New Google Search update makes it easier to compare movies by ratings, timings, and location

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Google has pushed out a new update to its Search app. The update is aimed at making your movie planning experience smoother as it brings along the ability to compare movies using filters like ratings, show times, and theater location. “If you have a favorite theater, you can check out what’s playing by location, and narrow your search with filters,” the company explains in a blog post. The new feature is available on both Google Search Android app as well as mobile browsers in India and the US, with English and Hindi as currently supported languages. The Search for iOS app will… – Latest articles

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How Does Apple’s Sixth-Generation iPad Compare to iPad Pro?

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Last week, Apple announced and made available to order its sixth-generation iPad — the second in its series of ultra low-cost, but remarkably well-spec’d, tablets computers built on the venerable 9.7-inch form-factor. While the addition of Apple Pencil support is arguably among the new tablet’s most impressive feature additions, allowing budget-minded customers the opportunity to […]
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2018 iPad vs. 2017 iPad: Video breaks down how the two tablets compare

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iPad 2018 vs. iPad 2017

Just days after revealing it at a press event in Chicago, Apple has launched its new budget-friendly iPad. At $ 329, it’s tied with last year’s model as the cheapest iPad on the market, but comes equipped with upgraded chips that make it speedier than the 2017 entry-level iPad. But is the performance upgrade enough to warrant a purchase?

That’s a question consumers are going to have to answer for themselves, but over the weekend, AppleInsider shared the results of a series of benchmark tests that put the upgrade into perspective. While the iPads are virtually identical at a glance — from the design to the cameras to the display to the return of the headphone jack — the 2018 model features Apple’s A10X Fusion processor, which is a major improvement over the 2017’s A9.

As a result of this change, the 2018 iPad tops last year’s model in every benchmark that matters. In the Geekbench 4 single-core test, the 2018 iPad was 44% faster than its predecessor. In the multi-core test, the 2018 model performed even better, topping the 2017 iPad by 53%. Watch the full video of the tests below:

The gains weren’t quite as impressive with Geekbench’s GPU test, as the 2018 iPad only scored 23% higher, but in the AnTuTu benchmark, the new iPad was shown to be 38% faster than the old model. 3D Mark’s Slingshot Extreme benchmark came back with the same results, as the 2018 model once again scored 38% higher.

While the 2018 iPad looks identical to the 2017 9.7-inch iPad, it can’t be understated how much faster apps, games, internet browsing and other standard operations will be on the new model. If you’re in the market for an iPad and can’t afford to shell out for the iPad Pro, the new 9.7-inch iPad should be a no-brainer.

Apple – BGR

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Best Shopping Apps for iPhone to Compare Prices: Save Few Bucks Before You Buy

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Best Shopping Apps for iPhone

Come Christmas, new year or any much-awaited occasions and people love to indulge in the shopping spree. With shopping list in their hands, they jump from one shop to another; after bargaining with vendors, weighing deals, checking offers, and scratching coupons (and floors of shopping malls), finally they hit the couch.

This sounds too old, right? Of course, I have taken you almost two decades back. Let me shift you to the present scenario. With online shopping portals galore, it is comfortable and fun to shop for your family and loved ones. The same couch, people, had thrown themselves onto after a strenuous shopping trip, offers a cozy seat for shoppers to shop online.

Best Shopping Apps for iPhone
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Welcome to SmartShopping 2.0, i.e., mobile shopping. A number of shopping apps offer numbers of deals & discounts before you place orders. But have you compared the price of products? We have listed some of the best shopping apps for iPhone and iPad to compare prices. So stop flipping the tabs on your smartphone and start comparing prices!

Best Shopping Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Romwe Shopping

ROMWE iPhone and iPad App Screenshot
“Romwe Shopping” is your top fashion destination to discover trendy items. With more than 200 daily arrivals of latest items, it’s where you will discover those show-stoppers to dazzle in any party. It provides 60% off on your first order.

You can save favorite products to your wishlist to buy later. Through notifications, it keeps you updated on your order status and special promotions. To ensure you remain at pace with the trend, follow famous bloggers.

Price: Free

#2. Wish-Shopping Made Fun

Wish iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
Wish is claimed to be the number one shopping malls in Europe and North America. You can browse the huge selection of latest fashion, accessories, electronics and more. Thanks to the flash discounts, you can save up to 80%.

With millions of latest items available, you have got plenty to explore. Through the personalized feeds, you can keep a tab on the items that attract you. With the helpful user reviews and photos, you are able to buy the best item for your particular choice.

Price: Free

#3. Zappos

Zappos iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
“Zappos” is primed to be a top destination for shoe shopping. Besides, it features a massive selection of men and women clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.

You can save your searches to refer them later. It also allows you to keep track of your order. The free shipping and 365 days return policy make it very useful. It provides 24/7 customer support as well.

Price: Free

#4. Cute- Beauty Shopping

Cute iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
Cute is one of the most loved beauty shopping apps for iOS in Europe and North America.  With it, you can get up to 50-90% discount on latest makeup and beauty products. The flash deals and discounts on top products help you save a lot of money.

The personalized feed lets you quickly access and browse through the makeup items that charm you. The search and filter options allow you to instantly find any item.

Price: Free

#5. SHEIN Shopping

SHEIN iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
SHEIN Shopping is the perfect platform to not just buy hottest items but also explore the fabulous world of fashion. You can join the worldwide community of more than 3, 000, 000 fashion lovers to exchange ideas and discover plenty of new things about fashion.

As more than 200 new items arrive every day, you will never run out of options. Besides, there is also an option to create the outfit by mixing and matching. If you like any product, save it to easily access it later. Through push notifications, it keeps you updated about your order status and sale.

Price: Free

#6. eBay

eBay iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
eBay offers you the absolute freedom to buy and sell almost anything. The exclusive deals on new items help you save plenty of bucks. You can browse through the top deals available on millions of items and easily access the most profitable option for you.

As per your shopping history, it also provides you personalized recommendations. You can easily keep a tab on the latest status of your packages. Set up the customized alerts on your favorite items to never miss out on any big deal.

Price: Free

#7. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
Smart shopping begins with ShopSavvy; just feed this app with what you are looking for, and the app will tell you when the product is available at a highly discounted rate. Get complete information on sales running at major stores. ShopSavvy also scans product barcodes, QR Codes, and Data Matrix; you can quickly find products with lowest prices.

Price: Free

#8. BuyVia

BuyVia iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
You are at a store and want to confirm the lowest price of the product you have set your eyes on; fret not, compare the product immediately on BuyVia app on your iPhone. The app collects all your favorite deal sites in one place; this makes it easy for you to compare prices of products. Moreover, with digital wallet integration, you can automatically enter store logins with just one password. Happy with the deals? Share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.

Price: Free

#9. Dote

Dote iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Dote is a new age shopping app that can let you save tons of dollars on your favorite products. You can effortlessly search items from a number of stores and add them to your cart!

And just in case, you find the price of any products a bit too high, you can keep it under your radar. Dote alerts you as soon as your underlined products go on sale. With the iMessage app readily available, you can browse and share attractive apparels right from with the messaging app.

Besides, the app has the support of several languages including English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech and Danish.

Price: Free

#10. ScanLife

ScanLife iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
ScanLife is one of the best shopping apps for food as it gives you details of ingredients from food products (the US only). For iPhone users, they can save their scanning activities in History on multiple devices. Also, users can share their favorite products & brands with their friends and family on Facebook. By scanning QR codes and barcodes, you can earn mPoint rewards; redeem points for gift cards later on.

Price: Free

#11. Walmart

Walmart iPhone and iPad Shopping App Icon
Walmart has taken the reverse route. The app offers you a chance to compare prices once you buy a product from Walmart. Scan your receipt and compare prices of products against the prices of competitors that regularly advertise their deals. If the competitors are selling the same products at prices lower than that offered by Walmart, you will get the difference. You will get the difference back on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card.

Price: Free

#12. Groupon

Groupon iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
Download Groupon and get unbeatable deals of up to 50% to 70%. It is one of the most popular deals app in more than 500 cities. Entire Groupon website is packed into this simple-to-use app for your iPhone and iPad. Get the best deals for local restaurants, spas, products, vacation getaways and more. Groupon can be your last resort for any product or service.

Price: Free

#13. Wanelo

Wanelo Shopping iPhone and iPad App Screenshot
If you go by the hilarious reviews posted by Waleno users, you will go mad. But Wanelo offers cool features that can drive you crazy. You shop for your want, need, and love, and hence, Wanelo is your perfect shopping assistant. The app refreshes its inventory every day; from your regular use, Wanelo gets to know your choices and likes of products. This intelligent app reads your mind from your selection of products frequently.

Price: Free

#14. Amazon

Amazon iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot
Last but not the least: Amazon. It is our personal favorite. The app needs no introduction. Simply download this app on your iPhone and iPad and explore millions of products, neutral reviews, and best prices. Scan a barcode, take a picture or search your product to compare prices and check availability on Amazon. If you are using Apple Watch, you voice-search products, shop with a single click and create a shopping list on watch.

Price: Free

#15. Forever 21

Forever 21 iPhone and iPad Shopping App Screenshot

With Forever 21 just a tap away, the hot outfit you are looking to buy so desperately is always just a glance away! You can search through various items and also read reviews before deciding on a particular product.

The app features a smart store locator to let you instantly find nearby stores. Want more inspiration to style your looks? Don’t fail to watch the trending videos to zero in on the outfit that would look stunning on you!

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

Now, make the most of these top shopping apps to only buy attractive items, save a lot of money but also explore fashion like never before. Don’t forget to set custom alerts to cash-in-on the bonanza in time.

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How Does NASA’s New Mega-Rocket Compare to the Falcon Heavy?

The Mega-Rocket

With the recent success of their Falcon Heavy launch, SpaceX may seem like the current leader of the space industry. However, while Musk’s aerospace company is new and exciting, NASA isn’t finished pushing the boundaries of space flight and exploration.

The World’s Top Space Agencies [INFOGRAPHIC]
Click to View Full Infographic

In 2010, NASA began developing the Space Launch System (SLS), and upon completion, it will be the most powerful rocket in history (yes, including Falcon Heavy).

NASA is modifying the retired space shuttle’s RS-25 engines to power this rocket. On February 21, the agency tested one of those engines, and it reached a remarkable 113 percent thrust level. That means the modified RS-25 engine exceeded the absolute limit of efficiency possible when NASA built it decades ago by a whopping 13 percent.

According to NASA, the February 21 hot fire also tested the RS-25’s flight controller and a 3D-printed engine component.

Comparing Performance

“Each RS-25 test moves the agency closer and closer to its return to deep space exploration, to such destinations as the moon and Mars,” wrote NASA after the successful test, but the SLS isn’t our only hope of such missions. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is also up to the task, and it can already fly.

As for other differences between the two spacecraft, the SLS will be much taller: 97 meters (321 feet) compared to the Falcon Heavy’s 70 meters (230 feet). The as-designed SLS also has a slightly higher payload into low-Earth orbit – 77 tons versus 70 tons – but proposed future improvements could skyrocket the SLS up to 130 tons.

As Elon Musk noted during the post-Falcon Heavy launch press conference, the craft cost about $ 500 million to develop. According to a report released by NASA’s Office of Inspector General in April 2017, the agency will spend roughly $ 23 billion on the SLS by the end of this year. Falcon Heavy is also reusable, while the SLS is not, which will affect future launch costs.

To support the launch of the SLS, NASA is modifying a launch tower originally designed for another rocket. That tower has cost NASA nearly $ 1 billion, and it may require additional improvements in the future. It might only be used once, requiring NASA to invest in another tower for any subsequent launches.

NASA has repeatedly pushed back the SLS’s launch date, but as of November 2017, the agency has their eyes on a 2020 launch. For its initial mission, Exploration Mission 1, SLS will fly a crewless capsule around the Moon, and future missions are set to explore the surface of the Moon, Mars, and far beyond.

Given NASA’s increased budgetary stress, that 2020 launch date could change, but if and when the SLS does make its maiden voyage, it will usher in a new era in spaceflight and secure NASA’s position as an aerospace company of the future, not just the past.

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GSMArena labs: enhanced compare tool

You don’t realize how complicated modern smartphones are until you try comparing two side by side. The avalanche of features can bury the true differences between them so we’ve improved our Compare page with a new mode. It shows only the differences between models, dimming the identical features. Looking at very similar phones to find the differences can be quite hard – let’s try the Samsung Galaxy flagship line for example. With the differences mode enabled, you can immediately spot that the Galaxy Note8 has a stylus and HDR10-enabled screen. The camera has 2x zoom and uses a slightly… – Latest articles

New Google Search feature lets you compare device specifications

A new Google Search feature has been spotted in the wild. As per those who are seeing it, the feature lets you compare specifications of two devices, displaying a neat comparison chart in output. As clear from the screenshots above, you just need to put in a query like ‘Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL,’ and Google will display a quick comparison chart. You can expand the chart by hitting the blue button, and there’s even an option to highlight differences. The Mountain View, California-based company is yet to officially announce this feature (which reportedly works for only two devices at the… – Latest articles

Google Search can now compare two different devices

Google occasionally adds new features to its web search or makes design changes, sometimes without a public announcement. Most recently, Google began rolling out a rounded interface to the mobile search. Now, the company appears to be testing a new comparison feature.

For some users, searching for two devices with “vs” in the middle (for example, “Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL”) brings up a new comparison chart. A few rows are visible on the main results, and tapping the blue button expands it to show every detail.

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Google Search can now compare two different devices was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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How do Christopher Nolan’s planes in Dunkirk compare to the ones in Casablanca?

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which is likely to accrue some nominations during awards season, was designed to be an immersive experience. Shot largely with IMAX cameras and optimized for 70mm projection, it’s meant to showcase the latest cinema technologies, which is a little ironic for a period piece. Given the focus on World War II-era aerial combat and naval maneuvers, Nolan and his crew had to use modern high tech to depict 1940s low tech. Films about WWII have been hitting screens since shortly after that war started, but Nolan is reimagining the classic war films with better planes, boats, and cinematography. So how do Nolan’s planes compare to the ones in early award-winning WWII movies?

1942’s Casablanca and 1946’s The Best Years…

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