Google Photos v3.15 prepares to add Likes to shared photos and videos, exporting Motion Stills as GIFs, and adds another layer to Austin’s cryptic clues [APK Teardown]

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

A fresh round of updates to the Google Photos app began rolling out this week. Aside from a few small tweaks to wording, you’re probably not going to see any noticeable changes as a result of installing the latest version, but as is often the case, there are at least several topics to cover in a teardown. We can look forward to counting up Likes on our shared photos, easier sharing of Motion Stills, and of course, the wider rollout of Google Lens.

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Google Photos v3.15 prepares to add Likes to shared photos and videos, exporting Motion Stills as GIFs, and adds another layer to Austin’s cryptic clues [APK Teardown] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung Releases 3 Cryptic Videos Teasing New Galaxy S9 Features

We’ve got just a few weeks left to go until Samsung unveils its highly-anticipated Galaxy S9 and S9+ — which we’ve been seeing an abundance of in the news lately.

In addition to the S9’s core specifications, we recently learned that the duo will feature some sort of advanced, next-generation camera set-up — thanks in part to actual photos of the device which leaked recently courtesy of Evan Blass.

Apparently, Samsung wants to whet our interest in its Galaxy S9 to peak potential, as the company has posted a series of strange new teaser videos to the Samsung Mobile Korea’s official YouTube channel this morning, which subliminally hint at some of the many features S9 buyers have to look forward to..

While the features, themselves, are not listed in print, just watching the videos closely and analyzing beyond the prominent “9,” featured front and center in each of them, should reveal the underlying hints..

In the first video, Samsung has weaved together a compilation of high-speed, high-endurance, and otherwise super-fast, thrilling activities — lending credence to the possibility that Galaxy S9 will be fast (unsurprisingly). Meanwhile, the short clip concludes to the backdrop of a painfully slow-motion shot of someone gliding through the air in a winged suit.

Were can’t be sure, of course, but the slow-motion shot could potentially be a hint of all the new camera upgrades rumored for this year’s Galaxy — which will, according to rumors, include an advanced new slow-motion setting, though standard slo-mo has been a staple of Galaxy phones for years.

The second clip, meanwhile, shows two people casually walking through an increasingly dark wooded area. Short, brief, and to the point, the clip closes to the dark backdrop of a deer, appearing with the large “9” plastered across the screen, as Samsung’s actors unmistakably showcase the Galaxy S9’s anticipated low light camera settings.

Finally, in the third clip, we follow a single man as he jubilantly goes about his day. Interestingly, we see the man in a variety of settings, expressing a wide range of facial gestures along the way. It’s right at the end of the clip, however, when we see the man’s face “transform” into what appears to be a 3D emoji or avatar.

Samsung, we found out earlier this week, ultimately decided to copy Apple’s Animoji feature by incorporating a “next generation camera sensor” on Galaxy S9, which is not only “more advanced” than Apple’s TrueDepth camera, according to Samsung, but will be capable of carrying out similar, Animoji-style 3D animation features using emoticons as filters.

Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S9 duo just ahead of Mobile World Congress, 2018, on February 25, while the handsets should go up for sale by March 16.

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The iOS jailbreaking community is going nuts over this cryptic tweet by a Google employee

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a a reliable iOS jailbreak. You’d have to go back to iOS 10.2.1 to find a working version that’s widely-known. Since the last working exploit, the jailbreaking community has mostly gone dark, with repositories remaining un-updated (or closed) and a group of once cooperative hackers now at large with both each other and those hungry for future exploits. Our own Abhimanyu Ghoshal even penned a piece to signify the cat and mouse game between exploit-hunting hackers and Apple developers was, well, pretty much over. That’s until a recent tweet by Google researcher Ian…

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