Facebook fined $33 million for failing to help Brazilian authorities 

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Facebook has had a contentious relationship with Brazilian authorities, and its WhatsApp messenger has suffered multiple service bans for failing to cooperate. Two years ago, a court froze around $ 6 million of the company's cash after it didn't hand…
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Brazilian agency reveals the battery capacity for the Galaxy J8 and J8+

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The Brazilian agency was right about the Galaxy S9 battery capacities, now it has published photos of batteries for the Galaxy J8 and J8+, aka J800 and J805. We’ve seen these in benchmarks with Snapdragon 625 and Exynos 7885, chipsets known for their efficiency rather than speed. The batteries in question are 3,000 mAh for the J8 and 3,500 mAh for the J8+, mirroring the capacities of the S9 duo. That’s 11.55 Wh and 13.48 Wh respectively. Batteries for the Galaxy J8 (left) and Galaxy J8+ (right), photo by Anatel These will be the first Galaxy J8 models, the series previously…

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Apple’s New ‘Selfies on iPhone X’ Ad Campaign Features Brazilian Carnival and NHL All-Star Steven Stamkos

Apple last week shared a new video that showcases selfies taken with Portrait Lighting effects on the iPhone X, kickstarting the company’s new “Selfies on iPhone X” ad campaign across different forms of media.

Next up in the campaign is a video promoting the annual Carnival of Brazil, a weeklong celebration of music, dance, food, and drink, with particularly large festivals in cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The ad, accompanied by a webpage, highlights selfies taken with Portrait Lighting effects on the iPhone X.

Apple shared a similar Brazilian Carnival video last year amid a reported push into more regional marketing campaigns.

The campaign extends to billboards, which will likely appear in major cities across the world over the coming weeks. NHL all-star Steven Stamkos recently announced his participation in the campaign on Twitter, and shared a photo of him standing in front of his own Portrait Lighting selfie at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

The captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning is likely just one of several notable figures who will be featured in the campaign, which is similar to Apple’s larger “Shot on iPhone” series. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more ads, and if you spot one yourself, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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Brazilian agency reveals Galaxy S9 and S9+ battery capacities

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (aka ANATEL) has published its certificates of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The document contains some legalese, but the juicy bit is the battery capacity. The S9 will have a 3,000mAh battery while the S9+ model will pack 3,500mAh. Same as last year, basically. The nominal voltage is the same (3.85V), meaning the two phones will have 11.55Wh and 13.48Wh in their respective batteries. Certifications for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ by ANATEL The battery model numbers match the ones reported by the FCC – EB-BG960ABE and EB-GB965ABE….

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Brazilian state says Apple refused to sign notification on iPhone battery issues

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Apple employees have declined to sign a notification requiring them to tell Brazilian iPhone owners how they can get discounted battery replacements, according to a state agency.
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Bank documentation hints at Brazilian Apple Pay launch

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Documentation seen by Ita&uacute Unibanco customers on Monday suggest Apple is on the verge of launching Apple Pay in Brazil, which was first rumored to gain access to the mobile payments service nearly two years ago.
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Apple to transition Brazilian iTunes sales to local currency in early 2018

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In email notifications sent out to Brazilian customers on Thursday, Apple said it plans to transition iTunes pricing from U.S. dollars to the Brazilian real in 2018, offering potential savings on music, apps and more.
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Globalsat Group and Inmarsat help Valec build Brazilian railway

Globalsat Group and Inmarsat help Valec build Brazilian railway

Brazilian railway company Valec taps into the power of satellite communications while connecting Brazil from north to south.

Building a railway is never easy. Operatives need to stay in communication as they move up and down the track to perform construction and maintenance tasks and, on a very long line that runs through vast areas of poor connectivity, it’s even harder.

This is why Valec turned to Globalsat Group and Inmarsat to provide satellite communications in its work on the extensive North-South Railway in Brazil.

This line will run from Belém in the far northern state of Pará to the southernmost city in Brazil, Río Grande. Some 1,575 kilometres (979 miles) is already completed, with a further 700 kilometres (435 miles) of track yet to be built.

It is a difficult task, even for a well-established railway company like Valec, which also manages two other Brazilian railways, the West-East Integration Railway and the Centre-West Integration Railway.

Difficulties come with the sheer scale of the project, not least because the railway itself is used in its own construction. Trains run on the track to transport goods, and at the same time, workers like mechanics, engineers and builders work along the track both for construction and maintenance duties. These are supplemented by maintenance vehicles that drive up and down the line.

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Communication difficulties

With so much traffic up and down the railway, and so many different tasks and workflows to coordinate, excellent communications are vital. Yet in this case, it was made difficult by poor terrestrial cellular coverage and the use of unsophisticated, paper-based systems.

Before Valec reviewed its systems, for example, drivers would be given paperwork from the control centre in Palmas that detailed the origin and destination of any particular trip. But poor communications made it difficult to keep in touch with drivers during a trip. This meant it was hard to exchange instructions when a driver was en route, and difficult to react to changing circumstances.

This impacted efficiency, and was expensive. Trains are up to one kilometre long, and stopping and starting them again uses up a lot of fuel. Not being sure of the actual location of drivers at any one time also has health and safety implications.

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Satellite solution

Connection to the Inmarsat L-band satellite network has provided a solution to these challenges. Valec opened a procurement process, in line with Brazilian federal government regulation. Globalsat Group, a provider of satellite communications and
equipment, submitted a proposal combining its technical deployment and management expertise with the reach and reliability of Inmarsat’s satellite network.

The connection was tested at 100-kilometre intervals, and Inmarsat was successful at providing a service at each point. Moreover, it tested at more than 99 percent availability, even on a moving vehicle.

Satellite communications were augmented by GPS tracking on rail vehicles that transmit locations constantly and in real time, back to the control centre, and by satellite-enabled push-to-talk (PTT) handsets in vehicles so that trains can communicate with the control centre. PTT services are handled by a Globalsat Group PTT communications server located in a secure facility directly connected to the Inmarsat ground network.

These features, along with the ability to integrate the satellite communications solution with existing systems, gave Valec a real advantage, as there was no need to change any of their control panel systems or the general operation of their control centre facility. The new solution fitted well into existing workstreams and workflows.

The system has been so successfully implemented that Bruno Fontoura of Valec Operations calls it the ‘bedrock’ of the North-South Railway project.

The North-South Railway is a huge infrastructure project which will help drive the Brazilian national economy, he says. “As a public company that acts for the wider social and economic good of Brazil, the railway must be completed on time and at the right cost, so we must use the right suppliers.”

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Pictures of Moto X4 leak via Brazilian homologation agency, reveal thick body and headphone jack

Motorola has said in the past that the Moto X line would not be returning, but recent leaks of the Moto X4 have proved that the company’s since changed its mind. Our latest leak comes courtesy of Anatel, Brazil’s homologation agency, and brings with it a number of pictures that reveal the device at all angles.

The front is signature Lenovorola, with the oval-shaped fingerprint sensor on the bottom. The top contains prototype text and markings, but that’ll be replaced by some “moto” branding on the production model.

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Pictures of Moto X4 leak via Brazilian homologation agency, reveal thick body and headphone jack was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Brazilian Moto X Style gets official Nougat

The Motorola Moto X Style (also known as Moto X Pure Edition) is getting Android 7.0 Nougat in Brazil via an over the air update. And for those that aren’t keen on waiting around for the update to arrive there are direct download links available, if you know how to install the update yourself. The Moto X Style got Android 7.0 Nougat in the US back in April but later is better than never in the case of Brazilian owners. Download links are in the source below. Source | Via

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