Madgarden’s Chill Space Shooter ‘Chillaxian’ Resurrected for iOS 11 and Gains New Features in Latest Update

You all are probably familiar with developer Paul Pridham, aka Madgarden, through his collaboration work with Rocketcat Games on titles such as Punch Quest [Free] and Death Road to Canada [$ 11.99], but did you know this one man wonder has also been making and releasing solo projects for many years now? It’s true! One such project is the extremely laid back space shooter Chillaxian [$ 1.99], which he originally launched back in July of 2013. As you might have guessed from the game’s title, this is an homage to the classic arcade shooter Galaxian, but like… more chill, maannnn. Move back and forth across the bottom of the screen as you fire at waves of enemies at the top of the screen. However, in Chillaxian these groups of enemies are much more lively and expand and contract in a mesmerizing–and yes, chill–kind of way. Blast through as many levels as you can, with checkpoints every ten levels and boss fights every 5 waves. It’s simple, relaxed alien blasting that we really enjoyed in our original review from 2013.

Well, if you were a Chillaxian fan back in the day then you may have noticed it got swept up in the great 32-bit Appocalypse of 2017. Madgarden isn’t going to let that slide though, and so this past Friday he released a brand new update to the game bringing it compliant with 64-bit and iOS 11 requirements. But wait, there’s more! He also added full screen support for the iPhone X, added some new enemy types and special effects, added humans that are floating through space for some reason which can be collected for extra points, and revamped the whole power-up system. Now you can actually scavenge and collect various power-up parts which can be combined to create a variety of unique setups. Hey, I would have taken iOS 11 and iPhone X support and been perfectly happy, but WHATEVER Madgarden go ahead and add new features if you must. I’m happy seeing such a fun space shooter continuing to live on, so if you’ve missed out on this one before definitely give it a look and if you’re already an iOS 11 sporting Chillaxian owner, hey, you can play the game again!


No chill: Some Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users need to stick device in freezer to stop screen flickering

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Chill Out with the Latest Event in ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’

It’s definitely looking like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Free] is going to be one of those games that is wall-to-wall events with little to no breaks in between. The Rover’s Garden Safari event just ended earlier today, and we’re already on to the next thing. Instead of catching butterflies in your garden, you’re going to be going after something slightly more seasonal. The Winter Sports Event is on, and it’s going to be even quicker than the last event, so you’ll want to get on it right away.

The last event changed things up a bit, pushing players who may have been avoiding the new gardening feature to tackle it head-on. You collected seeds by helping out villagers, planted the seeds to grow special flowers, then tried to catch the butterflies that appeared around them. Those butterflies were traded to Rover in exchange for a variety of items. The schedule was a bit too tight, but it was kind of nice to be doing something different than the usual grind.

Depending on how well you liked doing those extra tasks, this new event will either be a relief or regrettable. We’re back to the formula of the previous events, which means gathering up an extra type of material by doing the same old tasks for the villagers and using it to craft special limited-time items. This event takes advantage of the recently-added clothing-crafting feature, allowing you to exchange your collected snowflakes for sweet winter sports wear. Once you’ve got all the pieces, it adds up to a skiing outfit and a figure skating outfit. You can also get an interactive mini skate rink that the villagers will spin around on, and a new amenity in the form of a snow park that the animals will snowboard on.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is going to be a quick one. It ends on January 31st, so you’ve got about a week and a half to gather everything if you want it. If you need a little head start, Nintendo’s selling an IAP that includes 20 Leaf Tickets and 25 snowflakes for $ 0.99. That’s not really a lot of snowflakes, though, so you might as well just play the game if you really want the goods. Either way, you’ll have to hustle if you want to adorn your campground and avatar with the finest winter gear.


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