Deal: Get Samsung Galaxy S8+, wireless charger, and $100 gift card for $725

Here’s a decent Galaxy S8+ deal for you: Amazon is offering the unlocked variant of the phone along with a fast wireless charger and $ 100 gift card for $ 725. For comparison, Samsung is officially selling the unlocked variant for $ 825 (but is currently also offering free Get Gear VR or DEX Station). So you get to save $ 100 if you go for the deal Amazon is offering. No information on when the promo ends, so those interested in availing the deal may have to act fast. Source – Latest articles

Go ahead and charge your iPhone X on a wireless Pikachu charger

We’ve waited years for the iPhone to support wireless charging. We wanted that convenience, we said. We wanted to be just like our Android brethren, we said. And now, I’m happy to share that we can all unite over a wireless Pikachu charger. A company called TeknFun just announced the Pikachu, which it says should be compatible with Samsung devices and the iPhone 8 and X.

It’s available through GameStop for $ 49.99, although it appears to be unavailable at the moment, even though it’s advertised as an online only product. It features three USB ports and Pikachu’s cheeks should light up when charging.

I love it. Now I need to buy a iPhone X or 8 so I can use it.

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Mercedes’ wireless charger doesn’t play nice with the iPhone X

I’m driving a new 2017 Mercedes E300 today, and it comes with a built-in wireless charger, which is a nice feature for a $ 60,000 car. Now, let’s overlook the poor placement of the charger — buried behind the cupholders, for some reason — and get to the main issue.

If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, which come with wireless charging, you can charge your phone on the pad, unlike previous iPhones. But there is a major flaw that keeps driving me crazy, and it’s Apple Pay. Since the charging pad also has NFC, the iPhone thinks you’re trying to pay for something and automatically activates Apple Pay every time you put the phone down to charge.

Seems like a small issue, right? Well if you’re playing music in your car from your phone, as…

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Today, 75% off Lumina 5200 mAh Portable Power Bank Charger – Deal Alert

This powerful full-speed 5200mAh charger from Lumina features huge 2.4A output to keep your devices powered up while you’re out, or in an emergency. The charger currently averages 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 380 reviewers (read recent reviews here). This item has been included as one of Amazon’s “Prime Week” deals of the day, so right now its typical list price of $ 49.99 has been cut 75% down to just $ 12.74. See this deal now on Amazon.

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The Grovemade wireless charger imagines a world where charging pucks look good

If you’re looking at a wireless charger — say, for your new iPhone X — there are plenty of good options out there, but from a visual perspective, you’re more or less consigning yourself to a plastic plate that sits on your desk.

But what if wireless chargers didn’t have to be formless slabs of plastic or metal? Then you’d probably have more products like the stylish Grovemade Wireless Charging Pad, which is made from cork and stainless steel and wouldn’t look out of place in a West Elm furniture catalog. The charger itself supports the Qi charging standard, includes a power brick, and comes in either dark gray or natural wood color options.

Unfortunately, while the Grovemade might be the nicest looking Qi wireless charger…

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