Second Google Home visualization shows up: get multiple YouTube video results on your Chromecast

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Back at I/O 2017, we were promised visual responses from Google Home on a Chromecast and we’ve been waiting for months for them to show up. A few weeks ago, the first one started working: you could ask Google Home to show you the weather on your TV and instead of answering with the forecast, it would invoke your connected Chromecast and show the weather on the TV. Now the same is happening for YouTube video results.

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Second Google Home visualization shows up: get multiple YouTube video results on your Chromecast was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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VLC 3.0 Update Adds Cross-Platform 4K and 8K Hardware Decoding, HDR10, Chromecast Support, and More

VideoLAN on Friday released VLC 3.0 “Vetinari”, a major update to the popular media player that is rolling out across all platforms, including macOS, iOS, and tvOS.

Version 3 includes a huge number of new features and improvements to the app, including automatic hardware decoding for 4K and 8K playback, support for 10-bit HDR, 360-degree video and 3D audio, and Chromecast streaming with support for non-native formats.

VLC now works with Blu-Ray Java menus and features network browsing support for local network and NAS drives, including those with SMB, FTP, SFTP, NFS filesystems. The iOS app has also been optimized for iPhone X displays, while on Mac, Chromecast streaming to supported devices can be found in the menu bar under Playback -> Renderer.

Among many other changes and improvements in VLC Vetinari, further standout features include: a redesigned and resizable fullscreen controller; a new status bar icon which displays metadata and play controls; support for keyboard blacklight dimming during fullscreen video playback; significant performance improvements in playlist handling; and a simplified preferences window. Check the online changelog for the complete list of updates.

VLC 3.0 is a free downloaded for Mac from the VideoLan website. (Note that version 3.0.0 of VLC removes support for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and requires Mac systems to run OS X 10.7 Lion or later.) VLC 3.0.0 is already available on the tvOS App Store, but the iPhone and iPad update still appears to be rolling out as of writing.

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VLC 3.0 supports Chromecast, 8K, and HDR

VLC is one of those open-source gifts to humankind that we certainly don’t deserve. A lightweight, bloat-resistant, stable, and endlessly compatible piece of software that we mostly use to play back pirated movies.

The brand-new 3.0 “Vetinari” update to VLC adds an incredible number of features. It has HDR10 support. It does HD audio passthrough. It’s hardware accelerated on all platforms, which gives it enough horsepower to do 4K and 8K playback on regular phones and computers. It can Chromecast videos that aren’t natively supported by Chromecast. It works with Blu-ray Java menus! It’s even optimized for the iPhone X’s notch.

But, most importantly: VLC 3.0 adds support for HD DVD .evo files.

So long, PowerDVD! Now I can watch my mint…

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VLC 3.0 Released With Chromecast Integration, 8K Video Playback, HDR Support, More

VideoLAN, popularly known as VLC, today released the version 3.0 of its media player across all major platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, and Android. The major update comes after over 3 years, with the last major update to the video player being released in February 2015. Continue reading
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VLC 3.0 for Android brings Chromecast support, fast seek, playlist files and more

Back in January VLC V2.9 beta for Android introduced the long-awaited Chromecast support and today the feature is out of beta and is rolling out to the public in V3.0 in addition to other features like the fast seek, playlist files, bug fixes and more. The VLC 3.0 is the first synchronized release between the desktop app and the mobile and we can expect the same to continue from here on. With Chromecast support, you can send it a video or audio media to stream it on a big screen. If the media codecs that you are playing are supported by the Chromecast device, then VLC player will only act as a streaming server, if not, VLC will transcode and stream media, which is highly CPU and battery consuming. The company says that it will work and improve the Chromecast support in the upcoming releases. Apart from Chromecast, VLC is now everywhere including DeX, Chromebooks and Android auto. You can now drop media files on VLC from other applications and use the right click on VLC media to get the context menu. On Android auto, you can use your voice commands to play content while driving and the U.I is very simplified says VLC. It works with Android Assistant on Auto …
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