Latest Apple Pay promo offers 15-30% discounts from Adidas, Boxed, Goat, Headout, Saks Fifth Avenue, more

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Apple has been running regular weekly Apple Pay promos for some time now, but this week is offering deals from not just one brand but ten of them.

Deals range from free rush shipping to discounts of up to 30% …



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Full video: Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed, from Code Commerce

Live from New York City.

In 2013, Chieh Huang was “sitting in central Jersey … telling friends and family, telling the in-laws, what I do for a living is we sell toilet paper out of a garage.”

Now, though, Huang’s endeavor to sell consumers the products they need in bulk — a company called Boxed — has “one of the most advanced fulfillment centers in the world,” he said onstage at Code Commerce in New York City.

Watch the full video, including the story behind Boxed and some of its employee initiatives, here:

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Boxed is trying to predict when you’ll run out of snacks and toilet paper

Boxed Boxed allows online shoppers to to find the same kinds of deals you’d get at a wholesale retailer like Costco. Now it wants to help you avoid that awkward moment when you realize you’re all out of toilet paper. Co-founder and CTO William Fong said that last week, the company released a new feature called SmartStockup to about a quarter of its users, and it’s in the process… Read More
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