Heads-Up: The Entire ‘Ace Attorney’ Series is Currently On Sale

The surprise release of Ace Attorney Investigations last week caps off a strong push by Capcom over the last couple of years to get just about every entry in the series onto mobile devices. The mobile ports have been excellent, offering crisp, high-resolution versions of the DS and 3DS cult hits. On top of that, they’ve been coming frequently enough that you might find yourself falling a little behind on picking them up, in fact. If that’s you, you’re in luck. To celebrate the release of the latest game, Capcom has cut the price of every last Ace Attorney game on the App Store and Google Play. This limited time sale is your chance to catch up on these great courtroom adventure games.

If you’re using Google Play with an Android device, it’s simple enough. All four of the titles available on Android have had their up-front price tag reduced to $ 11.99. On iOS, the games are sold with a slightly different structure. They usually charge $ 0.99 for the first episode, then sell the rest of the episodes a la carte or in one big package through IAP. What Capcom has done for this sale is to drop the initial episode’s price to free, and reduced the cost of the IAP to unlock the full game for each. Prices are as follows, in US dollars:

  • Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD [Free] (Full Unlock $ 9.99)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)

Those are really great prices for some really awesome games. I should note that while Capcom likes to err on the side of caution in its App Store descriptions and only claim support for the latest iOS version that was available when each app was last updated, all of the games apparently still work on iOS 11. It has also been pretty good about keeping them working, so I doubt they’ll be abandoned anytime soon. It’s uncertain how long this sale will go on for, so as usual you’d best grab what you want as soon as possible.


Instagram separates messaging feature into a new app called Direct, currently in testing

Instagram is currently testing Direct, a new messaging app that was previously a part of the main Instagram app. Basically, the company has taken the direct messaging feature of Instagram and spun it into a separate app, turning it into the Snapchat clone it always wanted. The app is currently available today in six countries: Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay, on both, iOS and Android. There currently is no timeline for when this app will be available everywhere, if at all. Like Snapchat, Direct opens up in the camera view, letting you quickly snap a picture…

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Glowmade and Tequila Works Announce ‘WonderWorlds’, an “Adventure Creator” that’s Like ‘LittleBigPlanet’ for Mobile, Currently in Soft Launch

Tequila Works, the Spanish developer most widely known for the puzzle adventure Rime, and Glowmade, the English developer who is just getting started, have announced their new collaborative project called WonderWorlds. It’s described as “an action-adventure game creator thing” and it’s hard not to compare it to the fantastic LittleBigPlanet in terms of the creation aspect of the game. Besides having hand-made levels and a story to play through, WonderWorlds will also feature a seemingly robust level creator which you can see in action in the following trailer.

Gosh, this game is adorable. I absolutely love it. Glowmade’s mission statement for making games, even before WonderWorlds was started, was to make “something creative and joyful. Something that makes us feel good, and hopefully you too” and I feel like that mantra is oozing out of the above trailer. While the developers haven’t announced a specific release date beyond “fall” you’ll be happy to know that WonderWorlds is currently in soft launch in Canada so if you’ve got an iTunes account in that region you can take it for an early spin using this link. It might be out in other territories too, so check your local region. Until we have a hard release date for WonderWorlds you can find discussion and impressions from other early players in our forums.

Canada App Store Link: WonderWorlds, Free (by Tequila Works)


Sony Xperia XZ1 currently going for $590 in US ($110 discount)

The Sony Xperia XZ1 has received another price cut in the US. A quick look at the flagship device’s listing on Amazon reveals it’s currently going for as low as $ 589, which if you compare, translates into a discount of around $ 110. It’s the blue variant that’s going for $ 589 – others are a bit expensive, going for up to $ 599.99. But still, even if you buy any of the higher priced models, you end up saving at-least $ 100, which is not bad at all. There’s currently no information on when the promo ends, so those interested in availing it may have to act fast. Source

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium currently going for $585 in US

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has received a new price cut in the US. The device – which launched in the country back in June this year, carrying a whopping $ 799.99 price tag – is currently going for around $ 585. Amazon is offering both Pink and Chrome color options at this reduced price. A quick look at the websites of other retailers that are officially selling the Xperia XZ Premium reveals $ 699.99 price tag for these variants. For those interested in the black version, sadly, there’s no such discount on it, as price tag remains at $ 699.99, irrespective of the retailer you purchase…

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