Opinion: In-screen fingerprint scanners are cool, but may be too late to matter

Here at CES 2018, I had a chance to look at what some of us probably considered mere fantasy a few short years ago: a fingerprint scanner that can see through a smartphone display. It sounds like something that must be so complex it would be beyond explanation, but really, the basic principles aren’t terribly difficult to grasp.

The short of it is this: smartphone screens are light-permeable, because they are porous.

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Volcopter’s fully-electric autonomous manned multicopter is ridiculously cool

It’s going to be hard finding a cooler use of AI than fully-electric flying multicopters that autonomously carry people around cities on demand. What is it? It’s Volocopter’s X2, which is basically a giant drone with seats. Did we mention it’s autonomous? That’s right, the X2 will eventually be summoned with an app to arrive at whatever designated location it’s able to land at. At which point you’ll simply hop inside, strap in, and enjoy a quiet and relaxing ride to your destination. Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, had this to say after taking the Volocopter’s innaugural flight: That was…

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The top 10 stories of 2017: Security woes, autonomous machines – and a very cool phone

Top 10 stories of 2017: Autonomous machines, fake news and a very cool phone

Image by Google; bitcoin.org; Jette Carr/U.S. Department of Defense; Apple

Events in the tech industry this year played out against a backdrop of security concerns as home users and corporations alike scrambled to protect themselves against malware. Meanwhile, machine learning was behind some of the biggest tech stories and trends of the year. Here in no particular order are the IDG News Service’s picks for top stories of the year.

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