‘Ninja Attack! is Frosty Pop Corp’s Trippy Homage to the ‘Shinobi’ Ninja Star Throwing Bonus Level, Coming in February

One of the funny side effects of being a broke little kid growing up during the heyday of arcades is that I probably spent more time watching video games than actually playing them. I mean, once you run out of quarters that’s kind of it, you know? So how would I spend that extra time at the arcade before mom said she’d pick me up? I’d just watch. Sometimes I’d be able to watch an actual live human being playing a game, but more often than not I’d just check out each game’s attract mode. Video games, and especially arcade games with their superior (at the time) visuals, were mesmerizing to me, so I found great satisfaction just watching them in motion even if it was just a short demo mode. I have a great fondness for attract modes due to that, and even as my gaming turned more to increasingly powerful home consoles, I’d still just sometimes kick back and watch an attract mode just because it entertained me. Heck, even as a nearly forty year old a game’s attract mode can still make some great background noise while working. Maybe I’m just weird.

Anyway, back in the day one of the coolest attract modes around was that for Sega’s 1987 action platformer Shinobi. The platforming parts were just so-so, but the attract mode also featured the game’s bonus stage, which was a first-person ninja star throwing game that was the absolute coolest thing to me. This was the late eighties and ninja stars were the epitome of awesome to little 7 year old boys. Thanks to the marvel that is YouTube, you can even watch the Shinobi attract mode and see exactly what I’m talking about in the above embedded video. So I took an extra keen interest when I saw the latest game from prolific mobile game developer The Frosty Pop Corps posted to our forum as it’s directly inspired by Shinobi’s bonus game. Yes, you’ll be maniacally throwing ninja stars from a first-person perspective, but Frosty Pop also wondered “If Hunter S. Thompson was head of the art department at the Sega Corporation Ltd. in the early 80s, what would the bonus round in Shinobi look like?” The answer to that question is their upcoming Ninja Attack!

Besides throwing ninja stars at horrific creatures in drug-induced settings, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade you weaponry and make it rain by launching paper money, bullets, and other strange items at them. In addition, there are 30 different psychedelic skins to unlock, and the game will even have an Augmented Reality mode which will let you blast out ninja stars (or whatever) in the real-life setting of your choosing. There will be “hundreds” of in-game quests to complete and leaderboards to compete on. Given my weird fetish for the Shinobi attract mode I’m really excited for Ninja Attack!, but it also just looks like the type of game that’s perfect for the iPhone. Its planned release is this coming February so in the meantime feel free to drop by the forum thread to leave your thoughts on the trailer and maybe keep an eye out for some random promo code giveaways ahead of the official launch.


Earthquake and tsunami warning messages in Japan coming directly to Android 8.1 Oreo

Given Japan’s propensity for earthquakes and tsunamis, having a standardized system to alert people of the risk of danger would be a beneficial tool to prevent injury. Unfortunately, this alert system had been implemented at the carrier level, requiring carrier-specific apps. For users of unlocked phones on an MVNO, the ability to receive these notifications ranged from zero to inconsistent, dependent on the model of phone used. Now, the Telecommunications Carriers Association has announced that as of Android 8.1, these phones can receive emergency alerts.

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New LG Tribute Dynasty smartphone surfaces, coming to Sprint, Boost, and Virgin mobile

User manual for a new LG Tribute series smartphone has surfaced. Dubbed Tribute Dynasty, the device carries a model number of LG-SP200. A device with the same model number has already been certified by the FCC. Nothing much is known about the device at the moment, except that it will be available in the US through Sprint, Boost, and Virgin mobile. It’s already end of the year, so it’s reasonable to assume the phone will be made official sometime early next year (CES 2018, perhaps). Via

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Mid-range version of HTC U11+ coming in January, U12 later on

Every year we pretty much hear the same thing about HTC: the company is going to put out less devices, focusing on its high-end and upper-midrange models. As 2018 is incredibly close now, we once again got the exact same prediction, this time from unnamed “industry sources” in Taiwan. HTC will allegedly release a rehashed version of the U11+ in January, with mid-range specs. This sounds very much like the device codenamed Ocean Harmony, which is expected to come with the Snapdragon 652 at the helm, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 5.99″ 18:9 touchscreen. After that, the next flagship,…

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HQ Trivia for Android now in beta, full release coming soon

HQ Trivia for Android

Popular game HQ Trivia confirmed earlier this month that it was coming to Android “for the holidays”, and now we’ve got a bit more info on its release.

HQ announced today that it’s in limited beta for Android as of yesterday, December 25th, and that it’ll roll out patches and add more beta testers this week. It’s expected that the game will be available to all Android users by January 1st.

HQ Trivia is a popular app that launched earlier this year on iOS. There are live games every day at 9:00 pm ET and also on weekdays at 3:00 pm ET. You’re asked 10 trivia questions and if you answer them all correctly, you win part of a jackpot.

The game has become extremely popular in recent months, but because it’s been iOS-only, Android users have had to look on or help out their iOS buddies if they wanted to play. Soon they’ll get to see what all the excitement is about for themselves.

Have you played HQ Trivia?

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Huawei 2018 roadmap leaks, three P series phones coming in Q2

Huawei’s product roadmap for the year 2018 has leaked. The image shows three new devices – codenamed Maya, Salina, and Honor 1 – are set for Q1 launch. The first quarter will also see more widespread availability for the Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Lite. Q2 will also be a busy quarter for the Chinese company, with three new P series phones lined up for release, internally being referred to as P, P Plus, and P Lite (said to be part of the P20 lineup). The quarter will also see a new Honor phone – Honor 2 – being made official. While Q3 is all about Honor 3, Q4 will see the arrival of two…

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HQ Trivia is coming soon to Android

 HQ Trivia is letting Android users pre-register for the live-streamed trivia game built by the makers of Vine, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll. Pre-registering means you’ll get notified the moment HQ Trivia is available for download. HQ, which opened up pre-registration on December 24, had previously marketed its Android app as being available “this Christmas.” To me, that means… Read More
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HQ Trivia is coming to Android, pre-register for it now

Fans of game shows have yet another thing to be happy about this Christmas. Yesterday HQ Trivia announced that it was bringing its live trivia app to Android. Although a date doesn’t seem to have been set just yet, you can pre-register to be notified when the app goes live in the Play Store

In case you aren’t in the loop, HQ Trivia is part game show and part trivia app, with sizable cash prizes and rapidly growing popularity.

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