New OpenSignal report shows close 4G LTE competition between T-Mobile and Verizon

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Earlier this year, T-Mobile came out on top in an OpenSignal report on U.S. mobile networks, but Verizon wasn’t far behind in second. Now OpenSignal has decided to take a closer look the competition. In the latest OpenSignal report, T-Mobile and Verizon duked it out for 4G LTE availability and speeds. T-Mo managed to beat or tie Verizon when it comes to 4G speed in all five regions of the U.S. — the West, the Southwest, … [read full article]

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A Massachusetts Company Claims to Be Close to a Solid-State Battery

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

New Investments

According to Axios, technology giants like Samsung and Dyson have collectively invested $ 65 million in Massachusetts-based Ionic Materials. This enormous vote of confidence is a bit shocking, as most people probably haven’t even heard of the small company before. But if Ionic Materials delivers on its recent claims, the investment will certainly pay off. It claims to be close to creating a safe, working solid-state battery.

The company, established in 1986, seems to be making unique progress in solid-state technology. It has created a brand new material — a liquid crystal polymer — that could solve many of the pressing issues that prevent this type of battery from entering the market.

So far, Ionic Materials’ researchers have claimed three major breakthroughs. First, they assert that lithium ions move as fast or even faster through their polymer than they would through a conventional liquid electrolyte system. This seems counter-intuitive since the polymer is a solid, but if it is true, this would clear a huge hurtle to creating working solid-state batteries.

Second, they say that their material works at an impressive five volts and can be made simply and cheaply. Third, they’ve stated that, while most materials in solid-state research operate at about 60° C (140° F), their material works under much cooler conditions — room temperature.

Solid State

Ionic Materials seems to have a leg up on competitors with its unique, cheap, and simple-to-produce material. But, if they are correct in their assertions, why would a solid-state battery be so groundbreaking?

They are safer than current batteries, for one thing. Lithium-ion batteries are flammable and prone to overheating and combustion. Solid-state batteries, on the other hand, preserve lithium in a non-flammable state.

Electric cars could be much more efficient with solid-state batteries. Image Credit: Joenomias / Pixabay
Electric cars could be much more efficient with solid-state batteries. Image Credit: Joenomias / Pixabay

Solid-state batteries are also able to be smaller, cheaper to make, and higher capacity than liquid-based batteries. They could potentially charge faster, last longer, and have better overall performance. They could even make better smartphones and electric cars possible.

The main challenge to realizing solid-state batteries has been discovering a material with all of the right properties. If Ionic Materials is right and their polymer is the one to beat, we could be closer to solid-state batteries than ever before. Still, the company has not released much data on their technology, so many experts remain skeptical of how close the researchers actually are to a working product, according to Axios.

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Consumer Reports ranks iPhone X the best smartphone camera, iPhone 8 a close second

Consumer Reports has today published an updated list of its “Best Smartphone Cameras,” reflecting Apple’s most recent releases. The testing agency, which is sometimes accused of being unfairly anti-Apple, now claims the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are the two best smartphone cameras…



Reminder — the iTunes ability to play to multiple speakers is not AirPlay 2, but is pretty close

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Many years ago, Apple added the ability to play a music stream to multiple AirPlay-compatible devices, but this is not AirPlay 2 and doesn’t work the quite the same way.
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Apple’s Irish tax bill close to finalization, “in the ballpark” of $16 billion

Article Image

The head of Ireland’s Revenue Commission has advised the calculations of Apple’s unpaid tax bill are almost complete, with the final total the iPhone producer will be expected to pay the government thought to be around 13 billion euro ($ 16 billion), close to initial estimates for the European Commission-mandated payment.
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Apple launches rich ‘Close Your Rings’ webpage to promote healthy living with Apple Watch

Just in time for some weekend motivation, Apple has added a new page to their website promoting Apple Watch’s activity tracking features. The page, titled “Close Your Rings,” details realistic and effective ways that Watch wearers can live a healthier and more active lifestyle by completing one simple goal each day.



Apple Launches ‘Close Your Rings’ Site to Promote the Apple Watch and Health

The Apple Watch started out as just a smartwatch, but, over time, Apple changed the game plan and turned it into a go-to source for a healthy living tool. Continue reading
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New ‘Close Your Rings’ minisite encourages using Apple Watch Activity app

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Apple has created a new website, "Close Your Rings," explaining how the Apple Watch’s Activity app works and some of the ways people can reach its "Move," "Exercise," and "Stand" goals.
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Apple’s new ‘Close Your Rings’ ad definitely wasn’t well thought-out

Apple HomePod rings problem solution

The HomePod, Apple’s opening salvo in the war against Amazon Echo and Google Home, is off to an inconspicuous start. Despite fawning reviews about the speaker’s sound quality, the HomePod failed to sell out, and a number of features like multi-room support or stereo pairing don’t work at launch.

To make a bad launch worse, it was revealed this week that the $ 349 speaker can leave a white ring on some wooden surfaces. Apple tried to downplay the issue, saying that it’s ‘not unusual‘ for a speaker to do that, but by that point, the ‘Ring of doom’ narrative was already too strong.

So it’s just a little too close to home that Apple launched a new page on its website today promoting the Apple Watch’s activity features called “Close Your Rings.” You have to assume it was a long-planned addition, and on any other day, no one would notice or care.  But when Apple’s fighting a PR battle against the HomePod leaving rings, telling people to close them might not be the best idea.

“Close Your Rings” is Apple’s not-quite-so-catchy version of “Just Do It:” it’s supposed to be a motivational slogan for people who wouldn’t otherwise work out, but are now being encouraged to do so because of some digital nagging. The name derives from the Apple Watch’s activity tracker, which uses a growing circle to map your activity for the day: When you hit your goal, the ring is closed.

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New Apple Watch site pushes you to ‘close your rings’

Apple is pushing Apple Watch owners to get healthier with a new “Close Your Rings” webpage. It teaches you why it’s important to take advantage of the activity and fitness tracking features on your Watch. “It’s such a simple and fun way to live a healthier day,” Apple says. Some say Apple Watch is just […]

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