The iPhone took in 51% of global smartphone revenue over Christmas

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New research data compiled by Strategy Analytics reveals that Apple’s iPhone lineup accounted for a whopping 51% of global smartphone revenues during the 2017 holiday quarter. Specifically, the iPhone generated approximately $ 61.4 billion in revenue during the December quarter, with the global smartphone market raking in $ 120 billion during the same time period.

Year over year, the iPhone’s share of global smartphone revenue increased slightly, jumping from 48% to 51%. With Apple occupying the top spot, second and third place went to Samsung and Huawei which posted quarterly revenues of $ 18.9 billion and $ 8.4 billion, respectively.

“Apple iPhone generated a huge US$ 61 billion in the quarter, helped by solid demand for its premium X model,” the company noted in a press release, “and Apple now accounts for more revenue than the rest of the entire global smartphone industry combined.

“Apple generated three times more smartphone revenue than nearest rival Samsung and 7 times more than Huawei,” the press release adds. “Apple iPhone’s average selling price is approaching US$ 800 and almost three times higher than the overall industry average. Apple iPhone is an incredible money-making machine.”

All told, Apple’s ability to dramatically increase iPhone revenue during the holiday quarter is all the more impressive given how late into the quarter the iPhone X was released.

Looking ahead, Apple’s revenue dominance is poised to increase in the months ahead. Though the iPhone X did not usher in an upgrade super cycle as some anticipated, there’s a strong chance that Apple’s rumored 6.1-inch iPhone X variant with an LCD display — and a much more affordable price point — will spur an avalanche of upgrades later this year. With carriers no longer offering friendly subsidies as in years past, the reality is that the iPhone X’s $ 1,000 sticker price likely dissuaded otherwise interested iPhone owners from actually upgrading.

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Apple in good cheer over a billion-dollar Christmas and New Year on the App Store

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Apple’s App Store rakes in over $890M during Christmas week, $300M on New Year’s

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Starting on Christmas Eve, App Store shoppers spent over $ 890 million in a period of just seven days, Apple revealed on Thursday, adding that people spent another $ 300 million on New Year’s Day alone.
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‘Mini-Me’ Actor Verne Troyer Got a Mini Tesla Model S for Christmas

Yes. You read that right. Verne Troyer—the actor who portrayed “Mini-Me” in the Austin Powers movies and Griphook in Harry Potter—is cruising around in a bite-sized, shiny red Tesla Model S.

At just 2 foot 8 inches, Troyer is one of the smallest actors in Hollywood. He recently uploaded a new unboxing video to his YouTube channel for his 400,000+ subscribers to enjoy.

Troyer, 48, starts out his video showing off his tech-savviness by asking Alexa to turn on his hallway light; and then by unlocking his August smart lock on his front door. He opens his door to a relatively “huge” box that Troyer is unable to move. At this point, he does what any logical person would do and uses his motorized scooter to push it to his garage.

Once in the garage Troyer unboxes a Red Metallic Tesla Model S with black turbine rims exclaiming “I bought a Tesla!” It’s a fun video that will be sure to put a smile on your face as Troyer is cruising down the street at a whopping 6 mph.

After parking the Tesla in his garage next to another small car, Troyer promises more videos are sure to come. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to see a drag race between the two miniature sports cars.

And you can get a tiny Tesla too. The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for kids retails for $ 499. It features a working horn and headlights, a sound system, frunk (front trunk), and is even painted with actual Tesla paint colors. In addition to Red Metallic paint, customers can choose from Deep Blue Metallic, Midnight Silver Metallic, or Solid White. Buyers can even add a custom license plate, a reserved parking sign, and a car cover. Of course, keep in mind it has an 80 pound weight limit and is recommended for children ages 3-8.

You can check out Troyer’s full video here.

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Consumers dropped $200 million on apps on Christmas, up 12 percent from last year

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As Apple’s HomePod misses Christmas, Amazon Alexa tops App Store charts for first time

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In a first for the app, Amazon Alexa has topped Apple’s U.S. App Store charts, backing claims that the Echo Dot speaker was the top-selling item on during the holidays.
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Meet Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in the final scene from Doctor Who’s Christmas special

The BBC announced back in July that Jodie Whittaker would be flying the TARDIS as the next incarnation of Doctor Who’s titular character. And as has become tradition in recent years, the long-running series’ annual Christmas special saw Whittaker make her first appearance in the role, taking over from Peter Capaldi, who has played the twelfth incarnation of the character since 2014.

While the series won’t return until sometime late next year, the BBC has released the final scene of the episode online. There’s not too much in the way of spoilers for the rest of Capaldi’s last episode here — Whittaker’s casting has been known for months — but if you’re really concerned about having anything spoiled for you, it’s probably best to watch the…

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Google Home and Assistant still have some fun Christmas Easter eggs for you

Christmas is over, but if you’re anything like us then the holiday spirit is still with you and you refuse to let it go this easily. If that’s the case and you’re still huddled indoors with family and kids, you might want to wish a Merry Christmas to your Google Home or to Assistant on your phone. The response, as is often the case with Google, will be a little, uhm, Easter egg.

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