Sacramento Kings to build NBA 2K League training center inside arena

Now that the National Basketball Association has its own eSports initiative with NBA 2K League, it's only a matter of time before various teams jump into the digital arena. Qualifiers start January 1st, with draft rounds planned for March of 2018 for…
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Samsung plans new research center to keep pace in the AI wars

Samsung, jumping on a trend adopted by pretty much every tech outfit, is creating its own consumer-focused artificial intelligence research center. In a fairly vague statement released today, the company announced its plans to more thoroughly pursue…
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Latest iOS 11.2 beta clarifies that Control Center doesn’t fully disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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A somewhat controversial change in iOS 11 will come with a little more clarity in the forthcoming iOS 11.2 update, with the latest beta adding a prompt informing users that turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via Control Center doesn’t fully disable them.
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‘Football Manager Touch 2018’ Brings New Graphics Engine, Medical Center, and Other Useful Additions

Football Manager Mobile 2018 [$ 8.99] is out today, so those who only have a phone or those who like a simpler, faster experience are probably already playing well into their first season. But those who have recent tablets and want an experience closer to the PC one are anxiously waiting for Football Manager Touch 2018 to hit on November 24th (two weeks delayed). So far, Sports Interactive has been quite stingy with details on the upcoming game, but the Steam version is up now, and that provides details on what is new for this year and should help you decide whether you should buy Football Manager Touch 2018 once it comes out or whether you should stick with the previous version (if you already own that).

The first major addition is a new graphics engine and match interface that should make match day look better than before. Hard to judge by just a screenshot, but the graphics do look better. There’s also revamped scouting, a new Medical Center that helps you stay on top all those injuries, better transfers, and new player roles and tactical improvements that make it easier to manage player tactics. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the new dynamics system made it to the Touch version. What do you think of these additions? Do they make the game worth buying?