Lineage II: Revolution is mobile’s biggest MMORPG adventure yet

NCSoft’s hit fantasy MMORPG series has just made the leap to mobile with the help of Netmarble in Lineage II: Revolution. With over 1.5 million players having already pre-registered ahead of the game’s launch, Revolution hit the app stores yesterday and is proving to be the biggest multiplayer experience on iOS and Android.

Lineage II: Revolution offers players a full-scale MMO world full of stunning fantasy landscapes and epic battles and castle sieges. The game revamps its predecessor’s character design system, allowing players to create their own unique hero before joining thousands of others to save the world in story quests, or fighting it out against others in the game’s substantial multiplayer modes.

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The biggest updates out this week – November 15

A big game update is always a treat. Multiply that by four and you’re having a really good week. Those weeks don’t come around very often, but you’re in luck. This chilly mid-November is chock full updates for some of your favorite titles, and they’re real game changers. Here are four of the biggest updates out now or arriving in the next few days.

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Apple is the biggest wearable maker once again

Apple is once again on top in the wearable market for the past quarter, according to Canalys. Apple shipped 3.9 million Watches, marking its strongest quarter of 2017 so far. About 800,000 of the shipments were Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE capabilities.

Apple’s competitors, Xiaomi and Fitbit, trailed behind in Q3, shipping 3.6 million and 3.5 million wearables, respectively. Still, their performance was better than average in the sluggish Q3, according to Canalys, where business has historically been slower.

The Apple Watch Series 3 initially had some LTE connectivity issues that were fixed by a software update a few weeks after its release. And so far, the Watch has been the biggest driver of Apple’s wearable sales.

Analysts had o…

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The UK’s Biggest Solar Farm Could Be Built Sans Government Help

Going Big

If developers Hive Energy and Wirsol Energy get their way, the U.K.’s largest solar farm will go online in 2020. The Cleve Hill solar park would cover nearly 900 acres of farmland and operate with a capacity of 350 MW, enough to provide power for 110,000 households — if it’s approved by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, that is.

The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm [INFOGRAPHIC]
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“The Cleve Hill solar park is a pioneering scheme that aims to optimize the technological developments in solar energy,” Hugh Brennan, Managing Director of Hive Energy, told The Guardian.

Because the government cut solar energy subsidies back in 2016, the best way to make a farm economically viable is to increase its size, according to the developers.

Cleve Hill would be the second subsidy-free solar farm built in the country since the subsidies have stopped. However, the other farm was an expansion of a previously built farm — Cleve Hill would be the first to be completely built after subsidies.

Unprecedented Scale

Some in the area are concerned about the scale of the new installation. Migrating birds use the mudflats and salt marshes of the area to rest, and conservationists, like those from the Kent Wildlife Trust, worry about the impact the U.K.’s largest solar farm could have on these species.

Others worry about the precedent these large farms are setting. “Government policy of excluding solar from clean power auctions is driving larger projects in a bid to get the economics to work,” a spokeswoman from the Solar Trade Association told The Guardian.

U.K.'s largest solar farm
Image credit: Michael Mees/Flickr

While many are all for renewable energy, they worry that smaller, community-based solar farms will be eclipsed as the need to make these farms economically viable forces builders to go bigger and bigger with their installations.

Even so, this initiative to build the U.K.’s largest solar farm is a sign that solar power might be able to continue to flourish even without government help, and it follows a trend in the U.K. of leaning more heavily on renewables. Wales has set a target to generate 70 percent of its energy from clean sources by 2030, and Scotland has an even more ambitious goal: 100 percent zero-carbon by 2020.

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The Growth40 is a list of New York’s biggest growth drivers in digital under 40

A wise man (Naval Ravikant) once said: “It’s never been easier to start a company. It’s never been harder to build one.” While all you need is a computer, an internet connection and some server access to start a project, things get complicated when it comes to building something that can stand the test of time by growing and pleasing customers so much that they’re willing to pay. To make a great product into a successful one, your company needs superior marketing, sales, design, and internal processes, as well as a water-tight business model. In other words, it takes a…

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