Mark Zuckerberg Says Just Because Apple Charges Its Customers More, It Does Not Mean They Care More About Them

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had openly criticised Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the data breach that occurred due to the Cambridge Analytica incident. He called the situation dire and said that this could only be prevented if there is a well-crafted regulation in place. Continue reading
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Google extends Pixel 2 Preferred Care coverage by 6 months

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Back in October last year, in the wake of multiple Pixel 2/2 XL issues, Google extended the manufacturer warranty for both flagships from one to two years. But the length of the Preferred Care program remained unchanged (one year), effectively making the extended coverage useless. That’s, however, changing now. The Preferred Care coverage for both Pixel 2 and 2XL has been extended by 6 months. This means now users have a total of 30 months of accidental damage coverage, effective when the device is purchased. Those already using the Pixel 2 series have started receiving… – Latest articles

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Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Preferred Care coverage extends to 30 months (6 months longer)

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Last year’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are some exceptional smartphones, but they didn’t land without causing a few controversies. A number of early criticisms centered around the displays these two phones were using, complaining about possible burn-in, under-saturated colors, and an annoying blue tint. While none of these problems were so severe as to sink the fortunes of either model, Google still had to acknowledge that customers were upset, and we saw it reach out to do so by extending the manufacturer warranties of both phones from one year to two.

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Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Preferred Care coverage extends to 30 months (6 months longer) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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All US Galaxy S9 and S9+s will be able to enroll in Samsung Premium Care “in the coming weeks”

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Having trouble enrolling your Galaxy S9 or S9+ in Samsung Premium Care? You’re not alone – but fear not: Samsung says post-purchase enrollment is opening in the coming weeks, and that you’ll be notified once it’s available.

Samsung Premium Care is one of the better extended warranty programs out there for smartphones in the US, and Samsung made it available starting with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Basically, you pay Samsung $ 12 a month for an extended warranty – including accidental damage protection – and Samsung makes the process of replacing a damaged or inoperable phone a lot easier.

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All US Galaxy S9 and S9+s will be able to enroll in Samsung Premium Care “in the coming weeks” was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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How Virtual Care Can Address Gaps in Opioid Treatment

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The following is a guest contributed post by Lee Horner, Synzi CEO

The opioid crisis has been widely documented and discussed over the past few years as its impacts continue to intensify across the country. The CDC has shared frightening statistics related to the increase in opioid-related deaths: for example, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids was five times higher in 2016 vs. 1999. Two-thirds of all 63,600 overdose deaths in the US in 2016 involved an opioid, averaging 115 opioid overdose deaths each day. According to an AHRQ brief, opioid-related cases are flooding emergency rooms and hospitals across the country. The rate of opioid-related emergency department (ED) visits increased 99.4 percent between 2005 and 2014, and the rate of opioid-related inpatient stays increased 64.1 percent during this period. The Council of Economic Advisers has estimated that the epidemic may cost more than $ 500 billion in annual healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice costs.

Engaging Patients at the Initial Point of Care

Many communities affected by the opioid epidemic are struggling to provide specialized comprehensive resources to treat addiction. Insufficient numbers of specialists located close to a community can mean that individuals might not have access to proper diagnoses and treatments near their homes. These patients may need to travel great distances — requiring significant driving time and expenses — to reach a facility with specialists who have the expertise needed for opioid-related cases. In these instances, virtual care technology can provide crucial support throughout the treatment and recovery process. At the initial point of care, such as in the ED for example, virtual care technology can give the ED staff immediate access to remote specialists who can conduct virtual consults and provide patients diagnoses and decisions about appropriate next steps during the initial phase of therapy. Virtual consults can also help minimize the wait time associated with seeing a provider and receiving needed treatment.

In addition, virtual care technology can help patients who may initially hesitate to seek help at local clinics. Some individuals may worry about being seen entering “known” treatment clinics and may fear negative impact to their reputation or professional standing within the local community if they are recognized. At related points of care, such as a primary care physician’s office, virtual care technology can connect patients with appropriate off-site specialists, regardless of the distance between healthcare settings. Providing initial virtual consults and ongoing virtual visits at traditional points of everyday care can help patients receive timely and quality care in the settings they are more used to accessing other forms of healthcare.

Supporting Ongoing Recovery and Treatment

Ongoing care is critical to helping reduce relapse rates. If follow-up treatment is inconvenient and/or inaccessible, patients may skip the appointments needed to ensure adherence to the treatment and therapy. Virtual care technology can be leveraged to turn the patient’s home, for example, into a follow-up point of care, allowing for easy and convenient engagement in the recovery plan from the safety and security of the patient’s own home. Frequent touchpoints serve as important aspects of the treatment plan, as they provide support for individuals who want to recover but cannot expend the time nor costs associated with driving to/from (or staying at) hospitals or treatment centers. By providing comprehensive counseling services to patients in recovery via virtual visits, healthcare organizations can connect these patients to the help they need on an ongoing basis.

Overcoming Limited Access to Care in Rural Areas

Rural areas, which have long struggled with healthcare access, have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic and, as a result, have been grappling with the challenges of providing comprehensive care to the local population. Many rural communities rely heavily on manual labor jobs that can cause injuries and/or chronic pain —which all too frequently lead to an opioid prescription, opioid reliance, and then opioid abuse and addiction. Accessing initial treatment and ongoing therapy is particularly challenging for rural populations as the number of local clinics and specialists providing addiction treatment and therapy often fall short of the demand.

Offsite specialists value virtual care tools as they let them see, hear, and observe patients in real time in order to make prompt decisions throughout the continuum of care. Rural residents value the access to available, convenient, and comprehensive care, whether they are inpatient or outpatient. In this way, virtual care technology can provide rural patients with access to specialists who can prescribe and manage the treatment needed to deal with opioid addiction. This technology can support the recovery and treatment process at any point of care, and regardless of the Wi-Fi or cellular connection available.

Improving Access and Engagement via Virtual Care

Virtual care technology can help clinics and hospitals fill the gaps in resources to deliver comprehensive care amidst the opioid epidemic. These platforms can also support the collaboration and continuation of care amongst local providers and offsite specialists, turning any setting into a point of care for opioid-related conditions. Specialist reach and resonance can extend beyond the traditional four walls of a clinic into a community hospital ER, a local provider’s office, and ultimately, the most convenient and comfortable point of care – the patient’s own home. By effectively engaging patients throughout the treatment plan and providing convenient access to ongoing addiction counseling services, virtual care technology can be a critical piece of the puzzle to help keep patients better engaged in the recovery and treatment process to better combat the opioid epidemic.



About the Author: Lee Horner, CEO, is responsible for corporate strategy and development at Synzi, with an emphasis on revenue growth, product direction and customer satisfaction.  Recognized as an innovator in technology and healthcare, Lee is focused on using technology to advance the timing and quality of care delivery.  His career includes over 25 years of enterprise operating experience, with a proven track record in creating and operating successful organizations that develop new technologies designed to transform the healthcare IT industry.

Prior to launching Synzi, Lee was the President of Stratus Video Telehealth and successfully launched several innovative telehealth solutions into the marketplace. His management experience also includes his serving as President of CareCloud software, a leader in the EHR marketplace, and Senior Vice President of Sage Healthcare.  Under his direction at Sage, Lee led the organization to triple digit growth and the sale of the company to Vista Private Equity. To learn more, visit

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Amazon hires former FDA exec for secret health care team

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Amazon has made a big hire for its secret health care division internally known as 1492, according to CNBC: FDA's first chief health informatics officer Taha Kass-Hout. The e-commerce giant reportedly brought him on board to work under former Google…
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Take Care of Your Mental Health with a Science-Driven App: Moodnotes

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Moodnotes is an app I’m passionate about sharing with others, because it provides a service millions of people need for the price of a latte. Healthcare in America sucks; and, even more so, mental healthcare is not readily available or affordable to the vast majority of people. But it’s so incredibly important. As someone who has bipolar disorder, I understand how difficult it is to find help that is actually helpful. While this app is not a replacement for medical treatment, it’s a companion that can make a world of difference. Utilizing the science-supported methods of cognitive behavior therapy, Moodnotes is a powerful app for tracking moods and improving thinking habits whether you struggle with mental health or not. I’ll go over lots more on what Moodnotes does and why we love it below.

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Moodnotes ($ 3.99)

What It Does

Moodnotes uses visuals prompts to help you track your moods and identify common “thinking traps” we all fall into. When you log a mood, you’re asked to swipe up or down until the face on the screen reflects your own mood. You can then Quick Save or Add Detail, which is when the value of the app becomes apparent. Next, the app asks you, “What’s happening at the moment?” This allows you to reflect on where you’re at and potentially identify some of the triggers that led to your current mood. Then you select both the positive and negative emotions that describe how you currently feel. You can also give each feeling a percentage value.

The next part will depend on the emotions you selected. If you selected any negative emotions, the app will ask you to Check a Thought. The app will ask you to identify the thought that contributed to the negative emotion, then select the “traps” associated with the thought and feeling. Personally, I find the most value in simply reflecting on my current mood. Whether or not I find the traps helpful depends wholly on how self analytical I can be in that moment. But Moodnotes allows you to save your notes at any step, so you don’t have to go through the entire process if you simply want to log a mood and reflection.

Overall, identifying the traps is meant to help you recognize and avoid unhealthy thought patterns. Traps include:

  • Downplaying positives: minimizing or dismissing positive qualities, achievements, or behaviors by telling yourself that they are unimportant or do not count.
  • Mind Reading: Jumping to conclusions about another person’s thoughts, feelings, or intentions without checking them out.

That’s only two of the fourteen listed but you can see that these are thought patterns anyone can get stuck in; and I would argue that they’re thought patterns everyone gets stuck in now and again.

Why We Love It

Once you’ve logged multiple moods, you’ll start to see both Moodtrends and Insights. Moodtrends charts all of the moods you’ve logged for each day and visually presents them. Insights shows a few different things including your Moodpie, which shows the percentage of time you’re in each mood. You can also view the traps you fall into most often and the emotions you log most often. Within Settings, you can set a passcode and turn on reminders. The app also provides a Feedback tab, so you can share how the app is working for you.

What’s incredibly unique about Moodnotes is that it was clinician developed and designed to use the techniques one would find in professional therapy. Again, the app is not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. And it’s also not just for people who have a mental illness; everyone needs to take care of their mental health. And Moodnotes is a great way for the everyday person to do that at very little cost.


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Apple Releases Annual Supplier Responsibility Report; Highlights New Health Care Program for Supplier Employees

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Apple released its 12th annual Supplier Responsibility Progress report where the company notes that it found 44 core violations of labor rules which is more than double of last year. The company attributes the increase in violations to the addition of many new partners in its supply chain over the last one year. Continue reading
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‘Black Desert Mobile’ Korea Launch – First Impressions and Why You Should Care

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It’s time to revisit the MMO scene we’ve been talking about. Black Desert Mobile by Pearly Abyss has officially launched in South Korea on February 28th. So why should you care? Because this game truly feels like something special. I was able to download Black Desert Mobile from the Korean app store using an alternate account and I spent some time with it over the course of a single night. With that being said, the game is currently entirely in Korean, so I had a bit of trouble navigating the menus and finding all of what the game has to offer, but the taste I’ve had so far I have enjoyed immensely.

So what is Black Desert Mobile? First let’s start with it’s big brother on PC; Black Desert Online, which was launched back in 2014 in Korea (2016 in North America), and promised to be a next-gen MMO, showcasing much of the traditional elements of MMORPGs while taking an Action RPG approach to combat that required active aiming, dodging and combos as well as mounted combat. The game received generally favorable reviews and has continued to draw 100,000 concurrent users

Enter Black Desert Mobile. While Black Desert Online may not have entirely changed the MMO game on PC, its mobile counter-part just may change the mobile MMO in a big way. I navigated the first few menus of the game on start-up mostly by tapping on random things since I can’t read Korean, but the flow seemed to match just about every other MMO: account name, server choices and then character creation. Immediately upon arriving at the character creation screen you can tell how this game stands out. The character visuals are stunning for a mobile game and the amount of freedom the creation system allows you is quite immense. I did not get too in-depth with this system as I was afraid tapping one wrong thing may irreversibly maim my character so I let most of it be.

From there I carefully tapped through the server selections and entered the game. Immediately this game stuns you, and it’s not just the incredible visuals. As soon as you start moving using the virtual-joystick you experience the freedom of movement this game allows and how fluidly your character responds to the joystick, very much unlike many other mobile games I’ve played, let alone an MMO. You can also use the right side of the screen to freely move the camera and zoom in or out to any position you want.

The second thing I noticed was the draw-distance, which admittedly seems to have been sacrificed at the cost of the impressive visuals. It’s not entirely jarring, but objects will shimmer and glitch around a bit from a distance not very far beyond your character, but even so I found this to not detract from the visuals very much at all. Time and care was put into character movement, physics and the visuals, that much is apparent right from start-up. Here’s a couple of minutes of footage caught in real-time as I cruised around the world of Black Desert Mobile (sorry the sound cuts out about halfway through for some reason):

As I began to clumsily navigate the first town I was dropped into, the comparisons to Lineage 2: Revolution [Free] from Netmarble were very easy to make, but really only in good ways. There was a small pop-up on the right that I figured out was my quest, which tapping on would send my character trotting off in the direction of the quest-giver or objective, lead by a small black cloud with red eyes that seems to guide you through the game for some reason, though it’s entirely possible to walk there on your own if you so choose. And I chose this option quite a bit when I could as even just walking around in this game feels so fluid and fun that navigating the game didn’t feel like a chore.

It’s worth noting here that the camera freedom this game allows really sets this game apart. While playing Lineage 2: Revolution  with its locked camera angle, I couldn’t help but feel there was no world around me and only what was on my screen was what existed of the world. In Black Desert Mobile, the world comes to life. NPCs walk around the world going who-knows-where, other plays whip around the world, jumping over fences and NPCs, animals follow their owners around while chores are being completed, the game world just feels alive and detailed in a way I haven’t experienced in another mobile game.

After the first few quests which mostly involved following my cloud and talking to people, I entered my first combat experienced which involved killing some shrub-like creatures which I dispatched very easily. Again here, I was immediately struck by how fluid and satisfying the combat felt all while also being visually pleasing. It was a joy to dispatch the poor shrubby little creatures and I killed many more than my quest demanded, just because I was enjoying the combat system. You can also dodge-roll out of the way of enemy attacks and use your skills positioned around your main attack button in the bottom right of the screen. After I had decimated the population of the shrub-people, I tapped on the quest button again and auto-navigated back to the quest-giver, who said some stuff and possibly even gave me a reward, again I really wasn’t able to understand much.

The first few dozen quests had me killing monsters, gathering materials and navigating through some of the other elements of the game accessible through the game menus that I couldn’t read. This wasn’t too much of a challenge due to the first time you do these tasks being very tutorial-like and highlighting things you need to tap, and though I had very little idea what I was accomplishing, I know I upgraded my weapon and fed stuff to my little black cloud.

At this point, I can’t speak on what other features the game has to offer from personal experience due to the language barrier, but I know I was gathering materials at some point and crafting them into other stuff. The game promises a unique skill system that has you farming, smithing, and possibly even sailing if my extremely limited auditory-only Korean is to be trusted.

In short, every moment of the time I spent with this game was an absolute joy to play. Every second of it felt like the missing next chapter in mobile MMORPGs and the potential this game has is ridiculous. I’m super excited to delve more into this rich game-world and uncover what else this very special feeling game has to offer. While no western release has yet been announced, I would be shocked if there wasn’t a launch planned very soon and I for one will be all over it. There’s much more to explore in this game and once a western release happens you can expect a full review from TouchArcade.


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Fileless Malware: Why You Should Care

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

It’s a truism that just like organizations adapt, so too do criminals. For example, anyone who has ever seen a Wells Fargo commercial knows that there was a time when stagecoaches were a normative method for transporting cash and valuables. But what modern criminals in their right mind would attempt robbing a Brink’s truck on horseback? While that strategy might have worked well in the days of the Pony Express, attempting it in now would be out of touch and inefficient. Criminals adapt to keep pace in the same way that organizations adapt.
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