Kingpin guide – How to bowl like a champ in this unique runner

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Kingpin Bowling is the a neat arcade runner where you control a bowling ball as you try to hit pins and avoid obstacles to net a high score. Although its gameplay is largely pretty similar to a lot of other runners out there, there are some things about it that make it uniquely challenging. This guide can help you navigate these things though and help make sure you’re a top bowler.

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iPhone X vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Beast Can’t Yet Match the Superiority of the Champ

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Expectedly, Samsung has unleashed Galaxy S9/9 Plus to take the shine away from Apple’s magnum opus—iPhone X. Widely, touted as the best and most powerful Android smartphone, the beast has got plenty to be a show stopper but has the device got enough to be an iPhone killer?

Going by the several reviews from popular tech sites, S9 seems to be a solid option for the people who are enamored by high-end specs. With the gorgeous design, stunning camera and ultra-large screen, the device is primed to be your eye-candy! However, I still don’t find enough inspiration to ditch my iPhone…

iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus

iPhone X Still Has the Best Edge-to-Edge Display

No matter how much Samsung laughs off the “Notch” and blasts it for being useless, Apple’s flagship smartphone has undoubtedly better edge-to-edge display. While S9 features slim bezel both at the top and bottom, iPhone X screen goes all the way to the bottom and also touch the corners at the top on either side of the notch. Whenever I look at the screen of S9, the eye-sore bezel seems to irritate my end.

The notch is a big hit among quite a few Android smartphone makers. Else, why many of them would be planning to introduce it on their upcoming smartphones.

I’m really surprised to know that One Plus 6 is reportedly coming with iPhone X-like notch. The news just goes on to show how much appreciation it’s getting not just from the diehard fans but also from the noted rivals!

Google has just announced a new Android update called Android P, which adds the support for display notches built into Android devices that mimic the design of the iPhone X.

S9 Lacks the X Factor…

Samsung has tried its best to copy some of the biggest highlights like Face ID and Animoji of iPhone X and failed to make a match for them. Apple’s facial recognition is still far superior on all fronts. And when it comes to animated emojis, the iPhone has a clear edge thanks to the spotless face mapping.

“You won’t find a bigger and better Android phone than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, thanks to its oversized 6.2-inch curved screen and low-light-defeating dual-lens camera. Sure, it looks exactly like last year’s S8 Plus, but it does fix the fingerprint sensor location (it’s now center-aligned on the back) and speakers (now stereo). The new AR Emoji mode is overrated, though, and its higher price is tough to justify. This is for people who want the biggest screen and the best camera on one phone.”TechRadar

“It has a head-turning design, fast performance, a great screen, and a very good camera. Outside of the display, the S9 isn’t a class leader in any category, but it’s good enough in all of them that the whole package makes for a great phone.

Owners of the S8 probably don’t need to upgrade this go-around — the differences aren’t great enough to warrant splurging on the S9 — but if you’re using a Galaxy S7 or any other phone from two years ago, the S9 is a significant step up in every respect.”The Verge

“If you’re looking for a stock Android phone, the Google Pixel 2 XL is still our top recommendation. Updates are important to us, and if you think so too, getting the Pixel means you’ll get fast security and version updates. We think the software experience is cleaner on the Pixel 2 XL, as well, and it’s more fluid. The Pixel 2 XL has a stellar camera, and while the Galaxy S9 may beat it in low-light photography, there are plenty of other areas where the Pixel 2 comes out on top.

Daylight photos and even some nighttime shots are more detailed, and Portrait Mode produces stunning images.

Obviously, iOS fans will need to take a look at the iPhone X. From its gorgeous design, strong camera, and fluid software, there’s plenty to like with Apple’s latest flagship.”Digital Trends

iPhone X Camera is Almost At Par

Agreed, S9 has got a slightly better camera. But iPhone X camera is not far behind with an overall DxOMark score of 97 points and should ideally live up to your mobile photography demand. Moreover, if you wish to have more natural colors in your shots, the iPhone is your safe bet.

“With an overall DxOMark score of 99 points, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus takes the number one spot in our Mobile ranking, edging out the Google Pixel 2 by just one point. The S9 Plus comes with a camera that hasn’t got any obvious weaknesses and performs very well across all photo and video test categories. The Photo score of 104 points is the best we’ve seen so far.

At 91 points the video score is a little lower but still among the best, making the new Samsung an ideal choice for any mobile users who want the best possible still image quality without compromising on video.”DxOMark

And, what about the poor software and rather delayed software update?

One of the main reasons why I love iPhone is more reliable and secure iOS. Apple offers you instant software updates for up to 5 years. Though some of the stock apps for iOS may not be out of the box, they are still far better than those bloat wares you get on Samsung devices. Worse, the North Korean tech giant is well-known for not delivering software updates in time.

Take a classic example, last year’s Galaxy S8 still doesn’t have Android 8.0 in the US, which was launched over six months ago by Google.

It’s the advanced software that makes a smartphone such a great asset. But when your one of the most expensive device is lagging with a year old OS, and there is no clarity when it will get the latest and most talked about features, you are bound to be frustrated…

“And then there’s the perennial complaint with Samsung’s software: why are there so many duplicate apps? The unlocked S9 I’ve been testing has two email apps, two gallery apps, two browsers, and two app stores. The carrier versions will surely have even more duplicative apps. A couple of Samsung’s apps are good — namely the Samsung browser and Samsung Pay — but the rest are inferior to the Google apps that are also installed on the phone, which just makes them annoying. If you care at all about software updates, Samsung is one of the worst manufacturers when it comes to delivering new versions of Android. As of this review, last year’s Galaxy S8 still doesn’t have Android 8.0 in the US, and that was released by Google over six months ago.”The Verge

Your take?

What’s your take on S9 and do you find it good enough to win you over—from the perspective of an iPhone user? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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With the GH5s, Panasonic turns its mirrorless hybrid champ into a videographer’s delight

Panasonic has unveiled an update to its well-respected GH5 mirrorless camera that adds a handful of new features (like better low-light performance) but takes others away (like in-body stabilization). The resulting device, the mirrorless 4K GH5s, isn’t really a direct upgrade to the GH5, which handled both stills and video with aplomb. Instead, it’s set to appeal to pro and experienced videographers with a particular set of needs.

The biggest change in the GH5s is the new “dual ISO” 10.2-megapixel sensor. This is half the resolution of the 20.2-megapixel sensor in the GH5, but in return offers better performance in low-light. Panasonic says users can get up to ISO 51200 native “with minimal noise,” and up to ISO 204800 when extended ISO…

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Check Out a Piece of iOS Gaming History with the Recently Updated ‘Ramp Champ’

The App Store of 2009 was a very different place, which sort of goes without saying. Most games were paid, and developers were just beginning to dip their toes into the idea of selling DLC via in-app purchases. The Iconfactory’s Ramp Champ [Free] launched at $ 1.99 with a couple of IAP unlocks that were $ 0.99 a piece. Ramp Champ was sort of a big deal because The Iconfactory were practically legends in the Mac OS scene. As their name might hint, they got their start creating icons, but went on to release things like the first really big iOS Twitter client, Twitteriffic [Free], which won an Apple Design Award in 2008. Additionally, there was a bit of an interesting rivalry between Ramp Champ and Freeverse’s licensed Skee-Ball game on the App Store charts. A lot of people thought Ramp Champ was the better game, but history would show it was totally unable to compete with the might of the official Skee-Ball brand. Regardless, Ramp Champ is a fantastic look at the days of App Store’s past- Particularly now that it’s been updated to run on modern devices.

Take a look at the original trailer:

Another thing that’s interesting about Ramp Champ is that looking back at the original story, people had really yet to begin rejecting the idea of IAP. The Iconfactory released a few more skee-ball tables and iOS gamers of the time always seemed excited to see this game get additional content. At one point, a Ramp Champ 2 was in the works, but it never saw the light of day. Following that, the game sat dormant for years until just recently where it was transferred back to the original developers, SocketFace Games. (Restoring purchases even brings back all the additional tables I bought back in 2009.)

I can’t really confidently say that Ramp Champ has aged that well, as the physics just feel a bit off compared to modern physics-based games. It’s not universal either, although it did gain widescreen support. Basically, Ramp Champ as is services as a really interesting reminder of the kind of games that we used to go wild over eight years ago on the App Store. It really goes to show how spoiled we’ve become as iOS gamers, as well as just how much iOS gaming has advanced since then. If you only got an iPhone recently, Ramp Champ is totally worth a download just to see what things used to be like. If you did originally own Ramp Champ this might serve as a totally unexpected blast of nostalgia- At least it did for me.


Did Elon Musk’s AI champ destroy humans at video games? It’s complicated

You might not have noticed, but over the weekend a little coup took place. On Friday night, in front of a crowd of thousands, an AI bot beat a professional human player at Dota 2 — one of the world’s most popular video games. The human champ, the affable Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, threw in the towel after three deaths, rather than continuing to fight against the unstoppable bot, saying: “It feels a little bit like human, but at the same time, it’s something else.”

The bot’s patron was none other than tech billionaire Elon Musk, who helped found and fund the institution that designed it, OpenAI. Musk wasn’t present, but he made his feelings known on Twitter, saying: “OpenAI first ever to defeat world’s best players in competitive eSports….

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