Switzerland Is Developing a System to Track Drones All Over the Country

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Drone Country

Residents of Switzerland should be prepared to see more drones in the sky, as the country begins to move forward with plans to integrated unmanned drones into their air traffic management systems. The system will track drones and register operators in order to make airspace safer for the tiny vehicles.

Ars Technica reports that Skyguide, a Swiss air traffic control operator, is partnering with AirMap, maker of one of the leading global airspace management platforms for drones. In June, Skyguide will begin migrating its data and air traffic management applications to AirMap’s airspace mapping platform, AirMap UTM.

The effort is a smaller part of a larger initiative known as U-Space, which aims to promote safe and secure access to European airspace for millions of drones and their operators. Alongside the partnership between Skyguide and AirMap, the U-Space first phase will include the development of services that will register and ID drones and operators, as well as implement geofencing restrictions — meaning the airspace around and above specific buildings and locations will be inaccessible to drones.

“With Swiss U-space, Switzerland aims to safely open the skies for drone commerce,” said Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap, in a press statement. “We’re proud to work with Skyguide to bring AirMap UTM to Switzerland and make it possible for more pilots, more drones, and more missions to take flight in Europe.”

Incorporating drones into new business models is also one of U-Space’s goals, but an effective management system is required first.

The completed air traffic management system will be the first phase in the national rollout of U-Space. This system has been compared to the United States’ NASA-designed Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management, which is also meant to enable the use of low-altitude airspace, be it for drones or other small aircraft like flying cars.

Bring Out the Drones

Since it’s still a long way from being fully implemented and accounting for every drone in Switzerland, Ars Technica writes the system is essentially being used for “automated flight authorization and cataloging for drones” right now.

The rest of U-Space is scheduled to roll out in four phases between 2018 and 2021. Phase 2 will implement flight planning, flight approval, and tracking, among other things. Phases 3 and 4 will add more complex flight operations like “assistance for conflict detection” and improved autonomy for both drones and the U-Space management system.

It’s unclear how many drones and operators will participate in U-Space, though. According to Ars Technica, many drone operators in Switzerland are hobbyists, and as such, may ignore U-Space’s developments. There’s also concerns about the potential increase in cost and regulation if drone flights are commercialized, which could phase out those same hobbyists.

If Switzerland is capable of implementing such a system over its nearly 16,000 square miles of territory, that could help initiate safer use of drones all over the world. After all, as more drones are recruited for various purposes, it’s clear they’ll soon become an integral part of society.

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How to Change App Store Country Region on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

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How to Change App Store Country Region on iPhone or iPad

While browsing through App Store, my eyes stumbled up an impressive app and wanted to download it. But the happiness did not last long because when I went with the process of getting the app, I got the message that the app is not available in my country and therefore I can’t download it. Hence, I decided to change the App Store country or region in iOS 11 on my iPhone and iPad to download the foreign app. Though the process was not so straightforward, I somehow overcame the hurdle!

What if you have moved to a new country and wish to update the information so that you will continue to purchase items in the App Store? Well, we have also taken this genuine purpose into account. But there are things you need to keep in mind before going through the process.

How to Change App Store Country Region on iPhone or iPad

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How to Change App Store Country/Region in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

You no longer live in the country mentioned in your Apple ID. Check out the below-mentioned things and follow the subsequent steps to update your information.

Make sure to do the following things before changing your country or region:

  • Be sure to spend the remaining store credit on your Apple ID.
  • Make sure to wait for the pending store credit refunds to process.
  • Ensure that you have canceled all the subscriptions, including Apple Music.
  • You must also wait for the memberships, pre-orders, iTunes movie rentals, or Season Passes to complete.
  • You need to update your payment method as well because you can’t purchase items in German iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and App Store using your American credit card.
  • Therefore, get the credit or debit card for your new country or region ready.
  • Make sure you have backed up your iOS device to iTunes.
  • You might also need to temporarily downgrade your iCloud storage until you switch to the new country or region.
  • You won’t be allowed to change your country or region if you are part of a Family Sharing group. To leave the Family Sharing group, open Settings app on your iOS device → Name → Family Sharing → tap [your name] → tap Leave Family.
  • It will update the billing address for all of the Apple services, which are associated with your Apple ID.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device → Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Tap on Settings then iTunes & App Store on iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap your Apple ID and select View Apple ID.

Tap on Apple ID and Tap on View Apple ID on iPhone

Step #3. Next up, you might be asked to authenticate your Apple ID.

Step #4. Up next, tap on Country/Region → Tap on Change Country or Region.

Tap on Change Country Region in iPhone Settings

Step #5. Select your new country or region.

Change Country Region on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Step #6. Now, you have to review the Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy. Then, tap on Agree. You will again have to tap on Agree in the prompt.

Agree to Apple's Terms and Conditions on iPhone or iPad

Step #7. Next, you need to enter a valid payment method. Also, type in your billing address and tap Next.

Enter Your Details and Tap on Next to Change App Store Country Region on iPhone or iPad

Step #8. Finally, tap on Done.

Change App Store Country Region on Your iPhone or iPad

That’s it! Now, your Apple ID country will be updated across your devices linked with the same account.

You can also head over to Apple ID account page to update your information. Keep reading…

How to Change Country/Region from Apple ID Account Page

Step #1. Open any web browser and go to Apple ID account page and sign in to your account.

Log in With Apple ID on Mac or Windows PC

Step #2. Now, in the Account section, click on Edit.

Tap on Edit Under Account in Apple ID on Mac or PC

Step #3. In the Country/Region menu, you have to choose your new country or region.

Select New Coutry on Apple ID Page on Mac or Windows PC

Step #4. Click on “Continue to update.”

Change App Store Country Region on Mac or Windows PC

Step #5. Next, you have to enter your new payment information. In the end, click Save to confirm the change.

Edit App Store Country Region from Mac or Windows PC

If you just want to change the country region for the sake of downloading the app without having to cancel Apple Music Subscription or leave Family Sharing, there is a workaround.

All you need to do is create a new Apple ID and add the billing address of the respective country.

How to Change Country/Region on iPhone or iPad Without Leaving Family Sharing or Cancelling Apple Music Subscription

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iOS device and tap on your name. Now, tap on Sign Out and confirm.

Sign Out from App Store and iCloud on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now, go back and tap on Sign In (on the Apple ID banner). Then, tap on Create New Apple ID. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to create a new ID.

Create New Apple ID from iPhone or iPad

Step #3. Once you have created your ID, open Settings → tap your name → Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Tap on Your Apple ID then Tap on iTunes & App Store on iDevice

Step #4. Tap on your Apple ID → Tap on View Apple ID.

Tap on Your Apple ID and Tap on View Apple ID on iDevice

Step #4. Tap on Country/Region → Tap on Change Country or Region.

Tap on Country Region and Change Country Region on iDevice

Step #5. Up next, you have to select the country. I’m going to select the United States.

Change Country Region on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Step #6. Now, agree to the terms and conditions.

Agree to Apple's Terms and Conditions on iPhone or iPad

Step #7. Under Payment Method, select None. Under Billing Name, enter your name.

Important: Under billing address, enter any street name. Now, type in the name of any city of US and make sure to type in the state it belongs to. Next, enter the correct zip code of the city you have entered. Next up, now, you have to enter a standard phone number. I have used 989, 555 1456. Finally, tap on Next.

Enter Your Details and Tap on Next to Change App Store Country Region on iPhone or iPad

Tip: You must be pretty wise in entering the address and phone number because this is where the trick lies.

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I guess you have gone through the process successfully! Have any question? Toss it up in the comments below.

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Top Indian Distributors to Soon Start Selling Refurbished iPhones in the Country

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Sigfox posts €50 million in revenue, reiterates plans for 60 country connectivity in 2018

Sigfox, the French-based Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider, has announced its 2017 results and 2018 roadmap, promising a network of 60 countries and more than a billion people worldwide.

Revenues went up to €50 million (£44.4m), a rise of more than 56% year over year, according to the company, while the total number of objects connected to the Sigfox network rose by 65% to a total of 2.5 million. Alongside this, the company’s network grew to 45 countries earlier this month, including Malaysia, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Looking at the company’s 2018 roadmap, alongside its network figures Sigfox is promising greater focus on its evangelisation strategy. To that end, the provider is launching Hacking House, a project that will ‘bring together students from around the world to learn about IoT and Sigfox’s pioneering technology’, as the company put it.

“There is tremendous value in IoT, which lies in the data that is generated by millions of connected objects across the globe,” said Ludovic Le Moan, co-founder and CEO of Sigfox in a statement. “It’s up to us to turn this golden opportunity into a multi-billion dollar industry, just like we did with petrol a century ago.

“Our challenge for the next few years will be to lower the cost of collecting that data to close to zero,” Le Moan added.

This makes for an interesting comparison when looking at Sigfox’s proclamations in November 2016. The company had just secured a €150m funding round and promised then what it promises today – coverage in 60 countries by 2018.

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Google won’t show news from sites that hide their country of origin

Google's ongoing quest to curb fake news now includes sites that are less than honest about their home turf. The company has updated its Google News guidelines to forbid sites that "misrepresent or conceal their country of origin" or otherwise are a…
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Earlier this week, Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt noted that Google would soon start de-ranking content from Kremlin-owned publications on its News platform, as they’ve been known to spread misinformation and propaganda. In an interview at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, Schmidt said: We’re working on detecting this kind of scenario … and de-ranking those kinds of sites. It’s basically RT and Sputnik. We’re well aware and we’re trying to engineer the systems to prevent it. Unsurprisingly, his words weren’t met with kindness back in Russia. The country’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressed her concerns on Thursday, calling…

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Changing Google’s domain will no longer give results from another country

Until today, if you wanted to use Google Search in another locale or language, all you had to do was type Google into the address bar with a different country code top level domain (ccTLD for short) and you’d be good to go. This might be useful if you lived abroad but preferred to have your search results more tailored towards your home country, or if you lived in a smaller country and simply liked the results from google.com better.

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This Material Could Allow NASA Planes to Cross the Country in Under an Hour

Going Hypersonic

Within the next decade, planes could be capable of traveling across the country by hypersonic flight in less than an hour—all it would take is some boron nitride.

A key factor for a vehicle to maintain extremely high speeds is the intense amount of heat generated during travel; for example, the now-retired supersonic Concorde aircraft experienced temperatures of up to 260°F at its lazy cruising speed of 1,534 miles per hour. As such, the materials used to build these aircraft must also be able to withstand very high heat, in addition to being structurally stable and lightweight. A study conducted by researchers from NASA and Binghamton University investigated the properties of nanotubes made using boron nitride, a combination of boron and nitrogen. The study revealed it could potentially be used to make hypersonic travel—speeds above 4,000 miles per hour—possible.

Currently, carbon nanotubes are used in aircraft due to their strength and ability to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius (752 degress Fahrenheit). Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs), however, can withstand up to 900 degrees Celsius (1652 Fahrenheit). They can also handle high amounts of stress, and are much more lightweight than their carbon counterparts.

The Price of Air Travel

The problem with using BNNTs is their cost. According to Binghamton University Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Changhong Ke, coating an aircraft with BNNTs would run a very high price tag.

“NASA currently owns one of the few facilities in the world able to produce quality BNNTs,” said Ke. “Right now, BNNTs cost about $ 1,000 per gram. It would be impractical to use a product that expensive.”

Despite the high production cost, it’s possible prices will decrease, and production increase, after more studies detail the material’s usefulness. Carbon nanotubes were around the same price 20 years ago, but are now between $ 10 and $ 20 per gram. Ke believes something similar will happen with BNNTs.

That said, don’t expect the first application of BNNTs to be for commercial aircraft. They’ll probably be used for military fighter jets first, with commercialized flights to follow after. Hopefully by then, we’ll other other ways to travel quickly: be it by hyperloop, Elon Musk’s BFR rocket, or China’s plans to build the fastest “flying train.”

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Apple and Others Pledge Millions for Wine Country, Bay Area Fire Relief

Some of the largest tech firms in the country are pledging a combined $ 2.5 million to aid fire relief efforts in the wake of devastating blazes across Northern California.

The Cupertino-based Apple is donating $ 1 million to relief efforts in the area, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Thursday. In addition, Apple said that it will match employee donations two-for-one — though it did not specify which organizations the funds would go to. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is currently abroad, tweeted Tuesday about the effort.

Google, based in Mountain View, is also donating $ 500,000 to relief efforts in the wake of fires — and will work with its longtime partner, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, to distribute the funds to local nonprofits.

The Menlo Park-based Facebook also announced earlier this week that it would be contributing $ 1 million to local nonprofits, including the Community Foundation of Sonoma County, according to a local NBC affiliate.

“I’m thinking of all our neighbors in harm’s way and I hope everyone stays safe,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. Facebook is also in a unique position to facilitate relief efforts, as its Safety Check features allow locals to mark themselves safe and its community message boards offer users a chance to pledge their own contributions and assistance.

The three tech companies are all headquartered in Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, meaning that the fires are raging close to home.

The fires, which first started late Sunday night, continue to rage in Wine Country areas such as Sonoma and Napa. Other blazes have devastated suburbs and neighborhoods in Santa Rosa and throughout the Northern Bay Area. At least 24 people have died as a result of the blazes and 20,000 have been evacuated. There are thousands more missing or unaccounted for.

Fires are not uncommon in Northern California in October, when dry weather and hot Santa Ana winds can make for risky fire conditions. But these are the worst fires that the area has seen in years, destroying more than 3,500 homes and businesses and scorching roughly 265 square miles. Several fires remain almost entirely uncontained Thursday, and thousands of people are still in the midst of evacuations.

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