Best subscription boxes for Valentine’s Day

What are the best subscription boxes for spreading the love on Valentine’s Day? These are the ones that — like your love — will remain steadfast and exciting!

If you’re looking for something special to get your romantic interest this Valentine’s Day, you might consider a subscription box! Whereas a tech gadget or a new smartphone case is a one-time surprise, a subscription box is a continual reminder of just how much love is packed in that little heart of yours.

Given their growing popularity, there are hundreds of subscription boxes to choose from. We sorted through the crowd and hand-picked some of the best boxes available to give the gift that keeps on giving!

Winc Wine Club

Whether you’re a regular wine drinker or you’re interested in trying something new, Winc’s Wine Club is a terrific subscription box.

You start off by answering six questions about foods, flavors, and interests that Winc uses to recommend wines for you to try. Once you’ve ordered your first box of wines (the standard box contains four bottles) and you’ve had a chance to try them, you can rate them on Winc’s website. The company will use your ratings to inform its recommendations for you.

I recently resubscribed to Winc (it used to be called Club W) and it’s always exciting getting a box of different wines to try. I’ve found some of my favorite wines through Winc.

If you’re looking to impress a wine-lover or know someone who’d like to give wine a try, Winc is a good bet!

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Love With Food

Love with Food is an all-natural snack subscription box that starts at just $ 7.99 a month. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point out “love” is literally in the name.

You’ll get a box each month loaded with all-natural or organic snacks and there’s even a gluten-free option. Plus, Love with Food donates — at minimum — one meal to those in need for every box you buy.

My favorite part about Love with Food is if you come across something in your box that you absolutely adore, you can head to the Love with Food website and visit the Snack Shop to order more of that snack. You’re not limited to the one or two offerings included in the box — you can have a full-on, retail-sized portion of whatever it is you’ve come to enjoy.

If you’ve got a health-conscious snacker in your life who’s always looking to try new things, Love with Food is a great option. The company is currently running a Valentine’s Day Sale, so don’t slouch!

See at Love with Food


Graze is a unique snack subscription box in that it offers delicious treats of its own (in contrast to Love with Food, which offers a selection of snacks from multiple companies).

With more than 100 snacks to choose from, you tell Graze what kind of goodies you like and they’ll ship you a box with eight different snacks. Each snack offers a unique health benefit (protein-packed, Vitamin C, metabolism boost) and they’re perfectly portioned so you don’t have to do any guesswork on how much you should eat.

Graze is a weekly subscription box service — the idea is to have enough snacks to last you throughout the week — so it’s a little more expensive in terms of recurring cost. Graze says your box will likely cost about $ 14 a week. That said, you can skip shipments when needed and cancel at any time.

See at Graze


Humans aren’t the only ones who need your affection! BarkBox lets you show that special pupper in your life just how much you care about them.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that’s jam packed with toys and treats for your dog. When you sign up for BarkBox, the company will ask you a little info about your pupper so it’s not sending toys and treats that are too small or too large. We just recently started a BarkBox subscription and let me tell ya — the puppers are THRILLED! If you want to turn your dog into a mailman-lover, just get a BarkBox sub. 😂

BarkBox is a great way to keep a steady flow of new toys and treats for your dog. Their love is unconditional!

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Papirmass is arguably one of the coolest subscription services I’ve come across. Instead of focusing on snacks, treats, toys, or booze, Papirmass focuses on art.

Starting at $ 8 a month, Papirmass sends out an art print and a card that includes information about the artist. I love the idea of being able to build a beautiful gallery of artwork in my home and refresh it regularly as new prints arrive.

Papirmass does monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions and the prints ship free worldwide.

If your Valentine is an art-lover, someone who’s got a knack for interior decorating, or just someone who likes to support the arts, Papirmass is a grand gesture of love.

See at Papirmass

The Bouqs Company

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. The problem with flowers, though, is that they will eventually die.

The Bouqs Company turns what is too often a sad reminder of mortality (we’re getting deep here, folks) into a reminder that life goes on.

Starting at $ 32, you can sign up for a weekly, monthly, or quarterly delivery of fresh flowers to send a message that — like your undying love — your floral gift is infinite.

Whether your Valentine has a green thumb or just likes to have fresh, beautiful plants in their home, The Bouqs Company’s concierge subscription can help you make their Valentine’s Day special.

See at The Bouqs Company

Do you subscribe?

Are there any must-have subscription boxes we’ve failed to include? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter!

Updated February 2018: This gift guide has been updated with new links, prices, and images to help you spread the love!

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Apple itself, as we wrote a few weeks back, has quietly changed the App Store Review Guidelines to force developers to disclose the odds of “‘loot boxes’ or other mechanics that provide randomized virtual items for purchase.” We expressed doubts at the time about this change having any effect on the popularity of gacha mechanics in mobile games, and so far we haven’t seen any tangible effect on loot boxes in mobile games.

It’s hard to deny the impact of loot boxes on gaming, though, with big developers spending a ton of money and development time optimizing their use and the various mechanics that will make them more “attractive.” At the same time, the World Health Organization has recently defined what it calls “gaming disorder,” which pretty much translates to gaming addiction. I wonder if lawmakers going after loot boxes will use WHO‘s recognition of gaming disorder as a way to further their point that loot boxes are making games more addictive and fueling “gaming disorders.” After all, gaming disorder’s WHO code is 6C71, right under 6C70, gambling disorder. Both are under “addictive behaviors,” and their descriptions share very similar wording.

Whether we are seeing a wave of criticism that will end up erasing or minimizing the use of loot boxes from mobile gaming (and gaming more generally) remains to be seen. There’s a lot of money on the table, and money usually equals lobbying power. At the same time, gamers seem to be firmly against the use of loot boxes. If lawmakers go ahead and regulate loot boxes, I wonder how that will affect the various genres of games that depend on them, and whether we’ll end up with something better or not. It remains to be seen.

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