How Kidgy parental control app keeps your kids safe from online dangers

What would you say after learning that your child spends on average 9 hours per day on their smartphones?   When asking parents what kind of dangers can their kids encounter online, most answer adult content and in-app purchases. Unfortunately, the internet hosts much more than that. Online dangers threaten a child’s safety As a parent, you would definitely close the door on an abuser and report the police about the danger. However, they might be coming online. Every single time when your child visits social media and befriends a cute stranger who insists on meeting in person, there is…

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Jony Ive is retaking control of Apple’s design team after two years in hands-off role

Jony Ive, technically Apple’s design chief since 2015, is once again assuming management control of the iPhone maker’s design team after two years in a largely hands-off role, according to a report from Bloomberg. Ive, responsible for the look and feel of Apple hardware throughout a majority of former CEO Steve Jobs’ revolutionary second run at the helm of the company in the late ‘90s and 2000s, was freed from much of his day-to-day management responsibilities in 2015, when he took on the chief design officer title. He still oversaw design, but other executives and employees on the team no longer reported to him.

At the time, the move was viewed as Ive, who is 50 years old, laying the groundwork to retire from his intensive position at…

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Google Home Mini update will re-enable touch control feature

Google Home Mini hands-on

Shortly before the Google Home Mini launched, it was discovered that some pre-release units were recording their owners 24/7. The issue was related to the Home Mini’s top touch controls, and so Google decided to permanently disable that feature to prevent the issue from happening. Two months later, though, the touch functionality is making a comeback.

Google says that it’s prepping an update for the Google Home Mini that will reactivate the device’s touch features. This means that you’ll be able to touch the sides of the Google Home Mini to play and pause music, end phone calls, and silence alarms. This time, though, you’ll long press the side to perform these functions.

This feature will be enabled by the update to v1.30. The update will launch today, but it’ll be available in Google’s preview firmware channel first before rolling out to the public. If you just can’t wait any longer for the touch feature on your Google Home Mini, you can join the preview channel.

To join the Google Home Mini preview channel, go into the Home app on your Phone, select the settings for your Google Home device, then tap on the Preview Program option and opt in.

While you can use your voice to do things by saying “Ok Google”, it’s also nice to have the option of just touching the side of the Google Home Mini to control it if you’re nearby. When Google announced that it was disabling the touch feature a couple of months ago, it never said anything about re-enabling it, so it’s good to see Google bringing the feature back a couple of months later. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Turn your phone into a Google Slides remote control with this Chrome extension

Google Slides already lets you beam your presentation deck to a Chromecast-equipped screen from your iOS or Android device. Now, there’s another way to use your phone as a presentation remote, thanks to this handy browser extension created by Malaysia-based developer Henry Lim. Remote for Google Slides does what it says on the tin with Chrome or Opera – simply fire up your presentation and edit its URL, visit the link displayed on-screen (you can bookmark it for easy access) on your phone, enter the provided access code, and bam! Your handset is now a remote, with two large buttons…

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