Blob gets a new look in Give It Up! 3

Blob makes his triumphant return, as Yoozoo Games and Invictus Gaming have joined forces to create Give It Up! 3, the third in a series of delightful action-adventure games featuring our wobbly friend Blob. In this newest adventure, you’ll get to explore colorful worlds and even play against your friends.

Give It Up! 3 features more of the action-adventure excitement you crave, but the latest entry in the series spices things up a bit. The game’s got an improved 3D look featuring five new worlds for you to explore, from the chassis to the jungle, each with their own unique challenges. Once you’ve tired of all of those (we expect it will take you quite some time), dive head first into Give It Up! 3’s new PVP modes. Players can compete against up to seven others in the endless League mode, or fight against another sole competitor in the Arena mode.

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Since U Been Blob

Editor’s note: On World Emoji Day, we’re taking the time to bid farewell to our old Android emoji, known fondly by fans as “blobs.” We’re rolling out a new set of emoji as part of Android O. They’re squishy and lovable—and designed for more consistent communication. Breaking up is hard to do, but we’ll find love in a blobless place.

Dear Blob,

I see it all now that you’re gone.

We were both young when I first saw you… I said “it’s a love story, Blobby just say yes.”

Now, you lost that blobbin’ feeling. Blobversation has run dry—that’s what’s going on. Oh Blobbie, I couldn’t have tried anymore. Blame it on the blob.

Once upon a time I was falling in blob, and now you’re just someblobby that I used to know.

It’s time we had the talk. Blob, bye.

Although we’ve come to the end of the blob, I want you to know you couldn’t have loved me blobber. I’ve had the blob of my life… you’ll always be my Blobby.

Don’t you forget ablob me,


P.S. Nevermind, I’ll find someblob like you… You can blob your own way with new stickers in Google Allo.



Majesco Releases the 2009 Remake of ‘A Boy and His Blob’ on the App Store

When it comes to weirdo NES games, mentions of A Boy and His Blob [$ 4.99] hit every possible piece of nostalgia I have for the era, like one of those YouTube videos of a guy playing unbelievable piano pieces utilizing all 88 keys. It was released in 1990, which meant I was old enough to understand most of the zany game elements, most of which hinged around feeding jellybeans to your pet blob which would then inexplicably cause it to transform into various different forms, which were then used to solve different platforming puzzles. For instance, if you need to go up or down, you’d toss your blob a licorice flavor bean and it’d morph into a ladder. It was (and still is) a super cool game mechanic, as you had a limited number of jelly beans so you needed to use them strategically.

In late 2009, a remake was released on PC and consoles (then later re-released in 2016 on current generation consoles) that I thought was just fantastic. They took the same mechanic from the original, and basically just totally spruced it up with new graphics, animations, and (of course) levels to play through. It was received generally well, and I had a great time with it.

Well, this morning’s surprise is that A Boy and His Blob is now available on the App Store. Without telling anyone, Majesco snuck this classic out that we found just paging through any new releases we might have missed. It seems like a pretty faithful port too, with the only real difference being the obvious addition to virtual controls.

I look forward to spending more time with the game to see how these controls end up holding up in later, more difficult levels, but so far I’m pleasantly surprised. The possibility of A Boy and His Blob was not even on my radar at all as a potential iOS release, making this a fantastic addition to this month’s onslaught of incredible titles to be released.


Google brings back the blob emoji (as a sticker pack)

The Android blob lives! Kind of. For those not in the know, Android O is replacing Google’s classic blob emoji with more generic-looking emoji. A lot of people are not happy about that. Google is well aware, so today – in honor of World Emoji Day *sighs* – it’s bringing back the blobs in a sticker pack for the seven people that still use Allo. Of course, making the choice to abandon the blob wasn’t easy for Google either – after all, it’s the one that had to let go. So Google shared its breakup letter, apparently written while listening…

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Google’s best travel feature is an orange blob

For as relaxing as vacations are supposed to be, there tends to be an awful lot of stress involved. My girlfriend and I just got back from a trip a couple weeks ago, and the biggest problem we had was planning: sure, we had plane tickets, train tickets, and Airbnbs all set, but we still had to figure out what to actually do in the three different cities we were visiting. We weren’t entirely sure even once we’d arrived.

Fortunately, Google Maps has a feature that makes exploring a new city incredibly easy — so long as you’re okay with being a little bit uncertain about what your outings will be like. It’s a year-old feature called “Areas of Interest,” and from asking around The Verge office, it seems like most people don’t even realize…

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