ReadWrite Labs and Tata Communications Host Executive Roundtable on Digital Transformation

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Put great minds in one room, and over the course of a dinner, they’ll share some significant insights. This is exactly what happened at an event hosted by ReadWrite Labs and Tata Communications in Silicon Valley this month. The topic on the minds of these thought leaders was Digital Transformation (DX), a concept, challenge, and opportunity being discussed among all industries, businesses, and demographics today.

Moderated by Kyle Ellicott of ReadWrite Labs, the group discussed why Digital Transformation (DX) is now becoming mainstream, the numerous challenges companies face on their transformation journey and where we are in term of life cycle across all areas of industry.

Redefining Digital Transformation

According to Ellicott, even though digital transformation began surfacing in the 2000s, the term was associated with existing initiatives driving radical changes from paper-driven manual processes to the ability to digitize existing forms, tasks, and processes.

But the significance of Digital Transformation in recent years is about redefining business models, strategy, and customer experiences. Nothing before could make such dramatic changes because previous digital transformation initiatives had only been used to address one part of one issue. Instead today, it’s about taking on all the interrelated issues in different industries at one time for the most disruptive change possible.

Technology is Not the Only Issue:

Common issues  with digital transformation are the technology,and the capability to integrate and migrate, as well as people’s unwillingness to embrace change. Many countries like China making the move willingly to digital across all generations and among consumers and businesses. However that’s not the case with industries and consumers in different areas of the world.

Another issue is the lack of openness around data, data sharing and ownership. In many instances, data has numerous parties that can access it. However, they are limitations about what they can do with it. The ability to be open to sharing data freely among partners or connected access points within the networked society has yet to happen. Until it does, there will be hesitation for select industries to take the step toward digital transformation.

Benchmarking the Best Industries

One way to get past these issues was to look at the top industries that are doing digital transformation well. Their best practices can educate other industries. Also, they offer a benchmark for companies that want to start on their digital transformation.

Many guests at ReadWrite Labs’s event most often named transportation as a benchmark digital transformation industry. That’s because of the recent strides in the connected vehicle market. The market has gone beyond the call button for assistance. It now provides data to manufacturers that help produce better vehicles. Also, manufacturers can personalize the experience a driver has with that car brand. Now, transportation is connecting to smart cities through street lights and other IoT infrastructure.

Additionally, healthcare, including digital health and telemedicine, is a great example of digital transformation. The migration started with medical records and an understanding that DX could enhance efficiency and service. Currently, the healthcare industry is enhancing the overall experience for patients. The digital transformation framework has changed how doctors are diagnosing patients. It’s also making healthcare more accessible to many patients around the world. The result is faster diagnosis and treatment, helping to improve the lives of many.

The IoT thought leaders also mentioned payments and e-commerce and logistics as other industries that are becoming more adept at digital transformations. Both have benefitted from digital transformation in terms of more satisfied customers, faster service, and lower operating costs.

Envisioning a Different Future

Ease of access to old world services with the likes of Uber, Airbnb and many other sharing economy successes have illustrated how technology is driving business models and how entire industry ecosystems can be leapfrogged in a matter of years. Technology is now driving the formation of new industries and business models. It is no longer the other way around where business models once figured out how to insert technology into their processes. Digital Transformation has become a subject for the c-suite and is part of the strategic process of many companies.

To these thought leaders, even with all the confusion in many companies, the gap is closing. Technology solutions are available and implemented incrementally changing how things work for a company and its ecosystems. Companies and organizations are also incorporating experience-led engineering both for their customers and employees to get the most out of the DX frameworks.  For these leaders, they agreed that use case-led direction clarifies what DX is capable of delivering.

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Tatango Acquires Plyfe to ‘Expand Mobile Communications Platform’

Tatango announced this week that it is officially acquiring New York based Plyfe, which enables marketers to create interactive mobile optimized experiences.

An industry leader in text message marketing software, Tatango says that the Plyfe team has developed revolutionary mobile experience technology that gives marketers “the ability to create personalized, simple mobile web experiences, without the need for a developer.”

With Plyfe’s software, marketers can easily create mobile optimized experiences such as a Personality Quiz, Swipe Left/Right (Tinder for anything), Trivia, Timed Trivia, Registration, Image Based Polling, Video Trivia, Video Polling, # Galleries, Sweepstakes, Leaderboards and more.

“We are very happy that the team at Tatango identified the advantages of Plyfe’s mobile optimized experience technology and the value it will bring to customers,” said Jeff Arbour, CEO of Plyfe. “Tatango is full of fantastic and visionary people and I’m confident that with this acquisition the Tatango platform will further establish itself as the leading text message marketing platform.”

Following the acquisition, we’re told that Plyfe’s technology will be integrated into the Tatango platform. By integrating this technology, brands will be able to send interactive mobile web experiences, through SMS, MMS or RCS messaging, which boasts a 99% open rate.

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When the department said in November that it would sue to block the mega-merger, thoughts immediately turned to the White House. President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for CNN, and some watchers questioned whether the White House’s hand was present, guiding the Justice Department as a way to exact revenge on the Time Warner-owned property.

The Justice Department has denied any wrongdoing, and said it is only looking to block the merger on the…

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Pauly Shore takes the White House communications parody torch from Melissa McCarthy

“She’s not holding a book, she’s holding an iPad.”

We may have lost Melissa McCarthy’s indelible Sean Spicer, but we’ve gained Pauly Shore’s Stephen Miller.

A new Funny or Die video has veteran comic Shore reimagining Trump advisor Miller’s highly publicized immigration argument with CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Beyond the dispute about the Statue of Liberty’s meaning, we learn that Lady Liberty is holding an iPad instead of a book, and that White House communications parodies will keep bringing the funny.

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Discovery Communications merges with Scripps in $14.6B deal, will make streaming juggernaut

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The combination of Scripps and Discovery will generate over seven billion monthly streams of programming, making it the largest TV show network in the world
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Apple TV universal search gets support for Discovery Communications channels, Sundance, Filmstruck, more

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White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci to delete tweets the internet already recorded

Empty transparency.

Just one day into his job as White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci announced on Twitter that he’d be deleting past tweets. Not only is this a highly counterintuitive move for the person charged with communicating between the Trump administration and the press — not to mention a weird understanding of the term “full transparency” — it’s also patently ineffective.

His tweets have already been repeated, shared and downloaded all over the internet. So even if Scaramucci deletes them, they still exist.

The internet has already had a lot of fun with Scaramucci’s old tweets, including one where he misattributed a quote to Mark Twain. It inspired a deluge of tweets with purposefully incorrect sourcing. He’s also written plenty of tweets that don’t square with his new boss.

Fortunately his tweets aren’t going anywhere.

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