Flipboard CEO Calls out Apple News for ‘Living in the Past’

Flipboard is a content curation service that offers reading material from a wide range of sources, used by nearly 100 million readers. Its main rival in the industry is an offering like Apple News which comes by default on iOS 9+ devices, replacing Newsstand. Apple News has 70 million monthly readers, venturing close to Flipboard’s figures. Continue reading
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Flipboard CEO calls Apple News a ‘product living in the past’ in new interview

Speaking at the Code Media conference today, Flipboard CEO and co-founder Mike McCue had some choice words for Apple and its Apple News platform. Flipboard, of course, is the news curation app with which Apple News directly competes…



Elon Musk Calls Out LIDAR Tech as “A Crutch” in Autonomous Vehicles

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Elon Musk recently reiterated his stance that Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology is not a critical component of autonomous driving systems. On Wednesday, the Tesla CEO described it as a “crutch” during an earnings call on February 7, 2018.

LIDAR calculates how far away a given object is by measuring how long it takes for a pulse of infrared laser light to reach a car and bounce back. Some of Tesla’s biggest rivals rely on it — Waymo is currently in a legal battle with Uber, asserting that the ride-hailing service stole its LIDAR designs  — but Musk has been outspoken in his criticism.

Instead of LIDAR, Tesla’s self-driving system is based on cameras. The cost of cameras continues to go down, even as pixel resolution improves. This could mean that Tesla’s automated vehicles would be more cost-effective, making the technology more accessible to a broader socioeconomic user base in years to come.

“Once you solve cameras for vision, autonomy is solved; if you don’t solve vision, it’s not solved,” Musk said during a TED Talk in April 2017, as per a report from Electrek. “You can absolutely be superhuman with just cameras.”

Unfortunately, Tesla’s split with camera supplier Mobileye in 2016 threw something of a wrench into the works. After a fatal accident involving Tesla advanced driver assistance technology, or Autopilot, the supplier dissolved its partnership with Musk’s company.

While Tesla has since developed its own replacement for Mobileye’s computer vision technology — aptly named Autopilot 2.0 — experts say it’s missing key pieces of functionality, like being able to read speed limit signs and recognize different kinds of vehicles. These features were included in the original Autopilot, which likely required Mobileye’s computer vision technology to operate.

There have been doubts as to whether Musk will be able to upgrade Tesla vehicles that are currently on the road with enhanced self-driving capabilities. Thousands of owners have already paid for “Enhanced Autopilot” — which doesn’t quite exist yet — but competitors have called out Musk for overselling what Tesla’s hardware and software can accomplish. Musk is also quick to disparage his company’s rivals in the autonomous vehicle industry, but the Tesla CEO could soon find his company falling out of public favor if it can’t deliver on its promises.

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Botched ICO leaks users’ passport data, calls police on guy who found the bug

Fledgling cryptocurrency startup Sentinel Chain, which promised to “unlock the economic potential” of the poor, launched its initial coin offering (ICO) earlier this week, but it missed one thing: a critical vulnerability that made it possible to scrape its users’ personal data, including their emails and passport images. Shortly after kicking off its ICO on February 5, Sentinel Chain was forced to temporarily shut down its token sale after the company was notified that its KYC system (a common procedure users need to complete in order to enter token sales) was leaking users’ credentials due to a severe glitch. The company…

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Apple iPhone X Users Report They’re Unable to Take Calls

Owners of the pricey iPhone X have been making their way to online forums to complain about being unable to take calls on their handsets.

According to multiple reports, hundreds of users have been affected by a new software flaw that results in their phone’s display freezing.

They’ve taken to Apple’s official support forum to warn others about the latest iPhone X bug. Apparently, they’re receiving calls but cannot answer them because the “slide to answer” function is nowhere to be found.

One user said: “Sometimes the screen does not turn on and this problem can last for a few seconds or remains permanent until I do a forced reboot. They have already sent my phone to service.”

Another explained: “I have the same issue. I have updated to the last OS and still am having the same issues.

The user also said they are “having issues with CarPlay not being recognized sometimes or freezing or the (non-jailbroken) iOS Springboard rebooting while using the phone and specially while CarPlay is active.”

Apple hasn’t commented on the situation, but it’s thought that the company has learnt about the issue and is telling customers to restart their iPhone X. However, according to users, this fix is only temporary. A forum poster claims that it lasts for “15 more calls”, but the problem soon comes back.

While the forum post focuses on the iPhone X, a user quickly points out that this issue extends to some of Apple’s other smartphones. “This happening to literally all iPhones from iPhone SE , 6, 6s, 7 n [and]  X models,” they said.

But after completing a back-up and resetting their handset through the computer, the user suggested that they were able to eradicate the bug. Someone else said they’re having this issue with WhatsApp, too.

A commenter explained that most iPhone X users they know “are facing these issues including my friends and colleagues.”

They said: “There is also another issue i found with proximity sensor while in call. The display doesn’t come back on even when i take away the phone from my ears while on call.”

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