Apple’s Overly Persistent Apple Pay Push May Come Back to Bite Them

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Since launching its mobile payments platform, Apple Pay, back in October of 2014, Apple has worked tirelessly ramping up its efforts to attract and encourage users to adopt and utilize the service. And while the latest mobile wallet adoption data (provided courtesy of PYMNTS) suggests that at least 12.8 percent of iOS users have setup […]
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Competitive Choose Your Own Adventure Game ‘The Wolf’s Bite’ Heading to iOS April 12th

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Back in July of last year, developer Three Little Devs unveiled their upcoming project called The Wolf’s Bite, and it looked very interesting. The Wolf’s Bite is something of a mashup between competitive board game, choose your own adventure, and business management sim. As you might have guessed based on the developer’s name, The Wolf’s Bite is inspired by classic fairy tales like The Three Little Pigs and The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, and your goal is to create a thriving business as the Pigs while simultaneously sabotaging the efforts of your competition, namely the Big Bad Wolf and his titular restaurant The Wolf’s Bite. It’ll feature both local multiplayer and single-player against an AI. Here’s the trailer for the desktop version which launched on Steam back in August of last year.

The game uses randomly generated story bits with over 500 different paths that each player could potentially take, and there are more than 20 different endings you can achieve based on the choices you do or don’t make. It sounds like a really neat spin on several different types of genres that have worked great on mobile over the years. While originally planned for release last fall just after the Steam launch, The Wolf’s Bite for iOS has taken a bit longer than expected, but it finally does have a release date of April 12th. The price will be just $ 1.99 compared to the $ 7.99 price on Steam, and the ability to use the App Store’s pre-order system should show up a couple of weeks or so before the launch date. If you enjoy board games, choose your own adventures, or lighthearted fairy tales then keep an eye out for The Wolf’s Bite on mobile next month and check out the forum thread for some discussion.


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Research shows when your Apple product is likely to bite the dust

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

If you want to know how much life you’ll get out of your new Apple product, an analyst for Asymco has estimated the average life of your next device. Researcher Horace Dedlu determined lifespan by using the number of active devices and the cumulative total of products sold. The former number, revealed during Apple’s Q1 financial call last month, has only been disclosed once before. When you subtract the number of active devices from the total number sold, the remaining number is the amount of products that have been retired in a quarter. Dedlu contends that figuring the average lifespan…

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A New Study Shows Mosquitoes Can Be Trained Not to Bite Specific Humans

War on Mosquitoes

A graphic from Bill Gates’ blog clearly illustrates that the mosquito causes more deaths per year than any other animal on the planet. This killer insect has a nasty reputation for spreading the disease around the globe, prompting what some have called The War on Mosquitoes. A recent experiment could be a turning point in this battle, as it equips us with a surprising and potentially revolutionary weapon — the ability to train mosquitoes.

According to a study published in Current Biology, when you slap at a mosquito that is about to bite you, it learns to associate your personal scent with that life-threatening experience and will avoid you in the future. This is the first demonstration showing that mosquitoes are able to both learn and remember.

It turns out that mosquitoes can learn and remember. Image Credit: WikiImages / Pixabay
It turns out that mosquitoes can learn and remember. Image Credit: WikiImages / Pixabay

As described by Jeff Riffell, the study’s lead researcher and University of Washington neuroecologist, in an interview with National Geographic, “They’re essentially Pavlov’s mosquitoes.” He is referring to the famous experiment in which dogs are trained to salivate on command, which is comparable to mosquitoes being trained to avoid certain humans.

Training Insects

Mosquitoes don’t bite at random. They are drawn to specific scents which are more alluring than others. The human scent, generally speaking, is particularly attractive to mosquitoes. But, when a person slaps at a mosquito, they usually create small vibrations on the skin that interrupt the insect’s attempt to bite.

The Worst Bug Bites in the World [INFOGRAPHIC]
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In this study, the researchers recreated these vibrations in 20-minute sessions and found that, when the mosquito bite was disturbed by these vibrations, the insect avoided that scent for up to 24 hours. This level of effectiveness was even likened to publicly-available insect repellent that contains DEET.

While there is still a great leap between this research and an improved method for combating mosquito-transmitted illnesses, Walter Leal, who studies human-mosquito interactions at the University of California, Davis, but is not an author of this study, is optimistic. He stated to National Geographic that “Now that we know that some compounds trigger this memory of avoidance, one could possibly use a formulation that not only includes an active repellent, like DEET but also includes some compound that would trigger the memory of avoidance.”

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This massive extinct otter may have had a bone-crushing bite

The scientific term for crunching hard-shelled creatures to death in your teeth before swallowing them is called “oral-crushing durophagy” — and a massive, extinct otter called Siamogale melilutra may have been a champion at it.

The giant otter was the size of a small human, weighing in at more than 110 pounds when it roamed southwest China six million years ago, National Geographic reports. But don’t imagine that this was a cuddly fuzzball: this ancient otter’s bite, described Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, was probably more powerful than that of any otter species alive.

Image by Credit: Z. Jack Tseng
3D reconstructions of otter jaws: the Eurasian river otter on the left, and Siamogale melilutra on…

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Amazon’s Nike deal takes a billion dollar bite out of competing retailers

Work hard, have fun, make money.

Amazon is in the business of everything and is one of the biggest companies in the world. When it makes moves, retailers feel it.

News yesterday that Nike would be selling its sneakers directly through Amazon wreaked havoc on other sporting retailers. Competing sports businesses have lost over $ 1 billion in market value in just one day as the stock market reckons how badly the deal might affect other major Nike sellers.

J.C. Penney and Foot Locker saw the biggest single-day declines at about 6 percent and 5 percent, respectively. Nike, on the other hand, saw its stock increase 2 percent.

Amazon’s announcement last week that it was acquiring Whole Foods was a much steeper — and still lasting — shock to supermarket values. Supermarket rivals have maintained a combined market loss of over $ 21 billion since last Friday.

Amazon is the clear winner in all these deals. Since last week it has gained $ 18 billion in market cap — or over $ 4 billion more than it needed to buy Whole Foods.

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Weekly poll: BlackBerry KEYone serves a hardware QWERTY, will anyone bite into it?

The first BlackBerry got its name thanks to its characteristic keyboard – the keys made it look like a blackberry. That keyboard arrangement, with keys at the bottom, was an ergonomic win and became a trademark for the company. The BlackBerry KEYone is a return to that legacy, after the company lost its way in the torrent of touchscreen-only phones that washed away its market share. The square grid of the QWERTY keyboard doesn’t look like the eponymous fruit. However, if you look closely, the keys still have a 3D shape that follows the arc of your thumbs as you move to type at a blinding… – Latest articles