Join me in playing this addictive block-sliding game

It seems like every year around this time — the down period between the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — I find a new mobile game to consume my spare minutes and hours. In 2017, it was the dangerously involving Egg Inc., and this year it’s a beguilingly simple block puzzle title called Slidey.

Slidey is a member of the vast and diverse genre of games remixing the classic Tetris formula. You are faced with an endless supply of squares, which arrive in single, double, triple, or quadruple blocks, that you need to marshal into complete horizontal lines to delete them from your screen. The entire gameplay mechanic is, as the name suggests, sliding blocks left and right to make them fit together…

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BorderLeap’s Block-Sliding Puzzler ‘minimize’ Is Free for the First Time on the App Store

My two favorite things in the world (apart from cats as otherwise it’s not a fair contest) are undoubtedly free things and minimalistic puzzle games. BorderLeap’s colorful block-sliding game minimize [$ 2.99] fell firmly in the latter category when it released last year, and its intuitive core mechanic combined with how the levels evolve and slowly grow more complex based on a familiar pattern was an enjoyable mix. Finally, after almost eight months since it first launched, minimize is now completely free to download, offering some quirky sliding action for a seductive price of zero dollars.

With 140 handcrafted levels and a lovely soothing soundtrack over the top of the varied colored worlds, minimize was more than worth its initial $ 2.99 price of entry, and so for free is yet another bargain for those wanting another relaxing mobile experience. While the challenges can get complex and normally need a significant amount of thought before rushing in blindly to slide the blocks around, minimize’s true minimalistic nature means no timers, menus, or other obnoxious labels that may impact the immersion. The resulting experience isn’t particularly unique, but you can’t go wrong with minimize while it’s free to download. With no indication on how long this promotion will last, download minimize today and let us know your thoughts on our forum thread.