Developer Spotlight: Layton Hawkes and ‘Campfire Cooking’

It feels like we’ve been following the development of Campfire Cooking [$ 3.99] forever now through various progress updates that have been posted on Twitter. It hit the App Store this morning, and has made quite a splash on our forums. We sat down with the game’s developer, Layton Hawkes, to discuss his background, how he got where he is today, inspiration behind the game, and much more.

TouchArcade: For readers who aren’t closely following the Australian game development scene and might not know who the incredible Layton Hawkes is, can you give us a rundown on what lead you to where you are today, releasing games as an independent developer?

Layton Hawkes: I started my career as a designer Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane, Australia. It was there that I learned many of my foundational skills, especially in game design. Halfbrick also had a certain philosophy when creating games; their games were often quirky, polished and well-designed. The provided a small twist on something classic that made each compelling and memorable. As a solo developer though, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact path that lead me here. I feel like many different experiences, skills and relationships have fueled my independent work in interesting ways.

TA: Before Halfbrick did you have any kind of traditional training or education that lead you to the skills required for joining up with a studio like Halfbrick and eventually making games on your own?

LH: I had been building skills for a while before joining Halfbrick. I knew I wanted to make games from a very young age, and I fell into modding, after a period of drawing mazes for years. I didn’t know much programming at this stage so I got my hands dirty by making levels for some bigger titles; Unreal Tournament and The Elder Scrolls series were two that had great editors they released to the public. It was my work on these mods that landed me the job at Halfbrick. Even as a mobile first company, they respected someone who could show concrete and completed examples of design and development.

Unreal Tournament modding.

TA: Oh wow that’s cool, a lot of indie developers got their start by getting involved in the modding scene, I know David Marsh of NimbleBit originally made Counter-Strike maps. With how much more accessible actually building your own game is these days, do you think modding is still a good place to start versus just downloading Unity and fiddling around?

LH: Generally, I think there’s no wrong way to get started. The main thing is… to get started! Both approaches have positives and negatives, as does almost anything. There’s benefit in modding because it provides strict constraints to work within. Learning to work with constraints is a fairly large part of developing any game. On the flip side, jumping right into Unity can be really valuable to learn the technical ins and outs. I would say to an aspiring developer, use what makes it easiest for you create something, and share it.

TA: A lot of aspiring indie developers read TouchArcade, is there any advice or key lessons you learned that would have saved you a lot of time or trouble when you got started on your own?

A maze on Layton Hawkes’ business card.

LH: Throughout the development of my three titles I believe the most helpful lesson I’ve learned is that having a support group is critical. I have some absolutely amazing colleagues that provide feedback, advice and answer all of my silly programming questions (hint: you can still make games if you’re bad a code). In this way doing independent work is a group effort, even if you’re a solo developer.

Apart from that here’s some additional lessons that may be helpful; don’t be afraid to buy assets if they’ll save you time, take special care to dedicate some of your development time to marketing and try to keep your work-life balance in check. When working for yourself you can overlook this.

TA: Awesome! Over the last 24 hours or so Campfire Cooking has been worming its way across different regions of the App Store, but the big question is where did you come up with the idea for the game?

LH: The original idea for Campfire Cooking came from the paper prototype of a completely different game. I wanted to create a puzzle game about lockpicking where the player would move and rotate lockpicks around on a grid in order to raise all the tumblers, thus completing the level. The lockpicks had certain up/down states that they needed to be in to properly push the tumblers.

TA: Do you have any sketches or anything of what the earliest form of this idea looked like?

LH: Since I’m not an artist I ended up drawing one of the lockpicks like this one:

…and just like that from drawing a lockpick so badly it looked like a marshmallow, Campfire Cooking was born. I loved the idea of making a puzzle game about camping. It’s something almost everyone can relate to, and something I hadn’t seen before.

Most of the mechanics from my lockpicking idea were easily translated to this new theme as well. The up/down of the lockpicks for pushing tumblers became the top/bottom for roasting marshmallows. The rotating became moving the skewers around the fire.

TA: Wow, it’s wild that the entire theme of the game shifted. One thing I’ve seen is a few people comparing the game to Steven’s Sausage Roll on Steam which definitely would not be happening had you stuck with the original lockpicking idea. Did you get any inspiration from that title or are similarities purely coincidental? (Or regret the theme shift now with the comparisons?)

LH: Happy coincidence! I actually hadn’t played Stephen’s Sausage Roll when I started work on Campfire Cooking, although I did know about it. SSR is rad, and people should go a grab it if they’re into challenging puzzles. There are definitely similarities in the basics of both games,  eg. cooking both sides of something on a grid, but then the mechanics of each diverge the more you play (in CC there’s rotating sticks, cook pots to push and of course you don’t move a character for example). I don’t regret the theme shift, I personally think it’s a large part of what makes Campfire Cooking resonate with people.

TA: How long did it take you before to convert basic concept sketches into something vaguely playable to see whether or not it worked in practice?

LH: Within a week or so I had a first working prototype on running on mobile. Below is one of the earliest screenshots I have. The game looked a lot like a horror game about roasting marshmallows back then. There wasn’t much color.

Early Super-Dark Prototype of Campfire Cooking

Getting from this first prototype to final game was a process of following what worked, and not being attached to elements that weren’t panning out. An important part of this process was showing my work to colleagues that weren’t afraid to be critical, as I lose objectivity quickly when working alone. It takes a certain kind of grit to ask for feedback at the very beginning of a project but it’s invaluable. In my case with campfire the early feedback highlighted that I’d missed the mark with the visual style. I scrapped the darkness and slowly injected more colour into the game.

Slowly Adding Color to Campfire Cooking

TA: When designing puzzles like these, is there any particular direction you found yourself headed? I feel like with this kind of gameplay element the sky is the limit for things you could do and mechanics you can introduce.

LH: My approach to adding a new puzzle elements into Campfire Cooking followed in the footsteps of my previous games. I try to focus on mechanics that are playful over mechanics that are numeric. Rather than counting moves to solve problems players are encouraged experiment with the elements on the board. Usually playful interactions are more memorable as well. This is also why there’s no move limits or other arbitrary restrictions.

Designing this way forces me to find simple logic based interactions that are immediately visible, those that can (for the most part) be learned through gameplay, rather than heavily tutorialization. The “keep the best, discard the rest” rule also applies here. I prototyped double the number of mechanics I’d need and kept only the best of the bunch.

TA: The attention to detail in Campfire Cooking is really incredible for a one-man studio, is there anything specific about your process that lends itself to this level of overall detail?

LH: People are sometimes surprised at the games I create solo when they only see the final product. In reality each game I make is the product of –many many many– incremental improvements on repeated failures. It’s pretty much impossible to get something right the first time, or the second, third or fourth time. You have to be mercilessly objective about your own work and be willing to throw away ideas that aren’t working, or pick apart ones that have potential but also have problems. Re-engineer them, use different parts, try a different coat of paint… is the idea working now?

TA: You’ve mention that you’ve worked at large studios like Halfbrick, but now that you’ve hopped around for a bit and released games like Campfire Cooking on your own, is there anything about working for a larger company that you find yourself missing?

LH: One challenging aspect of being a solo developer is how all development dependencies fall on me. This is especially difficult during a launch period. Each day there’s a lot of high priority tasks to complete, and no one to delegate them to! I find myself missing these opportunities to hand a tasks off. It can sometimes be hard to focus when I’ve got tasks that span development, marketing, outreach, game support, video editing and much more in a single day. I’ll tell you what though? It’s never dull.

TA: If Campfire Cooking or some other future title of yours is wildly successful, do you ever see yourself scaling up, or having been on both sides of the fence both working for a big company and for yourself do you just value total independence now?

LH: I value the ability to work on independent projects but I’m not set on working alone forever. If by some miracle Campfire Cooking is super successful I’d consider collaborating on my next project with a few others. In the past I’ve really enjoyed working in smaller teams of 2-6 developers. Everyone gets to have their voice heard and make large contributions to the final product.

TA: The paid versus free debate seems to be eternally raging between both mobile developers and gamers, is there any particular reason you decided to make Campfire Cooking a paid game? Was there any point where it was going to be free with ads or some kind of IAP or did you commit to premium from your first lockpicking sketch?

LH: I think both models have merit, but a project should be designed for one or the other from the start. Campfire Cooking, from sketch to final game, was always intended to be a paid title. Doing free right takes a lot of time and effort from a development perspective, and I wanted to devote as much time as possible to making a great game. Logic puzzles are fairly difficult to work into a freemium business model too!

TA: Can you tell us anything about your plans for the future? Are you sticking with updating Campfire Cooking for a while, moving on to a new project, or just taking a vacation after dealing with launch?

LH: In the immediate future I’ll be supporting the game, and making sure all the bugs I’ve missed are squashed. There’s always a few that I miss (which goes back to all dependencies are on me). After this, I’m going to take a much needed break. Having time to recharge after each project is always important. I’ll probably try to get away from my computer… maybe I should go camping?

TA: Sounds like a plan. Aside from Campfire Cooking, which everyone should obviously totally download, what are some other favorite games of yours on the App Store and why?

LH: These past few weeks have been awesome for new releases on the App Store. I’m personally looking forward to checking out PUSH, as I’ve enjoyed the previous titles by Maciej Targoni and Michal Pawlowski. Some of my all time favorites are 80 Days and Device 6. Both of these titles blend narrative and puzzle-solving in unique and interesting ways. I’m keen to work on a similar project one day.

TA: Those are some awesome picks for sure! Well Layton, thank you so much for taking time out of your launch day to chat with us, before we go, do you have any parting thoughts for the TouchArcade audience or anyone else who might be reading?

LH: Thanks TA! To anyone reading that’s grabbed Campfire Cooking or any of my previous titles; I really appreciate you supporting my work. I couldn’t remain indie without you.


Out Now: ‘Warhammer Quest 2’, ‘Time Recoil’, ‘Game of Thrones: Conquest’, ‘Mmm Fingers 2’, ‘Campfire Cooking’, ‘Syllablade’, ‘Returner 77’, ‘B-Grade Renegade’ and More

It’s once again that time of week where we round up all the new iOS game releases of the past 7 days, and what a week we’ve got folks. The long awaited Warhammer Quest 2 arrived a day early and has been getting a positive reception so far, 10tons’ latest top-down shooter Time Recoil has arrived sooner than I thought it would too, and Game of Thrones: Conquest is out of soft launch and now available worldwide. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So check out the full list of games below and as always let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up this week!


A Butterfly

iTunes Description

A butterfly wants to cross all gates till the end of the world!
It is a beautiful, lonely, firm butterfly, die for trying! But it never gives up!

This is a one tap arcade game.Reflex is the key and time is more important.
Lots of beautiful butterflies can be unlocked.

Anime music and Movie graphics.

It is fantastic! Please feel free to try it!

Forum Thread: A Butterfly (by LI YIN JIAN)

B-Grade Renegade

iTunes Description

“B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket” is a strategic action roguelike with procedural level generation and permadeath!

You are Foxy Scavenger, an outcast mutated fox, trying to survive in the wastelands.
Our beloved Earth has been pillaged, used up, sucked dry, and now it’s gonna explode!
You’re on a mission to reach the last rocket before it blasts off into space.

Choose the route to take each day. Try to get as many miles as you can, but bear in mind that there are different perks and missions to complete along each route.

Forum Thread: B-Grade Renegade (by muzboz)

Booty Quest

iTunes Description

Ahoy, matey! Set sail on an epic adventure in the ultimate match 3 treasure hunt!

Join Piper and her pirate Crew on a swashbuckling puzzle adventure as you discover mysterious islands bursting with fun match 3 challenges and booty. Exchange your loot for a variety of awesome rewards and customize your ship to face off against friends… or the villainous Pirate Queen! There are loads of ways to play, with new content added regularly, so step aboard and hunt down the treasure!

Forum Thread: Booty Quest (By Outplay Entertainment)

Bozo Buckets

iTunes Description

Step right up and test your aim by playing Bozo Buckets. Toss ping pong balls into buckets to see if you have what it takes to win the Grand Prize.

•••• FEATURES ••••
– 10 Levels full of challenges and excitement.
– Simple one flick control to toss balls.
– Beautiful 3D graphics.
– Fun for all ages.

Forum Thread: Bozo Buckets (by App Happy Games)

Campfire Cooking

iTunes Description

Campfire Cooking is a puzzle game about relaxing moments in nature, as you prepare meals over a warm fire. Discover the joy of cooking on a stick and test your problem-solving skills with some challenging campfire puzzles! The latest creation from Layton Hawkes is guaranteed to make you feel clever, hungry and eager to book your next woodland escape.

Forum Thread: Campfire Cooking (By Layton Hawkes)

Candy Adventure Dreams

iTunes Description

Download Candy Adventure Dreams for free now. Candy Adventure Dreams is fun match 3 casual puzzle! Objectives differ in over 100 levels. Make matches of 3 or more Candy, create blasts! Starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. Start your sweet journey in this puzzle adventure!

Forum Thread: Candy Adventure Dreams (by viorel sburlea)


iTunes Description

Celestine is a 2.5D adventure odyssey,
location: Mars,
mission: expedition sent to Mars to investigate abnormal structure activity.

historical discovery was made that day, a complete habitable world underground with its own fauna and flora ,

while our expedition was excavating the location, spaceship Celestine got attacked by an alien hostile martian force, the crew members are all dead, except our martian astronaut Frank, he is safe but waiting for rescue to save him.

mission is to bring him back safe to the martian space probe station.

Forum Thread: Celestine (by Mounik Interactive)

Chef Wars

iTunes Description

Chef Wars is the first food discovery RPG! Recruit chefs, source ingredients, and invent hundreds of recipes from around the world. Then use those recipes to win themed kitchen battles! Become the most famous chef and stop the evil Baron von Pork from world domination!

Forum Thread: Chef Wars (by Mindcake Games)


iTunes Description

At first, this game feels daunting. Winning seems a matter of luck. Then, you find clever ways to improve your chances. You win more bets with friends, and improve your high scores when playing alone.

Each turn, you throw a coin into one of the maze’s columns. Your do that in such a way that the most coins will come out during your own turns (and the least during your opponent’s).

The coins are held back by switches that react to passing coins. This means that you can use your coin to get other coins out during your turn, making them yours. But watch out that they don’t get stuck themselves, ready for your opponent to snatch it.

Forum Thread: Coinski (by Geert Docter)

Cottage Garden

iTunes Description

COTTAGE GARDEN – a colorful sea of flowers, framed by walls, paths, and hedges. As ambitious gardeners, you face the challenge of filling the beds in every corner of your garden with plants, inspired by the limitations of space to create ever new compositions. You will use a variety of plants — as well as flowerpots and garden cloches — to design gardens that bloom with diversity. Be kind to the helpful cats!

Goal of the Game – In Cottage Garden, you compete in the art of gardening. Plant two Flowerbeds with different flowers. Score each Flowerbed when there are no more free spaces visible on it, then exchange it for a new, unplanted one. You receive points for all visible Flower Pots and Garden Cloches on the completed Flowerbed, and you may also receive Flower Pots and Cats that will help you with your gardening.
The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Forum Thread: Cottage Garden (by DIGIDICED)

Crashy Cars!

iTunes Description

Get cars across the intersection. Pick up coins, avoid obstacles, score points and unlock special cars! Don’t crash!

Explore new levels and beat your best score. Share a snap of your awesome moves with your friends!
Crashy Cars is an endless one-touch arcade game about timing, anticipation and precision!

Crashy Cars – it’s about time!

Forum Thread: Crashy Cars! (By Headup Games)

Darts of Fury

iTunes Description

Let’s play darts! Compete against real opponents in the stunning new multiplayer darts game from the creators of ‘Table Tennis Touch’. ‘Darts of Fury’ is an action-packed, modern darts game designed for darts newcomers and fans alike.

Pick up your darts, join Sparrows League and face your first challenger. Take aim, swipe to throw and compete against real opponents from all over the world. Earn XP to climb up the Leagues and aim for League promotion to unlock better darts, faster flights, tougher challenges, and bigger rewards. Can you reach the legendary Eagles league?

Forum Thread: Darts of Fury (By Yakuto)

Dungeon Swag: Slime

iTunes Description

You finally found the Slime Dungeon, which was passed down only to the legend.

You heard the story that the treasure is full in the slime dungeon.

Finally, you are standing at the slime dungeon entrance.

The thing that I encountered before the treasure … slime!

Let ‘s defeat the slime that keeps coming and get the treasure.

Forum Thread: Dungeon Swag: Slime (by Catlab)

Game of Thrones: Conquest

iTunes Description

Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm. Live out your fantasy and join the war. Build your house and raise your army as you navigate a dangerous political landscape. Based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest allows players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your enemy’s army will not wait to clash swords. Wage war and join the battle today to capture the Iron Throne!

Forum Thread: Game of Thrones: Conquest (By Warner Bros.)

Kick Scooter

iTunes Description

Test your kick scooters skills on this addicting game!

Watch out for moving obstacles and try to do some good maneuvers!
Choose to play as multiple kick scooters by collecting coins to unlock new ones. Compete with your friends for the highest score.

How far can you go?

Forum Thread: Kick Scooter (by Astrologic Media)


iTunes Description

In Loopables your goal is to manipulate the environment to guide the forgetful robot. It’s a surreal experience leading you through a constant loop filled with fun and challenges.

Game controls are easy to learn and puzzles are hard to master. Just tap in the appropriate blocks to make your way.

Inspired by minimalist 3D design & equally beautiful procedural placement techniques makes Loopables pleasant for eyes.

Forum Thread: Loopables. (By Karuwa Apps)

Mmm Fingers 2

iTunes Description

How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters?! Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. Don’t lift your finger or hit anything with teeth or else CHOMP, it is game over.

– New monsters!
– New challenge mode!
– A new and unique challenge every day!
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Easy to use one-touch portrait gameplay”

Forum Thread: Mmm Fingers 2 (By Noodlecake Studios and No Monkeys)


iTunes Description

Climb up using hooks with a tight string, but be careful of the color required for the next shot. Try your attentiveness in the surreal atmosphere of the game onTop, where your observation and reaction can play a cruel joke with you.

onTop is unique arcade with puzzle elements.

Allow yourself to dare to score the maximum record in the classic mode, getting bonuses that negatively or positively affect through the gameplay. If you want more dynamics, the time mode will do it for you, where a limited timer will not give you any opportunities to get bored.

Forum Thread: • onTop • (By Milky Brain LLC)

Pirate Pop Mega Quiz

iTunes Description

Join Captain Gunpowder Jack as he explores the treacherous yet colorful world of Pirate Pop Mega Quiz! Journey across treasure maps as you answer your way through the numerous levels, help uncover the lost treasures and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom.

Forum Thread: Pirate Pop Mega Quiz (by escpodgames)


iTunes Description

New puzzler from the creators of “Klocki”, “Zenge”, “Hook” and “Art of Gravity”.

Like our previous games, its intended to be a relaxing experience, thus there are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters.
Your goal is to push all the buttons.

How do you do it? Well, thats the puzzle…

Forum Thread: “PUSH” (By Maciej Targoni)

Returner 77

iTunes Description

You are the last of 77 chosen survivors. You left Earth in the last days of the Crystal War. Your task was clear: return when the Earth is livable again and rebuild mankind. But why is your space pod docked to the alien spaceship? And what happened on Earth?

As you explore the alien spaceship, deserted and unfamiliar, you find video messages left behind by Colonel Ling – your only link to the human race which will die without you.
But who is she? What happened to her? And can you find her?

It is a thought-through, mystery-packed, page turning and emotional adventure.

Forum Thread: Returner 77 (By Fantastic, yes)


iTunes Description

Rule and guide a mesoamerican village through the vicissitudes of everyday life in the heart of a ruthless jungle. Manage a cute rural village, be the heartless divinity you always intended to be and suffer our debatable humor in this god-game-meets-town-sim.

Decide who is worthy of your tremendous powers, earn the faith of your followers, and gift them with divine knowledge to rebuild the great city that is now in ruins.

Welcome to a world where you live only through the faith of your followers! Keep them in line, but be careful, as they could lose faith and you may very well be just another forgotten god…

Forum Thread: Sacrifices (by Spooky Games)

Shazap: Match Draw

iTunes Description

In Shazap: Match Draw, magic flows from your finger as you connect the dots. Breakthrough graphics developed by veteran visual effects artists electrify the screen in this free game.

Become a powerful wizard swiping magic streaks of fire, ice, electricity, and vitality across the screen. Using only a circle of eight dots, you must draw shapes correctly by connecting the dots. Puzzles are easy to learn and fun to master. They progress to mind-bending challenges including crossing lines, mental rotation, flipping, fill-in-the-blank, and even shuffling dots. Upgrade your magic to freeze, grow, and reveal shape segments as you draw.

Obtain the most powerful magic, build up your wand, and flow through the ranks of the dark clans. Download Shazap: Match Draw for free today.

Forum Thread: Shazap: Match Draw (from Scott Peterson)

Sheep Frenzy 2

iTunes Description

Action of Sheep Frenzy 2 takes place in the same universe as its prequel. Yes, it’s ridiculous but it’s also real and those animals really need your help. In this continuation, you have the opportunity to play with 15 different sheep in 10 worlds. Of course, each world and each sheep have its own rules, so you will have to learn their moves in order to survive… or actually, in order to rescue your wooly friends.

Rules are as simple as they used to be. Use just two “buttons” to move the bar and the bar is what prevents sheep from falling into the abyss. They will just bounce right off the bar to the other side. They may seem a little suicidal, but at least you earn points for rescuing them, right?

Forum Thread: Sheep Frenzy 2 (Crimson Pine Games)

The Sidekicks

iTunes Description

The Sidekicks is a traditional platformer – an adventure with a twist. You play with three different characters – Noobert, Zeronita and Bellie G, all of whom have their unique superpowers.

Due to a fatal error in a code, the video game villains have infiltrated our world. Your mission is to find the pieces of the broken artifact and save the world. Find your way through 30 levels filled with puzzles, action and epic boss fights!

The game is inspired by the classic platform games. It’ll make you smile and challenge you.

Forum Thread: The Sidekicks (by Aatos Media)

Smash Up

iTunes Description

Smash Up is an award-winning shufflebuilding card game designed by Paul Peterson, now available in a beautiful digital adaptation so you can play on the go with friends all over the world. In Smash Up, players draft two faction decks from their choice of pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, and more, and combine them to create a hybrid team that is a force to be reckoned with!

Forum Thread: Smash Up – The Card Game (by Asmodee Digital)

Spin a Zoo

iTunes Description

Build a zoo filled with adorable animals, delivered by train! Look after your animals with food and toys, build and manage your zoo. Spin the train, and complete your animal collection.

Regular train deliveries bring building materials, prizes and surprises, including a claw grabber machine filled with cute critters! Collect resources and construct enclosures to make comfy new habitats.

Expand your horizons! Travel from the local pet zoo to America, Asia, Australia, African Safari, Polar and Marine Worlds, meeting furry friends from across the globe in an original zoo building simulation.

Forum Thread: Spin a Zoo (by Full Fat)

StopBuggin’Me TD

iTunes Description

StopBuggin’Me brings everything you’ve been looking for in a tower defence game together in one place. People of all ages will find this game both challenging and a source of entertainment for hours!

With regular updates and new towers, the story is just beginning! StopBuggin’Me will just keep growing and growing!

Do you have what it takes?

Forum Thread: StopBuggin’Me TD (By Max Andreassen)

Sudoku Su

iTunes Description

## Features

– [x] Quiz auto-generation, the quiz created with 3 levels of dificulty.
– [x] Time challenge
– [x] Cheating feature for finding answers without solving it
– [x] Undo feature is for retreave previous answer

Forum Thread: Sudoku Su (by Damian Plak)

Swipe Link: One Touch Drawing

iTunes Description

Relax and start your brain workout with smart and addictive One touch Drawing puzzle game.

The goal is to remove all blocks by touching linked blocks with the minimal moves. Swipe Link comes with 10 difficulties of puzzles ranging from Beginner to Expert.

You can enjoy the beautiful melodies while solving your puzzles.

Forum Thread: Swipe Link : One touch Drawing (by AFEEL, Inc)

Swish Ball!

iTunes Description

Get ready for the new basketball season in style! Swish Ball is a new and exciting take on the game that we all know and love. Tap, hit, shoot, and swish before the 24s shot clock runs out. Challenge your friends for the big baller crown!

◉ Addicting arcade gameplay
◉ Over 15 balls to unlock
◉ 10 different backboards
◉ Play on 5 different courts

Forum Thread: Swish Ball! (By Appsolute Games)


iTunes Description

Slay epic monsters with weapons, wands, and words! Team up with your friends and become loot hunting heroes in Syllablade – the word battling RPG!

• Big Words, Big Damage •
Chain letters to deal crushing blows to your enemies.
• Customize and Upgrade •
Unlock powerful weapons, rare items, and unique skins.
• Compete in Clan Wars •
Form a clan and stockpile the bones of your enemies in prize-filled competitions.

Forum Thread: Syllablade – Word Battling RPG (by Naquatic)

Time Recoil

iTunes Description

Time Recoil is a top-down shooter where you kill to slow time, dominate slow motion gunfights, and trigger devastating special moves.

The satisfaction of punching through walls while time slows down is beyond words to describe – you must experience it yourself! Originally created for PCs and consoles, Time Recoil offers a rarely seen experience on mobile. Choose between innovative single-stick touch controls or use your MFi-controller!

Time Recoil is a high end game filled with massive explosions, destructible environment, countless bullets and rich AI behavior. The game is playable with older devices like the iPhone 5, 5c or 1st gen iPad mini, but optimally you should use a device released less than two years ago.

Forum Thread: Time Recoil (By 10tons Ltd)

Warhammer Quest 2

iTunes Description

Dungeon adventures in the Warhammer World are back!

In Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times, you will lead your warriors across a war torn land and into dungeons for wealth and glory! Swing swords, fire arrows and cast spells as you fight through the denizens of Chaos. Success in battle is rewarded with new weapons, armours, skills and treasure.

Be on your guard as you travel through a world in turmoil. The road holds danger for the heedless traveller, but rich rewards for the wary. Visit towns to barter in markets, level up your warriors and discover new quests.

Forum Thread: Warhammer Quest 2 (By Perchang)

Zombies! ARgh!

iTunes Description

‘zombies! ARgh!’ is a frantic shoot-em-up that plays out on your coffee table, kitchen floor, desk, yard – wherever there’s a flat surface for zombie destruction to erupt! Battle relentless hordes of the undead, armed with flame throwers, laser guns, rocket launchers and grenades.

Playing in AR means you are in total control of the viewpoint, moving physically right into the action for close up carnage or pulling right out to see where the blighters are coming from. AR brings a whole new dimension to battling zombies!

For non-AR enabled devices there is a more conventional mode where you can have just as much fun obliterating zombies on your device.

Forum Thread: zombies! ARgh! (by Me,We Studios)


New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘B-Grade Renegade’, ‘Chef Wars’, ‘Returner 77’, ‘Time Recoil’, ‘Campfire Cooking’, and More

Well, today is home to a made up holiday we definitely will not be celebrating around here at TouchArcade: National No Beard Day, the “holiday” where you’re supposed to shave your beard? Getting a chocolate cupcake for National Chocolate Cupcake Day sounds much more appealing. Regardless of what holidays you are or aren’t celebrating today, there’s a heck of a lot of good iPhone games hitting the App Store. I’m way into Layton Hawkes’ Campfire Cooking myself, but Chef Wars looks super cool, as does Time Recoil and a bunch of other games which once again I have no idea how I’m going to find time to play them all.

Here’s the new games on our forums right now:

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening, where we hopefully also get Warhammer Quest 2.