SEAT and Orange partner on development and use of connected vehicles

SEAT and Orange Spain have entered into a strategic partnership to promote the development and use of connect vehicles by focussing on several work areas.

As part of the deal, the companies will focus on three primary areas: formulation of innovations for connected vehicles to enhance user experience; turn the car into the user’s second digital home by bringing digital home or office experience to the vehicle and launch a cross-company loyalty and frequent use programme to promote use of the new connectivity and mobility solutions (related to connected cars) rolled out by them in the market.

The partnership is not just confined to the formulation of digital applications for cars but both SEAT and Orange will work together to generate initiatives that encourage using the fresh functions. The loyalty programme is a result of these initiatives.

Under their efforts to enhance entertainment and leisure services for drivers and passengers, initially music, audiovisual and learning content will be included – without any compromise to the safety of the vehicle occupants.

Luis Santos, Orange Director of Innovation and New Digital Services for Spain, expressed confidence that “this strategic agreement with SEAT is a great step for Orange in its strategy of connected objects and Big Data and opens the door to innovations and new developments surrounding cars of the future, which will contribute to helping us achieve our goal of connecting our customers with what truly matters most to them.”

While inking the deal, Arantxa Alonso, Head of Business Development at SEAT, comments: “This partnership opens up a large collaborative space for both companies that are pursuing a common goal – promote the use of the connected car and make the car user’s experience easier and more efficient.” Latest from the homepage

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