Bring home Star Wars: The Last Jedi (and tons of bonus content) this March

If you’re counting down the days until you can own your own copy of the latest addition of the Star Wars saga, you don’t have much longer to wait.

According to an announcement on the official Star Wars blog today, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will arrive on Digital (in HD and 4K Ultra HD) and via Movies Anywhere on March 13, and on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and On-Demand on March 27. That means if you’ve been itching to get your Star Wars fill and you’re running out of all the cash it takes to see it in theaters (because yes, it is still in theaters), you won’t have to wait too long to bring Rey, Finn, Poe, Leia, and all your other faves home with you.

In addition to film, fans will reportedly receive “a galaxy of bonus features,” including The Director and the Jedi (“an intimate journey into the creation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with writer-director Rian Johnson”) and The Balance of the Force (in which fans can “explore the mythology of the Force” and Rain Johnson’s unique interpretation of it). The film will also come with 14 deleted scenes, an audio commentary, and scene breakdowns in which viewers will get a in-depth look at how the most iconic moments in the film were concocted.

If you’d like to get your hands on your own copy of Star Wars: The Last Jedi as soon as possible, you can preorder exclusive versions from both Best Buy and Target. The Best Buy version is a SteelBook that comes packaged in a premium metal case and includes Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital copies of the film. The Target package, while not a SteelBook, also includes Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital copies of the film as well as an exclusive bonus feature called Meet the Porgs, which offers a glimpse into how the adorable creatures were designed and developed. The film will also be available in a Multi-screen Edition and a 4K Ultra HD Collector’s Edition from multiple retailers and from the Star Wars website.

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Panasonic and Trend Micro team to bring security to driverless cars

NEWSBYTE: Panasonic and Trend Micro have announced a new cybersecurity partnership to develop solutions that prevent cyber-attacks against autonomous and connected cars.

The team-up aims to develop technologies to detect and prevent intrusions into electronic control units (ECUs) – the computer systems that manage driving behaviours such as acceleration, steering, and braking – as well as into in-vehicle infotainment devices, navigation systems, and telematics devices.

The firms said that the risk of hackers taking control of steering and braking systems in connected cars are real. New security vulnerabilities are discovered every day, posing a risk of remote exploitation.

The collaboration will use Panasonic’s Control Area Network (CAN) intrusion detection and prevention technology, to detect unauthorised commands sent to ECUs.

It will also deploy Trend Micro IoT Security, a solution for embedded devices that connect with IP communications outside the vehicle. The technology accesses Trend Micro’s global security intelligence and malware analysis functions.

Events identified by both systems will be collated and sent to a new analysis platform in the cloud to detect and block any suspicious data traffic.

Last year, Trend Micro said that manufacturers can only mitigate attacks on cars by adopting specific network countermeasures: “To eliminate the risk entirely, an updated CAN standard should be proposed, adopted, and implemented.”

This process is likely to require a new generation of vehicles, said Trend Micro senior threat researcher Federico Maggi at the time.

Internet of Business says

A welcome addition to autonomous vehicles’ security armoury, as real-world tests of driverless cars, trucks, and unmanned aerial vehicles become commonplace.

The need for autonomous vehicle security is overwhelming, and has been obvious ever since IBM white-hat hackers were able to disable a driverless car’s brakes using a hacked MP3 file a few years ago. However, whether cloud-based systems will be fast enough to cope in time-critical situations is a different matter. Split-second decisions are best made in the dynamic edge environment.

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MIT’s new chip could bring neural nets to battery-powered gadgets

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 MIT researchers have developed a chip designed to speed up the hard work of running neural networks, while also reducing the power consumed when doing so dramatically – by up to 95 percent, in fact. The basic concept involves simplifying the chip design so that shuttling of data between different processors on the same chip is taken out of the equation. The big advantage of this new… Read More
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Google team will bring Smart Replies to more chat apps

If you've wanted to use Google's canned Smart Replies in chat apps, you've been limited to using Allo or (if you're on the right carrier) Android Messages. But what if you're one of the many, many people using something else? Don't fret: Google's e…
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Magic Leap is partnering with the NBA to bring virtual basketball games to its goggles

Lightfield-display technology company Magic Leap is partnering with the NBA to create digital basketball games that people can watch through its goggles – whenever it is that people are able to get their hands on said goggles, which have been years in the works and are supposed to ship this year.

In a video showed on stage at Recode’s Code Media conference earlier today, retired NBA star and current NBA analyst Shaq was seen wearing a pair of Magic Leap glasses and vouched for the product. “When I went to Magic Leap, I watched a full court game right here,” Shaq said in the video, gesturing towards the empty space on his right. “Lebron was right here. Then I went over here [gesturing to his left] and watched Atlantic play the LA…

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