Nintendo’s just-announced Labo Kits are eligible for Best Buy’s 20% Gamers Club discount

Nintendo’s innovations never seem to end.

Nintendo Labo is one of the coolest things coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, and Gamers Club Unlocked members at Best Buy can currently pre-order either Labo kit at a discount; the Variety Kit drops to $ 55.99 from $ 69.99, while the Robot Kit falls to $ 63.99 from $ 79.99.

If you’re not already a Gamers Club Unlocked member but think this is a great deal, it’d also be a great time to join the club as you can get a two-year membership for only $ 30. With this purchase alone, you’ll make back half of that in savings. From then on, you’ll get 20% off purchases of new games at Best Buy, 10% off pre-owned games, exclusive gaming offers and more, which all adds up pretty quickly if you’re a regular gamer.

If you haven’t heard about what Nintendo Labo can do, check out this short video on it first:

Each kit comes with software for the Nintendo Switch along with a variety of cardboard pieces which you fold together to create accessories for your Joy-Cons. Putting the “Toy-Con” accessories together is easy with provided instructions, even a kid could do it.

The Variety Kit gives you the power to create an RC car, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike and a piano which you can then use in various games with your Nintendo Switch. Likewise, the Robot Kit lets you create a wearable suit and assume control of a robot in a variety of mini-games on the Switch.

For more on the Nintendo Labo, check out our favorite reactions to the announcement of the product and additional info.

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