Apple’s Chinese iCloud business will be operated by local government-owned company from February 28

Apple has confirmed plans to relocate mainland Chinese customers’ iCloud data to China.

The Cupertino company revealed that it will begin migrating data to a local datacenter from February 28, after having opened a new facility in Guizhou last July to comply with cybersecurity laws introduced last June.

Indeed, Chinese regulators have been tightening rules on foreign data and cloud services while implementing surveillance measures and scrutinizing cross-border data transfers. Amazon recently announced it was selling off the hardware infrastructure from its public cloud business to a Chinese partner called Sinnet to comply with the same laws.

Similarly, Apple’s iCloud business in China will be operated by Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD), a company owned by southern China’s Guizhou provincial government. Despite this, Apple has previously stated that it would create no backdoors for governments or other organizations to access customer data, a claim it maintained today when it announced its plans for transferring data to local servers.

Before agreeing to the new terms and conditions, it’s worth heeding a rather significant clause that seemingly gives Apple and GCBD unbridled access to user data. The clause reads that the duo will: “… have access to all data that you store on this service, including the right to share, exchange, and disclose all user data, including content, to and between each other under applicable law,” according to a CNN report.

Storing customer data locally should, of course, allow Apple to offer speedier and more reliable cloud services. However, this isn’t the core motivating factor in Apple’s decision here. If it wants Chinese authorities on its side, it has no option but to comply with local laws.

Apple drew criticism last year when it bowed to pressure by removing virtual private networks (VPNs) and certain messaging apps from the Chinese App Store, though CEO Tim Cook recently stated that he was “optimistic” the apps may return in the future, despite there being little sign of this happening.

The bottom line is that China is Apple’s third-biggest market for sales, and if it wants to continue pursuing growth in the country, it will have to play ball with local authorities.

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First Look: Swrve Partners With Segment To Bring Mobile Insight to Multi-Channel Business

MMW learned this week that Swrve, a top customer interaction engine, has partnered with Segment, the infrastructure for customer data, to provide what the partners call “new levels of insight relating to consumer behavior on emerging platforms including native mobile and OTT digital media streaming.”

In addition, a media release sent to MMW explains, the partnership enables Swrve customers to build campaigns across multiple channels based on data from any of Segment’s data sources, including Salesforce, Zendesk and Stripe.

Swrve says it is committed to supporting enterprise organizations looking to build deeper and more profitable relationships with their customers in today’s multi-channel environment. That in turn requires personalized, optimized and targeted interactions and campaigns, delivered ‘in the moment’ and informed by data from multiple sources both inside and outside the business.

That’s where the integration with Segment comes in. Thanks to the huge variety of data from every customer touch point and internal function (such as CRM, inventory etc.), these campaigns can be based on more insight than ever before. And in the same way, campaigns delivered via legacy channels can be created and targeted based on real-time information relating to mobile, OTT and other interactions collected by Swrve.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Segment to bring the most comprehensive possible data to Swrve campaigns,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Our customers are all agreed on one thing: great data makes for great interactions. That’s why we felt it was so important to ensure the Segment ecosystem was available to them — and that in turn data collected in Swrve was made available as widely as possible through the Segment platform.”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook, other business leaders urge Congress to save DACA program

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Apple CEO Tim Cook and more than one hundred business leaders on Wednesday urged Congress to pass legislation that would keep Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program protections in place for immigrants brought into America as children.
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New WhatsApp Business update brings labels and quick replies

WhatsApp’s app for businesses – dubbed WhatsApp Business – has started receiving a new update. A couple of new features are included in the update: quick replies and labels. You can use quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages. Labels, on the other hand, let you organize and quickly find your customers and messages. In addition, you can now also greet customers with a greeting message. Via | Google Play – Latest articles