Crescent Moon Games Will Release ‘Reed’, Android-Exclusive Platformer, on iPhone and iPad

Crescent Moon Games is going to publish the Android-exclusive platformer Reed by PXLink on iOS later this year, and it’s going to have iOS gamers wondering what else on Android they’re missing out on. The game’s a bit similar in theme to Cat Bird [Free], though I only bring this title up as a reference, since Reed pre-dates the game. In each level, you have to collect a large floating cube in order to unlock the exit, while trying to survive spikes, dart shooters, breakaway platforms, and wandering enemies. The game does promise some tricky platforming sections, and your only real tool is a double jump, but the game boasts quick restarts so you can get right back in the action after you die.

Reed‘s pixel art is quite impressive. The game has somewhat of a low-resolution, blocky look with thick outlines, but the art still appears incredibly detailed. The game does look like it’s behind an Instagram filter the entire time with the color usage, but it gives the game a different look from the similar Cat Bird. The animation in particular is impressive. The developer put a lot of time and work into making the cube that players have to collect in each level the most impressive object in the game. The cube looks and feels important, and satisfying to collect.

Reed is a fun and challenging platformer, great for pick-up-and-play sessions, or for sitting down and trying to tackle a bunch of platforming challenges for a couple hours. And it comes in at the criminally low price of $ 0.99. Reed should garner attention from Apple and the iOS gaming community, so why wasn’t it on iOS already? Well, apparently the developer only had Android and PC, which made it difficult to release for iOS, since that requires a Mac specifically. And if a developer is making games primarily for the love and not necessarily as a business, well, maybe buying a Mac to release on iOS isn’t the highest priority. Also consider that a game might easily not make its costs for porting and hardware back if it doesn’t gain any traction!

What this means is that Android has plenty of hidden gems to find, as the sheer number of developers that might not have Macs and just want to release a mobile game for fun is incredibly high. Reed shows that some of these titles have the kind of quality that makes them well worth your time and money. If you have an Android device, you can play the game right now for only $ 0.99. If you don’t have an Android, keep an eye out for the Crescent Moon-published iOS release later this year, and check out the thread in the TouchArcade Upcoming Games forum for more details.


Crescent Moon Announces Hack ‘N Slash RPG ‘Runic Rampage’ is Heading to Mobile

Developer Electrocosmos, which is in reality solo German developer Alexander Leps, released the top-down hack ‘n slash RPG Runic Rampage onto Steam this past May to a positive reception. In the game you play as a dwarf named Grimbard who wields a mighty hammer and can cast some neat magical spells, and your job is to find the fragments of the mystical rune stone that used to protect your people, but has somehow gone missing which caused the kingdom to plunge into war and chaos. You’ll traverse many lands on your quest to “Uncover the truth about your kingdom’s downfall and change the destiny of your nation.” Oh, and it’s also absurdly gory. Here’s the Steam launch trailer for Runic Rampage to give you an idea of what it’s like.

So why am I telling you about this Steam game? Because today, Crescent Moon Games has announced that they’re partnering up with Electrocosmos to bring Runic Rampage to mobile. This seems like the type of game that will be a perfect fit for mobile gamers, and for some reason there’s a real lack of high-quality hack ‘n slash games on the App Store. There are tons and tons of cookie cutter free to play ones though, but none with the charm and personality I see in Runic Rampage. The game also uses procedurally generated maps for its levels, so it’s pretty much made for playing over and over again. No word on a release date just yet but you can follow along with news about the mobile version of Runic Rampage in our forums in the meantime.


Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble Mobile Crescent Moon Games Bundle

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is halfway through its run, and you know what that means. Yes, free stuff. We’re giving away ten codes that unlock the full bundle of games. Even if you don’t win, this is a pretty excellent value.

Unlike most Humble Bundle sales, this one isn’t adding more games at the halfway point. There have been a few like this before, but there are already 11 games included.

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New Crescent Moon Games Humble Bundle includes 11 games for one low price

The time has come for a new mobile Humble Bundle, and it’s similar to one we saw before. This is the second iteration of the Crescent Moon Games Humble Bundle, which comes with eleven games if you unlock all three tiers. It just started, so you’ve got two weeks to make up your mind.

As with other recent bundles, there are three tiers that are unlocked depending on how much you pay.

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New Crescent Moon Games Humble Bundle includes 11 games for one low price was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Subdivision Infinity – 3D shooter Subdivision Infinity warps in from Crescent Moon

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