Android Auto adds new partnerships with Clarion, Boss Audio, Karma Automotive, and more

Android Auto

Android Auto had a lot going for it as CES last month, but in all of the hubbub, new partnership announcements got missed. Some big names, like Clarion and Boss Audio, were added to the list over the course of the last few weeks, as well as other aftermarket OEMs and car manufacturers.

Here is a list of new current and upcoming partners:

  • Boss Audio: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Clarion: NXV977D (launched in Japan)
  • Furion: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Karma Automotive: 2018 Revero (launched)
  • iNav: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Lifan: Vehicles (coming soon)
  • Macrom: M-DL9000 (launched in Italy)
  • Planet Audio: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Prology: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Skypine: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)

That’s a good list of new partners, especially in an international sense.

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