VLC 3.0 Update Adds Cross-Platform 4K and 8K Hardware Decoding, HDR10, Chromecast Support, and More

VideoLAN on Friday released VLC 3.0 “Vetinari”, a major update to the popular media player that is rolling out across all platforms, including macOS, iOS, and tvOS.

Version 3 includes a huge number of new features and improvements to the app, including automatic hardware decoding for 4K and 8K playback, support for 10-bit HDR, 360-degree video and 3D audio, and Chromecast streaming with support for non-native formats.

VLC now works with Blu-Ray Java menus and features network browsing support for local network and NAS drives, including those with SMB, FTP, SFTP, NFS filesystems. The iOS app has also been optimized for iPhone X displays, while on Mac, Chromecast streaming to supported devices can be found in the menu bar under Playback -> Renderer.

Among many other changes and improvements in VLC Vetinari, further standout features include: a redesigned and resizable fullscreen controller; a new status bar icon which displays metadata and play controls; support for keyboard blacklight dimming during fullscreen video playback; significant performance improvements in playlist handling; and a simplified preferences window. Check the online changelog for the complete list of updates.

VLC 3.0 is a free downloaded for Mac from the VideoLan website. (Note that version 3.0.0 of VLC removes support for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and requires Mac systems to run OS X 10.7 Lion or later.) VLC 3.0.0 is already available on the tvOS App Store, but the iPhone and iPad update still appears to be rolling out as of writing.

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Cross-Platform HTML5 MMORPG ‘Mad World’ Heading to Steam this Fall, Impressive New Trailer Released

It was in July of last year that we posted the trailer for a very promising upcoming MMORPG from developer Jandisoft called simply Mad World. While the game’s art style, soundtrack, and overall theme was really cool, what really stood out about Mad World was that it’s built entirely in HTML5 and should run in a basic web browser with complete cross-platform play across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and whatever other platforms it ends up releasing on. They showed how well this works in a follow-up video in August. We haven’t heard much from Mad World since, but this week Jandisoft announced that Steam will be an additional platform where the game is heading and it should arrive there this fall. They also unveiled an awesome new trailer for the game.

Man, this game is looking bad ass. With the ability to play in real-time with other players cross-platform across a host of devices, and with all game progress being saved server-side to make for seamless transitioning, I think there’s all sorts of potential for Mad World to capture a huge audience of players. I’m really excited to see a developer really trying to explore the benefits of HTML5 and of course it will never stop being impressive to me that a game that looks this good can run in a freaking web browser. It’s not clear if Mad World will be launching on all platforms alongside the Steam release this fall, or if it will be earlier or later, but the game is pegged for a 2018 release so we should all be able to play it on whatever the heck platform feel like at some point this year.


Minimalists will love Voltra’s beautiful cross-platform hi-def music player

If you like your software to be well designed and free of clutter, you’ll want to check out Voltra’s gorgeous music player for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The free app catalogs music stored on your local hard drives and lets you rifle through them by artist, album, and song name. As with similar tools, you can create playlists and queues, and view and edit ID3 tags. Plus, it supports a range of formats, including, MP3, MP4, AAC, and OGG, and lossless ones like WAV, and FLAC. I love the neat and clean interface, which is easy on the eyes and…

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Upcoming Cross-Platform MMORPG ‘Albion Online’ Is Looking for iOS Beta Testers

Albion Online is an upcoming cross-platform MMORPG that has been on our radar for a long time. We’ve even played the iPad version before but the release date for the final App Store version has evaded us. Well, we don’t have it right now but the team is looking for public beta testers on iOS right now. This is a step towards having it available on the store and you can sign up for the beta right here. Watch the gameplay trailer below:

Albion Online has something that has made it interesting to me. The lore is being developed quite richly and you can check it out here. The beta will be through TestFlight and will require players to own a Starter or Founders pack. Check out the various packs available here. The iOS beta will take place on the Live server and have all the features of the PC version available to iPhone and iPad users. While it will support various iOS devices, the recommended screen size is 7.9 inches and above and RAM being 3GB and higher is another recommendation. It will run on smaller screen and lower RAM devices but the full list is available here in tabular form. They do say that there’s a chance of it crashing on 2GB RAM devices. Check out the forum thread on Albion Online for more information.


Play Catan online and cross-platform with USM’s recently released Catan Universe

Catan Universe is United Soft Media’s newest version of Catan and not only is it finally a multiplayer focused release on Android, but it can also be played against your friends and family no matter the platform they want to play on. That’s right, whether you have purchased the game on PC, macOS, iOS, or Android you can enjoy an online multiplayer round of Catan.

Despite the slight shift in the name (“Catan Universe” instead of simply “Catan”), you can expect all of the original board game rules in this release.

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