Currency Symbols: How to Type the British Pound Symbol on Your iPhone

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How do I use the pound symbol on my phone?” Britain’s Pound Sterling is the fourth most traded currency in the world at the moment, and 3.2 million people traveled to Great Britain last year for vacations or business—that’s a lot of people needing to change their money to pounds! Let’s get started learning how to type the pound symbol on your iPhone’s keypad so that you can communicate easily and effectively about Britain’s currency wherever you are in the world.

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If your iPhone is currently set to the English keyboard, you have seven different currency symbols, including the pound, available to you. To access the currency symbols first open an application that requires typing, such as Messages.

  • With the keyboard on screen, tap the 123 button in the lower left corner.

  • Tap and hold your finger on the dollar sign, your other currency options will pop up.

pound currency symbol iphonehow to type pound symbol iphone

  •  Keeping contact with the screen, slide your finger up and over to the pound symbol.
  • Now lift your finger up, and the pound sign will appear in your message.

pound symbol iphone keypadcurrency symbols

There’s one more place to find the pound sign on your keyboard.

  • Tap on 123.
  • Tap on #+=.

currency symbols iphoneiphone pound symbol

  • Tap on the pound sign in the keyboard.

where is the pound symbol on iphone



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