Emily Ratajkowski to give away OnePlus 5T phones to 5 lucky couples

The OnePlus 5T Lava Red edition hit Europe and the US in the beginning of February. Now the phone, endorsed by model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, will be given away to five lucky couples in North America during a raffle that is ending tomorrow, provided all required steps are done. OnePlus gives away five bundles of a Lava Red 5T for her and a Midnight Black 5T for him (or vice versa) in a celebration of love for tech. Users are required to tag their SO in the Facebook comments in the Source link we provided below and explain in a creative way why they should win. There are also…

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Facebook announces new Messenger features to help couples ‘feel the love’ this Valentine’s Day

Starting when the clock officially turns to February 14th in your location, Facebook Messenger will offer a slew of Valentine’s Day features for those couples who are madly in love. The company announced the features in a blog post, saying that they allow for you to “feel the love with Messenger.”



Best Tech Gifts for Couples

Buying a gift for one person can be hard enough. That’s probably why shopping for a combined gift for a couple can be so intimidating. That’s why we put together this list of awesome gadgets, accessories and electronics you can gift to that forward-thinking, tech-savvy couple in your life.

10 iPhone X Hybrid Case – $ 12.99 Each

Know an Apple-loving couple who both bought the new iPhone X? Get them matching cases for their matching phones that’ll keep their new $ 1,000 devices safe and secure. Made of lightweight polycarbonate and TPU, these cases are sturdy, simple and protective — and yet they don’t add any extra bulk to the clean lines of Apple’s new flagship, and don’t interfere with any of the device’s buttons, gesture controls or its new Face ID biometric system. Get it here.

9 Dual Stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – $ 29.99

This clever device will let one half of a couple listen to their favorite show while the other reads in peace and quiet (if they prefer, of course). The HomeSpot turns any stereo audio device — such as a TV — into a Bluetooth-enabled streaming machine. It features aptX technology to minimize any potential lip sync delay or latency, delivers high-quality audio and takes up very little space with its slim form factor. It can also connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, letting two people listen to a movie at full-blast (even late at night). Get it here.

8 e3light Bed Light Deluxe 2-Sensor Kit – $ 54.99

Friends don’t let friends stumble around in the dark or blind themselves with bright lights when they get out of bed at night. This innovative under-bed light bathes a bedroom with soft, warm light when either of them gets out of bed. Best of all, rather than having to manually flip a switch, the light automatically turns itself off after a short time once everyone’s back in bed. Get it here.

7 Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser – $ 52.99

Whether or not the couple you’re shopping for likes essential oils, they’ll love this sleek diffuser. It uses ultrasonic tech to turn essential oil and water into an amazing mist of fragrance. Perfect for setting a calming atmosphere, this diffuser also features six vibrant LED color options to complete the ambiance. Just include their favorite essential oil scents, and you’re set. Get it here.

6 Philips Hue Equivalent White and Color Ambiance Kit – $ 133.00

The Philips Hue is a highly rated smart light bulb that’s perfect for the tech-forward couple in your life. They’re able to be wirelessly controlled via Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit. This model also sports a wide range of color ambiance options beyond than the standard white, letting users create — and easily adjust — the perfect mood lighting at a moment’s notice. Get it here.

5 15-inch Digital Photo & HD Video Frame – $ 159.99

Traditional picture frames seem pretty outdated compared to this clever device. The NIX Advance is a 15-inch digital photo and video frame, able to display high-quality images and HD video. It’s also equipped with a motion sensor, so it can turn off when someone enters the room and automatically shutoff when they leave. It’s not just a picture frame, either: it features a clock and calendar function, as well as stereo speakers for video playback. Get it here.

4 HP Sprocket Bluetooth Photo Printer – $ 129

Sure, their Instagrams are filled with pictures of themselves — but why not bring those memories into the real world? The Sprocket is an elegant printer that connects to any smart-device via Bluetooth. Once it is, it can easily print out pictures from social media onto high-quality, 2×3 photo paper or 2×3 sticky-backed paper. It’s also small and portable, letting users create physical snapshots of their favorite photos on-the-go. Perfect for polaroid-style walls, scrapbooks or photo albums. Get it here.

3 Klipsch The One Bluetooth Speaker – $ 299

Feeling like splurging on your favorite audiophiles? This classy Bluetooth speaker by Klipsch combines vintage style with high-quality and professionally tuned stereo sound. It’s made of luxe materials like real wood and spun copper switches and knobs, and is able to pump out incredible bass and crisp and ringing treble with amazing clarity and sound reproduction. And while it may be a bit heavy, it’s technically portable. Get it here.

2 HD DLP Pocket Projector – $ 329

This incredibly portable pocket projector will let couples take their movie night basically anywhere. It can project a 100-inch display at 2.7 meters with 100 lumens of brightness. It can mirror smartphone or tablet display and it also sports an Android-based OS and Wi-Fi connectivity so it can stream files without an extra device. As an added bonus, it has USB ports to keep devices charged while it’s projecting. Get it here.

1 Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Social Headphones – $ 299.98 for 2 Pairs

Listening to something while wearing headphones is usually a solitary experience, but not with this innovative new pair. Billed as the world’s first social headphones, the Arc uses a proprietary audio sharing system that allows wearers to easily sync with other nearby Arc users to instantly experience the same music or audio together — all with the push of a button. Perfect for sharing a song together in a crowded environment, or a pair watching a video at their favorite coffee shop. Get them here.

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‘Dinner Party’ relives an interracial couple’s alien abduction in VR

On the night of September 19th, 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were the victims of the first widely publicized alien abduction in US history. The Hills, an interracial couple active in the civil-rights movement, were on their way home from a trip to Nia…
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