How to reset your HomePod and connect it to a new Apple ID

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HomePod services like sending text messages or creating reminders can only be accomplished with the Apple ID used to initially set up the device. If you want to change the Apple ID affiliated with your HomePod, you’ll need to redo the setup process.
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How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your iPhone: Speakers, Headphones, Keyboards & More

Bluetooth technology has been around for twenty years, and new and improved Bluetooth devices for iPhone are hitting the market every day. Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth keyboards, all of these devices work in essentially the same way; they automatically detect and connect to each other and share information. If you haven’t purchased a Bluetooth device or paired one to your iPhone yet, it’s time to learn how! Let’s get started learning how to connect your iPhone to Bluetooth devices.

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Speakers, Headphones, Keyboards, and More: How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your iPhone 

  • Find the Settings app on your iPhone, tap it.
  • Find Bluetooth, tap it, and make sure it’s toggled on.

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  • Turn on your Bluetooth device and make sure it’s in discovery mode; this varies from device to device, for some it’s as easy as just turning on the device. 
  • Tap Bluetooth in the Settings menu, you’ll see a subheading called “Devices,” your Bluetooth device should be in that menu.

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  • If your Bluetooth device hasn’t appeared in the Devices menu, check your instruction manual to see if there’s a step you missed in making it discoverable to your iPhone.
  • To pair your accessory, tap on its name in the Devices menu, “Connected” will appear to the right of the device name.

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Now you can use your Bluetooth device with your iPhone; if you want to pair more devices, just follow these instructions again. 

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Apple offers free repairs for iPhone 7 devices that refuse to connect to cellular service

Apple has confirmed that a “ small percentage” of iPhone 7 devices are affected by a bug that prevents the phone from connecting to a cellular network, instead displaying “No Service” on the status bar. Typically, this occurs after the iPhone switches off Airplane Mode, and is unable to re-connect to service. The company says the problem is due to a failed component on the main logic board, and will offer free repairs to customers experiencing the issue.

There are some restrictions, however. The affected devices, according to Apple, must be of a specific model number depending on the region customers bought their devices. The company says these devices were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018, and were sold in China,…

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iOS 11 already has a feature that lets you share your Wi-Fi network’s password with your friends without actually revealing the passcode. But even to use that feature, you have to manually authorize it each time and there’s a bit of song and dance process involved to get it working just right. What if you want your friends to connect to your Wi-Fi network securely, without the need for a password and where they don’t bug you about it? Simple, get a QR Code. Continue reading
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