HTC U12 allegedly shown at 5G industry event with minimal obscuring, revealing on-screen buttons and 18:9 display

The HTC U11 is a good phone, but it’s getting dated thanks to its 16:9 display ratio, large bezels, hardware navigation keys, and odd-looking fingerprint sensor. Luckily, HTC seems to be sorting all that with the U12, which was apparently displayed at a 5G industry event with just a bit of covering-up.

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HTC U12 allegedly shown at 5G industry event with minimal obscuring, revealing on-screen buttons and 18:9 display was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Pebble is dead and hardware buttons are going with it

This week, word broke of the final, ultimate demise of the Pebble smartwatch, with current owner Fitbit announcing that it would be ending support for the scrappy crowdfunded smartwatches this coming June.

And while that moment will go down as the death of an era of Kickstarter successes and a dream of a true third-party smartwatch alternative to Apple and Google’s own smartwatch platforms, the end of the Pebble era will hold a different sort of significance to me: the death of hardware buttons.

Because unlike an Apple Watch or Android Wear device, Pebble watches worked completely with physical buttons. The whole point of a smartwatch was supposed to be that you can use it instead…

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Amazon opens up virtual Dash Buttons to third-party developers

If you're a regular Amazon shopper, you're probably aware of the virtual Dash buttons on the site's homepage. The site will auto-generate buttons that allow you to re-buy your most recently purchased items with one click. You can also create your own…
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It’s Why’d You Push That Button’s last show of the season

We’ve done it, fam. We’ve finished season one of the podcast. Because it’s also the season of giving, and because we love you all, today’s episode is dedicated to you. In today’s Holiday Spectacular — I told you it was coming — Kaitlyn and I listen to the audio clips you’ve sent us over the past few months. We also sit by the fireplace here in our podcast studio to look back at the season. We’ve learned so much, mainly how tech companies manipulate our minds 🙂

Anyway, I know we’re going to be gone for a while, but feel free to email us at We’re going to be planning the second season, so if you have some ideas, let us know. Now’s also a great time to catch up on episodes you might have missed. You can always…

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Google brings play and pause buttons back to the Home Mini

Google is bringing play and pause buttons back to the Home Mini today, after initially removing them due to an issue that could cause the device to constantly record users.

Instead of tapping the top of the Home Mini to start and stop playback as had been originally planned, owners will now be able to long press the volume buttons on either side of the device to control whatever’s playing. That extends to music, news, alarms, phone calls, and so on. If it’s playing, you’ll be able to press and hold to stop it — which can be a lot more convenient than using your voice if you’re already right beside the device.

The update will roll out to Home Mini units that are enrolled in Google’s software p…

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