New indie project could lead to a bunch of Wear OS smartwatch competitors

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Soon, there could be a number of indie operating systems for your smartwatch, sprouting from an open-source code project launched last week. Indie developers making budget smartwatches can now use starting code from Project OpenWatch to craft their Android-based operating systems. The OpenWatch project is live as of last week. It was released by Blocks, the same company behind the forthcoming Blocks modular smartwatch.

Blocks’ head of engineering, Karl Taylor, said that the project is meant to “open up the smartwatch OS space to the open source community in a bid to loosen the stranglehold on the industry by other, essentially proprietary operating system.” He named Google’s Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) and Apple’s watchOS as the two…

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Oppo unleashes a bunch of F7 promo videos

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Fresh off its announcement, the Oppo F7 has now adorned Oppo’s YouTube channel with promo videos focusing on its selfie camera. The first two feature popular Indian actress Deepika Padukone and Fashion Photographer Dabboo Ratnani, who praise the Oppo F7 smart selfie camera in abundant detail. Then there’s a promo video focused on the software behind the tech – AI Beauty Technology 2.0. Then Oppo highlights the key selling features of the F7 in a video about the 7 reasons to buy the phone. And finally we get the most important all promo videos – the Oppo F7 product… – Latest articles

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[Deal Alert] Today only, 20%+ off a bunch of Alexa-enabled devices and bundles (including Philips bulbs)

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

To celebrate having been voted number 1 in Harris Poll’s annual corporate reputation survey for its third year straight, Amazon is discounting several Alexa-enabled devices and bundles by 20% or more off their original price. The number of items that are on discount is pretty significant, so we’ve copied them all below.

The deals expire today, so don’t waste time if you’re interested.

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[Deal Alert] Today only, 20%+ off a bunch of Alexa-enabled devices and bundles (including Philips bulbs) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Twitter stock is up on a bunch of news we already knew about

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Jonathan Nelson, founder of Providence Equity Partners, and Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive officer of Twitter

Twitter stock finished the day up more than 7 percent.

Twitter stock had a great day: Shares were up more than 7 percent on Wednesday, and the stock is higher than it’s been in more than two years.

Why is Twitter having a great day? It’s not entirely clear, though Twitter generated some headlines. In fact, there were three separate stories about Twitter products published in the last 24 hours, which is a lot for a company that isn’t known for launching new products with that kind of cadence.

Turns out, Twitter isn’t launching new products with that kind of cadence. Most of what we read about Wednesday was stuff we already knew.

First, Twitter CFO Ned Segal was on CNBC’s “Mad Money” with Jim Cramer Tuesday afternoon, and mentioned Twitter’s efforts to get more small businesses onto the platform. The CNBC headline accompanying the video reads: “Twitter CFO: We’re creating a subscription product for businesses to advertise on Twitter.”

That’s true, though it’s not new. Twitter first started discussing a subscription service for small business advertisers last July and launched it in November.

A second CNBC story, published Wednesday, carried the headline “Twitter is working on a camera-first feature that could threaten Snap.” We knew in January that Twitter was building a new in-app “Snapchat-style” camera to encourage more photos and videos — the news was first reported by Bloomberg.

The CNBC story did have some new details about Twitter’s content plans — it sounds as though the company will take user photos and videos taken through this camera to help create Moments around live events, similar to what Snapchat does with its Stories product.

But the bulk of the story wasn’t really new.

Twitter is also testing a new way to show people more tweets about breaking news events, according to BuzzFeed. The company will now highlight specific news events at the top of users’ feeds, which then lead users to a stream of tweets about those events.

Twitter was already doing this, just not for news. It’s been curating feeds around live sporting events, and highlighting them at the top of users’ feeds, since last summer. Now it’s adding news alongside sports.

Which is all to say that most of what we learned about Twitter today we already knew. But as Twitter investors will probably tell you, the reminder was appreciated.

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A bunch of 11-year-olds designed the cars of the future, and the results are utterly delightful

Every year we get served up a heaping portion of concept cars from automakers at CES and Detroit. Weird headlights, huge screens, and a bevy of doors that can’t be bothered to open in a traditional manner. But lately there’s a sense that car companies are just going through the motions. They give us playful ideas like augmented reality and a koi fish that’s your virtual personal assistant, but in the end they dump all their money into more trucks and SUVs. Which is why I’ll take these automotive designs from a group of 11-year-olds any day of the week.

GoCompare, a Wales-based car insurance comparison company, asked a handful of London school children to design the automobile of the future, and then had an illustrator bring their…

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Twitter blames bug for accidentally banning a bunch of accounts

What's allowed and isn't allowed on Twitter isn't always clear. Even though the company has come out with a hateful conduct policy and has unverified and banned some of those who violate it, it still makes a lot of mistakes, like suspending accounts…
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Apple made a bunch of parody music videos to mock Microsoft in the 90s

You might have long forgotten about the time when Apple allowed third-party manufacturers to clone the Mac back in 1994, but former Cupertino employee Dave Garr certainly remembers it. Facing stiff competition from a bludgeoning Microsoft, the Big A – then headed by CEO Michael Spindler – entered into an unprecedented licensing agreement with Power Computing and several other companies, granting them the rights to build and sell computers running the Macintosh operating system. While the licensing deal ultimately proved to be a gigantic failure within a few years, employees regarded the move as a big step for Apple at the…

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Win a brand new Pixel XL 2 and a bunch more cool Google tech in this free giveaway

So sure, we could trick you out with the latest, coolest new tech and just give you a Pixel XL 2…but instead, we’re also gonna throw in a Google Daydream View VR headset AND a Google Home smart speaker in this New Google Pixel and Friends Giveaway from TNW Deals.
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Malaysia Huawei Mate 10 pre-orders come with a bunch of freebies

Huawei announced the Mate 10 with a price tag of €699 and date of availability from November 2017 for 11 first-wave launch markets. One of them is Malaysia and the fans there are getting a pretty sweet deal through online retailer 3ex – the Mate 10 costs MYR2,699 or about €540. But wait, there’s more – the seller also gives freebies worth MYR999/€200 with each pre-order. Screengrab from 3ex The exclusive freebies include Huawei Car Supercharger, Huawei Smart Scale, Bluetooth monopod, 3M Screen warranty and Huawei VIP Service Membership. The Huawei Mate 10 is offered in only one… – Latest articles