Official Pixelbook sleeve pops up on the Google Store as ‘coming soon’

With a device as pricey as the Pixelbook, you’re probably going to want some sort of protection to make sure it doesn’t get scratched or dented. The Google Store currently sells a leather Bellroy sleeve for the Pixelbook, but at $ 89, it’s rather expensive. If you don’t want to spend that much but still want a Google-approved solution, you’re in luck – the ‘Sleeve for Pixelbook’ is now showing up on the Google Store as ‘coming soon.’

The page has actually been around for several weeks now, as some redditors on r/chromeOS discovered.

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Official Pixelbook sleeve pops up on the Google Store as ‘coming soon’ was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Apple Partner Lens Deal Reaffirms AR Glasses Are Coming

An Apple manufacturing partner has struck a deal with an augmented reality component maker to start producing lenses for AR smart glasses.

Quanta Computer, which assembles MacBooks and other devices for Apple, has reached a licensing agreement with Israel-based AR company Lumus Ltd., Bloomberg reported on Monday. As part of that deal, Quanta will start manufacturing lenses for Lumus and will have the option to produce those lenses for leading tech companies (like Apple).

Lumus designs displays for augmented reality products, including a technology that projects information into a wearer’s field of view. That’s the basic premise of AR glasses, and due to this new licensing deal and the decreasing cost of the components as a result, it’s coming closer to a consumer product reality.

“This means that the most expensive key enabling technology in the AR glasses teardown will now be affordably priced, effectively bringing down the overall cost of consumer AR glasses,” Lumus CEO Ari Grobman told Bloomberg. “Quanta has suggested that full AR headsets would be priced for less than the cost of a high-end cell phone. That’s a big deal.”

Apple’s AR Glasses

Apple is hard at work developing its own proprietary AR headset — including a new operating system called “rOS.” Apple’s headset would feature deep integration with Siri, and could display texts, maps and other information in the wearer’s glasses.

While Apple is undoubtedly still working out the kinks, sources suggest that the rOS headset could be controlled through a mixture of touch controls, head or hand gestures, and voice commands. rOS would be based on iOS, but would not need a connected iPhone to operate fully. The AR operating system could feature its own App Store with a variety of applications from 360-degree video playback to AR navigation.

Other Reports

While Quanta’s new agreement with Lumus fills in certain pieces of the bigger picture, this isn’t the first time that the key Apple supply chain partner has been mentioned in correlation with a Cupertino-developed AR headset. According to a Nov. 15 report by Nikkei, Quanta wants to produce a mass-market AR headsets by 2019 — with many analysts forecasting that Apple has tapped the company.

While Bloomberg’s suggests that Apple’s AR headset will drop by 2020, Quanta’s comments and research by analyst Jeffrey Pu of Taipei-based Yuanta Investment Consulting could hint at a sooner release date. Pu forecasts that Apple could release an AR headset as soon as 2019, and even Bloomberg’s sources agree that the Cupertino tech giant is likely to have the technology ready by then.

From CEO Tim Cook’s own comments on the matter to the variety of patents and acquisitions related to augmented reality, Apple’s ambitions in the AR sphere haven’t exactly been secret. But these new reports corroborate that an Apple AR headset is indeed on the way.

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[Update: Fixed in DP2] Some Pixel 2 XL touchscreens are unresponsive near the edges, but a fix is coming

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The Pixel 2 XL has another screen issue. Just a few days after we posted about the screen flashing when some owners unlock or lock their Pixel 2 XL, some of the device’s owners are having difficulty with touch responsiveness near the edges of the screen.

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[Update: Fixed in DP2] Some Pixel 2 XL touchscreens are unresponsive near the edges, but a fix is coming was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Ingress Prime is a reboot of Niantic’s original AR game that’s coming in 2018

Niantic may be known for being the developer behind Pokémon Go, but it actually released a notable augmented reality (AR) game before Pokémon Go, and today Niantic announced a major reboot for that game.

Ingress Prime is now official. Niantic originally released Ingress in 2012, tasking players with picking a team, exploring the real world, and capturing territories to help their faction. Now the game is getting a reboot with a “completely redesigned user interface” and improved sound design.

Niantic says that Ingress Prime will also offer a new, in-depth user experience to help get new and experienced Ingress players up to speed on the conflict and story of the game. There will be a brand new storyline included with Ingress Prime and the global game board will reset, but Niantic says that current Ingress players will retain their in-game progression, level, and items in Ingress Prime.

Ingress, Ingress Prime comparison

Above you can see screenshots of the old Ingress (left) and Ingress Prime (right) to compare what the rebooted game will look like. 

Ingress Prime will launch on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices in 2018.

Ingress made waves in 2012 for using AR as a major component of its game, and while it did see some success, the game never got as much traction with consumers as Pokémon Go. Now that Niantic has more experience, more name recognition, and more powerful smartphone hardware at its disposal, it’s going to give Ingress a major reboot and offer up a new AR game for folks that may not have been into Pokémon Go.

Did you ever play the original Ingress? Are you going to check out Ingress Prime?

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