The iOS Port of ‘Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse’ Resurrected with New 64-Bit Update

While the pace of them has slowed down a bit since iOS 11’s initial release back in September, I still get unreasonably excited when I see an older game I’m still clutching onto get a 64-bit compatibility update. Today’s winner: Disney’s Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse [$ 4.99]. The game originally arrived on iOS with zero warning or fanfare back in November of 2013, only a couple of months after its debut on consoles. There had never been a single update to the game since then, however, which led me to believe that this would be one lost forever in the great 32-bit Appocalypse. I’m very happy Disney has decided to update Castle of Illusion, and on top of just basic compatibility, the game even supports the new iPhone X screen. Check it out.

If you’re unfamiliar with Castle of Illusion, it was originally a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game that released way back in 1990 and stars the world’s most famous mouse. It’s a platforming game that throws a lot of unique ideas into the mix, some of which are more successful than others. It also has kind of an uneven difficulty curve and overall the game is definitely on the short side. That said, the parts that work are truly enjoyable and Castle of Illusion arrived as a bright spot in a sea of by the numbers platformers at that time. It’s also charming as all heck. Those are the reasons Sega decided to pluck it from its history and give it a complete 3D remake back in 2013.

Despite its shortcomings and brevity, we really enjoyed Castle of Illusion on iOS back when we reviewed it in 2013. The controls are simple enough that they work quite well on the touchscreen, and while it’s not perfect there are far more delightful moments in Castle of Illusion than there are frustrating moments. If you have fond memories of playing through the original, this remake is especially enjoyable, and even if you have no experience with the Sega Genesis version Castle of Illusion is more than worth your time if you’re a fan of inventive platforming games. I’m super happy to see the iOS version continue to live on thanks to today’s update.


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Crash of Cars wants you to capture the castle in its latest update

Crash of Cars
is going full on medieval in its latest update, introducing castles and all manner of new cars and skins fresh from the Dark Ages. The update introduces a new castle-themed map (complete with catapults) and a gladiator-style battle arena. Seven new cars, along with two hidden vehicles, join the fray, too. It’s certainly a fun addition to the game’s already crazy gameplay.

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The Cute-Looking ‘Castle Cats’, an Idle-Management Game, Is Out Now

If you like cats, you’re going to probably enjoy the just-released Castle Cats [Free], an idle-management game filled with cute cats. If you don’t like cats, then what’s wrong with you? Okay, maybe you’re a dog person (traitor). Castle Cats has you managing your cat-filled castle and trying to upgrade your cats in order to fight the evil Pugomancer (that probably slobbers all over you). You have dozens of unique cats to collect and upgrade, and each has their own skills and traits.

The game comes with over 100 story quests, and it looks like it’s a fun game according to the beta testers in our forums. There’s also an RPG-like combat system that should bring variety to the gameplay. If you’re looking for another management game and like cats, check out Castle Cats.


Cool Idle-Management ‘Castle Cats’ Releasing June 15th

A few months back, I wrote about an upcoming game called Garrison Cats, an idle management game that was all about cute cats fighting an evil pug. During beta testing, the developers decided to switch the name of the game to Castle Cats, and now those castle cats are getting ready to invade your devices on June 15th. If you haven’t yet visited the Castle Cats Upcoming Games thread in our forums, you’re missing out on some seriously cute art. Castle Cats has you leading a guild filled with dozens of unique kitties, each with their own skills and traits of course. You’ll get to craft various cats and then upgrade and evolve them to more powerful versions of themselves.

The game will have you completing over 100 story quests as you try to take out the Evil Pugomancer. Beta testers in our forums have been enjoying the game, especially since the developers added a battle system that gives players more to do. Enjoy Castle Cats, coming out June 15th.