their own emoji. The Animoji uses the X’s TrueDepth camera system to track more than 50 facial motions in real time. You can pick a dozen different emoji to customize, including the panda, unicorn, robot, and of course poop emoji. When you record your Animoji, it will play your voice back along with the moving emoji — meaning we had the pleasure of watching Apple’s senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi making animal noises on stage. They can also…

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Twitch extensions are live and ready to customize your page

Your favorite Twitch stream might look a bit busier and more colorful than usual now that the platform has switched on the extensions it announced at PAX West. Streamers can now customize their pages with interactive experiences they can display over…
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Twitch streamers will soon customize their page with new tools

Twitch released a desktop app earlier this month offering more functionality than its browser version, but they saved even bigger news for PAX West. Today at the games show, the streaming channel platform announced that creators will soon be able to…
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