WhatsApp adds notification channels on Android Oreo 8.0 so you can now choose what to do with each notification type

Android 8.0 Oreo introduced one cool feature for app notifications: channels. Since not all notifications are created equal, even if they come from the same app, this would allow you to choose how different types of notifications appear, sound, and vibrate, or not, on your phone. However, that created one big issue: Google didn’t have a fallback in place for apps that don’t get updated to support the channels, which means that you couldn’t assign importance to any notification coming from the app.

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WhatsApp adds notification channels on Android Oreo 8.0 so you can now choose what to do with each notification type was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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YouTube tightens rules around what channels can be monetized

YouTube is tightening the rules around its partner program and raising the requirements that a channel/creator must meet in order to monetize videos. Effective immediately, to apply for monetization (and have ads attached to videos), creators must have tallied 4,000 hours of overall watch time on their channel within the past 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers. YouTube will enforce the new eligibility policy for all existing channels as of February 20th, meaning that channels that fail to meet the threshold will no longer be able to make income from ads.

Previously, the standard for joining YouTube’s Partner Program was 10,000 public views — without any specific requirement for annual viewing hours. This change will no doubt…

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YouTube may review its most popular channels for offensive content

It became pretty clear last year that YouTube has a content problem. Last spring, companies like AT&T and Verizon pulled ads because they were found to be appearing alongside extremist videos. And it was hit with another round of ad-pulling later…
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JP Morgan figured out how to advertise on ‘safe’ YouTube channels

YouTube has a long history of failure when it comes to self-policing. It's gotten in hot water multiple times because it has not been able to guarantee that that advertisers' videos wouldn't run on channels that had objectionable content. Indeed, the…
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The first teaser for Stargate Origins channels Indiana Jones

After releasing a pair of behind-the-scenes clips from Stargate: Origins, MGM has unveiled its first teaser for the upcoming digital-only show. While the franchise is known for its interstellar adventures, this prequel looks as though it’s remaining firmly grounded, and taking a bit of inspiration from the likes of Indiana Jones.

The show will feature Ellie Gall as Catherine Langford, one of the more important characters in the franchise. She’s the daughter of the Stargate’s original discoverer, and would later be part of the team that uncovered the alien device’s purpose: to open a wormhole to other gates. In this teaser, we see a much younger Langford facing off against a much different adversary: Nazis, who seem to be interested in…

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