Google+ adds ‘Highlights’ notification option for communities and collections

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Until recently, only two notification levels were possible for Google+ communities and collections you’re subscribed to: on or off. Thankfully, someone at Google has realized how frustrating it is to only get all notifications or none at all, and a new Highlights option has just been introduced.

Selecting Highlights will give you periodic digest notifications with some of the top posts from all of your communities and collections. This should mean that you won’t miss out on any important news or updates while at the same time not getting all the usual spam.

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Imgur’s Snapchat-style GIF collections come to Android

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Imgur's bid to bring Snapchat-like Stories to the GIF world is no loner confined to iOS. It's releasing an updated Android app that brings Snacks and the Feed to a wider array of devices. Snacks, as before, lives under the search tab and gives you…
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Return to Wakanda for $1 in this digital Marvel Featured Collections sale at Amazon

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Explore your favorite Marvel character’s history with this graphic novel sale.

Almost 300 digital Marvel graphic novel collections are on sale at Amazon for just $ 0.99 each. Most of these volumes were previously priced at $ 10.99, though some were a few dollars higher or lower. These collections include multiple issues to illustrate the backstory and beyond of various Marvel heroes and villains. To read these comics, you’ll need either the Kindle app or Comixology app which can be downloaded onto your computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you just can’t wait for Black Panther 2, kick back and catch up with Wakanda’s hero tonight. If hearing that Defenders Season 2 on Netflix might not happen bums you out, pick up the beginning of the team’s comic series to ease the pain. The Marvel Firsts: The 1970s is a really nice collection too with more issues included than most of the volumes in this sale.

Some other collections include

Search the full sale as there are tons more comics sure to feature your favorite Marvel character.

See at Amazon

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Facebook’s testing an Instagram-style ‘Collections’ feature for saved posts

Facebook is trialing a new feature that should make it easier to rifle through your saved posts and find the ones you actually want to revisit. It’s called Collections, and it’s similar to the Instagram feature of the same name that launched in April: in addition to saving posts from your feed to an ever-expanding list you can retrieve later, you’ll now be able to organize these into folders for easy retrieval. The update was first spotted by social media professional Mari Smith; from her screenshots, it appears to work in a similar fashion to Instagram’s Collections. When you choose…

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Cortana’s new Collections feature will see and remember your browsing habits

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant can now remember what books, TV shows, movies, recipes, and restaurants you like and don’t want to forget. The company just introduced its new Cortana Collections feature, which essentially works like a Pinterest board built into your Windows 10 device.

Cortana pops up whenever a user is on a webpage that might have content worth saving, like on a page to buy a book. It’ll ask the user to either create a list to save the content, add it to a favorites list, or dismiss the notification altogether. You can see how it works in this video from Microsoft:

Microsoft writes in its post announcing this feature, “Cortana is always learning, so the more you let Cortana help you, the more Cortana does for you.” If…

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iTunes U Collections migrating to Apple Podcasts app in September

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Apple is preparing to migrate iTunes U Collections from the iTunes U app to Apple Podcasts, with a warning to educational institutions advising the change will take place in September as part of the release of iTunes 12.7.
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Google Play introduces ‘Android Excellence’ collections that showcase editorially selected top apps and games

 At WWDC this month, Apple introduced an entirely revamped App Store that puts a much greater focus on editorial, with plans for stories about the apps, how to’s, interviews, and more, in addition to regular postings of curated lists and “app of the day” type features. Today, Google announced its own plans to expand editorial involvement on Google Play, with the launch of its… Read More
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