Deluxe projector maker JVC launches a ‘budget’ $2,500 DLP model

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In the past, you'd have to be prepared to pay at least $ 4,000 to get a JVC 4K projector, which could cost you as much as $ 35,000. While they're some of the best you can get and are probably worth the price for aficionados, they might still be a bit t…
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Huawei Honor 7A unveiled: Oreo on an 18:9 screen and a modest budget

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Huawei unveiled the Honor 7A, a phone built in the spirit of the View 10. It is an affordable entry-level device, however, launching in China at CNY 800 ($ 130/€105) for the 2GB/32GB version and CNY 1,000 ($ 160/€130) for the 3GB/32GB version. It will be available tomorrow at Huawei Mall, Tmall and The phone boasts an 18:9 screen, 5.7″ in size and with 720 x 1,440px resolution. Good thing too, as the Snapdragon 430 chipset doesn’t have the best GPU. Anyway, a fingerprint is still available, though on the back instead of below the screen. The dual camera on the back is has a… – Latest articles

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This week on AI: Apple’s budget iPad gets the Pencil, Apple Watch rumors, iOS 11.3 & more

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Apple launched its latest education offensive at a Tuesday press event, led by a refreshed 9.7-inch iPad. The week also saw key updates to iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and some of the first detailed rumors about the Apple Watch Series 4.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

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Apple may surpass $1B content budget, new shows could debut in March 2019

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(credit: Steve Rhodes)

Despite underwhelming performance thus far, Apple isn’t giving up on its original programming ambitions. According to a report from The New York Times, the tech giant’s entertainment plans are slowly but surely taking shape. Apple could reportedly push out a number of original series and films any time between March 2019 and summer of that same year.

The process may seem slow, but Apple isn’t wasting time building out its projects. Since last fall, the company signed 12 content deals. Nine of those are “straight-to-series” shows, meaning they skip the traditional pilot-episode stage and will immediately become full series. New hires and former Sony execs Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg lead Apple Worldwide Video and are expanding the staff to about 40 people. They’ve also ordered separations within the entertainment division devoted to adult dramas, children’s shows, and Latin American and European programming.

Only broad details about Apple’s overall entertainment strategy have been revealed. According to the New York Times report, producers and executives that have met with Apple claim the company is partial to programming that’s in line with “its bright, optimistic brand identity,” signaling that we probably won’t see any dark, Game of Thrones-esque shows coming from the iPhone maker.

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apple – Ars Technica

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Sharp Aquos S3 mini unveiled: notched phone on a budget, similar specs to the S2

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The Sharp Aquos S3 isn’t what you would call “official”, but the Aquos S3 mini is. Don’t ask how that works and don’t get us started on a 5.5″ screen getting called “mini”. It’s a 17:9 screen (1,080 x 2,040px resolution), the top row of which houses houses a notch similar to the Aquos S2. The LCD is bright at 550 nits and with high color fidelity (135% of sRGB). In fact, there are more than a few similarities with the S2, including the Snapdragon 630 chipset. There’s plenty of RAM (6GB) and storage (64GB + hybrid microSD slot) for such an affordable phone. The dual camera was… – Latest articles

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Avis Budget inks connected car deal with Toyota

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NEWSBYTE: Car hire firm Avis Budget has announced a multi-year deal that will add 10,000 Toyota cars to its expanding fleet of connected vehicles.

Avis Budget said the services provided by Toyota’s connected car platform would give customers a more personalised experience, while the company would benefit from improved informatics, fleet management, and operational efficiency.

“As connected car technology continues to evolve in the auto industry, we are rapidly adapting our fleet and rolling this technology out to our locations,” said Arthur Orduña, executive VP and chief innovation officer, Avis Budget Group.

“These advancements further improve our fleet management capabilities, which enables us to provide Fleet Management as a Service (FMaaS), while also enhancing the customer experience with time savings and mobile app integration.

“We’re a step closer to a fully connected fleet and ultimately moving towards a new future for our business.”

Internet of Business says

Avis Budget Group is aiming to operate a fully connected global fleet by 2020 and said it will have 100,000 fully connected cars in the US alone this year. As part of this effort, earlier this month, Avis Budget Group commenced installation of 50,000 Unified Telematics Platform (UTP) devices, provided by ID Systems, more than doubling its fleet of connected vehicles.

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Technical, Budget Problems Will Delay the James Webb Telescope Again

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Last week, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is facing further delays and difficulties. The highly anticipated telescope will succeed the Hubble Telescope and expand our view of the universe further than ever before. Yet despite this hype and excitement, the JWST has faced a seemingly endless stream of delays.

In September 2017, the JWST launch was delayed from October 2018 to June 2019. Now, because of issues in testing and integrating the telescope’s components, this date has been pushed to an as-yet-unknown data further in the future.

It is no surprise that the JWST will be one of the costliest missions that NASA, alongside Europe and Canada’s space agencies, has ever attempted, as it’s also one of the most complex. The JWST will have a mirror more than three times wider than Hubble’s, and more than 100 times Hubble’s sensitivity. It will unfold and begin transmitting data 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, beyond the reach of repair missions if any of its advanced technologies malfunction. Altogether, the telescope is one of the most ambitious projects any space agency has ever attempted.

It is unclear how much further the James Webb launch date will be pushed back, but another delay is expected due to difficulties mating the telescope with the bus that will carry it to its launch site. If there are any delays beyond this, it’s likely that the project will exceed Congress’s budget cap. It is historically difficult for NASA, and scientific efforts in general, to find sufficient funding. If the project does reach its financial limit, it is uncertain what action Congress might take.

This month, the JWST mission’s Standing Review Board will re-assess the situation and provide a clearer confirmation of the project’s time frame and budgetary requirements. They expect to have a report completed in early April, so we will soon have a better idea of the telescope’s future.

These delays might be disheartening, but as Northrop Grumman’s JWST program manager Scott Willoughby told Science about earlier delays, “It took longer than predicted, but it’s about getting it right.” The “overabundance of caution” Willoughby describes is of the utmost importance. This telescope has been an investment of unparalleled proportions, and its success could forever change how we observe the universe. It would be a shame to rush the process and end up with a revolutionary telescope that doesn’t work.

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2018 iPhone lineup may include biggest ever with 6.5-inch screen, budget model with Face ID

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More rumors are circulating that Apple is planning a trio of iPhones in the fall of 2018, with one the largest ever produced by the company, and all three incorporating Face ID authentication technology.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Canada to Devote $1 Billion of Federal Budget to Fighting Cybercrime

Next-Generation Cyber-Professionals

The Canadian government will release details of its federal budget this coming week, and local news outlets are reporting it will include a $ 1 billion cybersecurity fund. According to CBC News, federal government agencies requested for the funding to bolster Canada’s cybersecurity infrastructure, as multiple departments are facing growing cybercrime issues.

A bulk of the funding will be a much-needed supplement to Canada’s 2010 National Cyber Security Strategy — although the revised plan would not be included in the budget. The revised plan is expected to come out later this year from Public Safety Canada.

The proposed budget would finance a number of efforts to combat cybercrime in the country, which could include training the next-generation of so-called cyber-professionals and encouraging them to apply their craft in Canada. The money would also likely be used to strengthen military’s cybersecurity capabilities by outsourcing the expertise needed from local private companies. The idea is to keep the pool of cyber-security warriors trained in and working for Canada.

A Timely Decision

Many experts also see the budget translating to funding cyber “co-development” projects between the government and the private sector. Cybersecurity in Canada would be provided for by Canadian information and technology companies, which in turn would work with the federal government to develop both hardware and software solutions. Experts in the field have also noted that they’re looking forward to the revised plan outlining a national data strategy that would cover both private citizens and corporations.

At the same time, several anonymous sources told CBC News the federal government may also intend to secure separate funding to help protect the 2019 national elections from foreign interference. Such action would not be unexpected in light of what happened during the United States’ 2016 Presidential Elections.

Canada’s decision to bolster cybersecurity is timely: cyber crimes have become prolific over the past two to three years. That said, without a concrete plan in place, attempting to put a stop to every cyber attack are a waste of money and other resources. Setting aside a budget is just the first step. As United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a February 19 speech at the University of Lisbon, nations should start having clear rules — international rules, even — to protect citizens from cyber crimes.

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