BoostedWifi augments your iPhone’s Wi-Fi capabilities

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If you’d like to beef up the Wi-Fi capabilities of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you might take interest in a new free jailbreak tweak called BoostedWifi by iOS developer KingPuffdaddi.

BoostedWifi augments your device’s Wi-Fi capabilities by removing the signal limit levied by Apple and displaying detailed signal levels for every network…. Read the rest of this post here

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Boost Your MacBook’s Capabilities with These 10 Apps For Just $19.99

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Owning an amazing computer like an Apple MacBook Pro is one thing, but using it to the best of machine’s capabilities is another. It takes great apps on your computer to help you access and control your computer better, which in turn helps you structure your work flow to be more efficient. Reorganize and upgrade your life with The 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle. It’s on sale now in iPhoneHacks Deals Hub. Continue reading
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MoviePass update on iOS ‘removes unused location capabilities’ following privacy concerns

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Earlier this week, Mitch Lowe, CEO of the popular all-you-can-eat movie subscription service MoviePass, made headlines for bragging about how the app can track the location of its users. Shortly after that comment, MoviePass issued a statement clarifying its actions, and now the iOS app has been updated to remove the features…



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Choozle Releases Contextual Keyword Capabilities

Choozle, a self-serve programmatic advertising platform based in Denver, in partnership with Grapeshot, a contextual intelligence platform, announced this week the release of a contextual keyword targeting tool to use within campaigns on the Choozle platform.

Built for programmatic advertising, the contextual keyword targeting tool is a self-serve offering that will empower agencies and brands to provide more relevant targeting to a wider, keyword-based audience at lower costs than pay-per-click models such as Google AdWords.

According to a provided statement:

Choozle is leveraging Grapeshot’s platform to develop its Contextual Keyword Targeting Library that allows advertisers to upload keywords and match those keywords to relevant content within programmatic advertising campaigns. Similar to search advertising where advertisers attempt to reach their customers as they are looking for products or services, this targeting strategy enables advertisers to target based on keywords within the content of a website. In addition, this tool will enable advertisers with brand protection capabilities, allowing advertisers to blacklist specific keywords and proactively filter out negative keywords associated with a brand.

“As media budgets continue to scale to online channels, advertisers are looking to scalable and effective strategies to reach their desired audience,” said Jeffrey Finch, chief product officer at Choozle. “While many advertisers are making use of behavioral first and third-party data, contextual keyword targeting is another powerful strategy that can help them match their ads to the best consumers based on the actual words on a website at a much lower cost than search advertising.”

To learn more about Choozle and their programmatic ad buying solutions, click here.

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Sprint reveals its first six US cities that will be getting “5G-like capabilities”

United States carrier Sprint on Tuesday announced its first six cities that will be getting a high-speed, low-latency fifth-generation (5G) wireless service in the first half of 2019…. Read the rest of this post here

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AT&T furthers IoT professional services capabilities with Ericsson

AT&T is furthering its professional services capabilities for IoT with Ericsson to help companies adopt and expedite IoT related solutions.

Global Device Certification is offered by AT&T with Ericsson including testing, verification and white glove support with regulatory approval for IoT devices. The Ericsson-AT&T team up implies that AT&T customers can lower their risk and speed timelines for the global expansion of IoT in over 150 nations.

On the Ericsson-AT&T collaboration for global device certification, Jeff Travers, head of IoT, Ericsson, said, “Through our collaboration for global device certification, AT&T and Ericsson are building a global ecosystem for IoT, enabling enterprises to capitalize on the opportunities of the Internet of Things. With these services, enterprises can reduce the risk of launching devices and decrease their time to market as they expand globally.”

Launched in January 2017, AT&T’s IoT professional services portfolio has drawn attention from enterprises across all sectors. Consequently, AT&T is expanding its core capabilities to include consulting, application solutions, device lifecycle solutions, and managed services and support.

Mike Troiano, vice president, IoT Solutions, AT&T, commented, “Companies want to connect things to extract value. We’re meeting that demand head-on by expanding our IoT professional services capabilities. Our services help businesses achieve scale and longevity in design, lower cost implementations, save time and resources, and innovate quicker.”

Smart water meter company, Badger Meter, which uses secure AT&T networks and AT&T Global SIM wireless connectivity, recently approached AT&T for its professional services to certify the water meter devices as it ventures into fresh markets. Both AT&T and Ericsson worked hand-in-hand to manage the global pre-launch process to bring down regulatory and technological complexities.

Meanwhile, AT&T is planning to offer mobile 5G with multi-gigabit speeds to customers of 12 US cities, including select parts of Dallas, Atlanta and Waco, Texas, by the end of 2018.  Additional cities to avail this service will be announced by AT&T soon. Latest from the homepage

Updated Apple TV Trademark Filing Hints at More Advanced Gaming Capabilities

An updated Apple TV trademark from Apple points to the coming possibly working on making the HDMI streaming box a better gaming machine. The patent was filed under international class 028 which is specifically related to gaming consoles. Continue reading
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[Update: Rolling out now] Canary Vision offers AI-powered person detection capabilities for free and paid users

It’s been a bit of a bumpy road for Canary and its connected security cameras. While Rita had mostly nice things to say about the all-in-one camera in her review, the company has since done its best to annoy users (particularly those on the free tier) by changing its subscription model and then backtracking slightly.

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Google Assistant Updated with New Capabilities as HomePod Nears

In a document published to its website this week, Google announced a number of new capabilities that’ve been added via software update to its Google Home, Google Home Max, and other Google Assistant-powered smart speaker devices.

Adding to the current slate of “everyday things” it can already help you do — like place calls, plan schedules, or carry out a wide range of tasks via the sound of your voice — Google says its Assistant-powered devices are now capable of “even more.”

Musical Alarm

Google’s new alarm feature allows users to set an alarm to the tune of their favorite song, playlist, or radio station, making it easier than ever to “wake up more peacefully,” Google says.

“All you have to do is say ‘Hey Google, set an alarm for [time] that plays [insert favorite song, artist, album]” to the Assistant on Google Home (or your other Assistant-enabled speakers) and you can set an alarm and wake up to your favorite song, playlist or radio station,” the company said.

Find Your Content Easier

Additionally, while Google Assistant-powered devices are already capable of playing your favorite TV shows or helping you learn more about actors by simply asking it, they can now help you keep up with your shows by using a number of new voice commands:

  • For example, to find where your favorite shows are playing, say “Hey Google, what channel airs [speak show’s name]” or “Hey Google, when does [show’s name] air next.”
  • You can also set a reminder to tune in and watch once the channel and timing of your show is determined, saying, “Hey Google, remind me to tune into [that show] on [channel] at [specified time].”
  • Google also said it’s worked closely with Netflix to help enhance its viewers’ casting experience. Simply link your Netflix account via the Google Home app or the Google Assistant on your phone, choose your profile and you’re ready to go. “Thanks to Voice Match on the Assistant, you can just say, ‘Hey Google, play [such and such] on Netflix‘ and it will pick up right where you left off.”
  • Last but not least, Google Play Music subscribers are now able to enjoy all of their purchased and previously uploaded music titles by simply telling Google Assistant their favorite artist, song or album.


While they’re not exactly Earth-shattering, these updates are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance Google Assistant relative to its primary competition — Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo assistant, which, as part of its latest update, acquired the ability to send text messages to Android phones.

Amazon’s growing line of Echo devices have, for their part, enjoyed massive success; however the most recent data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) suggests Google Home may be gaining ground on the Echo — with the former accounting for nearly 40 percent of overall smart speaker sales during the busy holiday shopping season.

While CIRP went on to estimate there are around 45 million smart speaker devices active in U.S. homes today, it remains to be seen how Apple’s [available to pre-order] HomePod will change those stats in the years ahead.

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Honeywell unveils new navigation capabilities for smart building app

Honeywell unveils new navigation capabilities for smart building app

Honeywell has implemented new capabilities into its smart building app including navigation and the ability to rate spaces based on their comfort and cleanliness. 

The Honeywell Vector Occupant app, created by the US multinational with a keen interest in smart buildings, is designed to give building occupants and managers better ways to improve safety, productivity and facility management. 

Honeywell has just updated the app with a range of new capabilities and the most significant of these, by the company’s own reckoning, is indoor navigation. This uses GPS-like technology to help users find their way around, in complex buildings where they might soon find themselves lost without clear directions.

This capability uses an indoor location solution from Honeywell partner Insiteo. Users can quickly see their accurate indoor location, consult maps and routes and receive proximity notifications. They can get turn-by-turn voice assistance and a ‘share my location’ feature enables users a way to more easily locate each other in a building.

For building owners and managers, meanwhile, the app provides insight into foot traffic patterns, as well as promoting occupant satisfaction, Honeywell claims.

Read more: Survey: Facilities managers look to IoT for building performance boost

Navigating Minneapolis, MN

An early user of the technology is the Minneapolis Skyway System, a network of enclosed walkways covering 80 city blocks, which pedestrians use to journey between some 30 buildings in the city’s downtown area. These walkways protect them from the worst of Minnesota’s harsh winters and humid summers.

Steve Cramer, president and CEO of Minneapolis Downtown Council, said the app has been a big success so far. “For anyone who’s not a local, and for even some who are, finding your way around the Skyway system can be a big challenge,” he said. 

“With our initial use of the Honeywell Vector Occupant App, we’ve seen an immediate impact. The interactive map makes it really easy and intuitive to know exactly where you’re going, and how to get there.”

Read more: Honeywell launches analytics hub to ‘listen’ to smart buildings

Clean and comfortable

In addition to the indoor navigation feature, the app also now gives users the ability to rate spaces, allowing those within a building to highlight comfort issues to building staff for quick resolution. A dirty restroom could be flagged up, for example, or a badly-lit corridor in which lightbulbs need replacing.

“Much of a building’s success hinges on how happy and satisfied its occupants are. They’re the lifeblood of an organization, and their experience within a building is what keeps them coming back,” said John Rajchert, president of building solutions at Honeywell Home and Building Technologies.

“The Honeywell Vector Occupant App has given users more power to shape their building experiences from their smartphones. Now, we’re adding even more features to deepen the connections between occupants and the spaces around them so they can be as comfortable as possible, and can more easily and efficiently move about a building.”

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