How security became more important than convenience

Since the dawn of infosec, the belief that we users are a group of dullard cattle who blindly trade our own security for convenience at every turn has been trumpeted by the stewards of IT and the infosec-arrogant, while bolstered by old research. No…
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2018 is the year TVs became really interesting again

For all the buzzwords surrounding television, I’ve feel like TVs have been kind of boring for a while. I’ve attended CES four years in a row, and it seemed each event basically refreshed the same basic units with only mildly tangible improvements. Sure, I’d ogle at the bombastic displays setups and panels I could never afford, but most improvements of the past years seemed more iterative than groundbreaking – or even just interesting. And then CES 2018 came along. This time around, the race wasn’t just on to see who could push more pixels, colors or nits – differences most…

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57 startups became unicorns this year and seven lost their horns

2017 is the third-busiest year for companies reaching $ 1 billion valuation.

The unicorn club gets new members by the week. This year alone, 57 startups around the world attained unicorn status with a valuation of $ 1 billion or more, according to data from venture capital tracker PitchBook.

Seven companies that were once considered unicorns have seen their valuation dip below $ 1 billion so far this year, either through down rounds or down exits. Last year there were only three down rounds or exits. The Honest Company and Prosper both saw their valuation shrink below $ 1 billion in subsequent funding rounds, according to PitchBook. Down exits this year included, which was acquired by Amazon for $ 650 million, and Shazam, which Apple purchased for $ 400 billion.

Overall 2017 wasn’t the biggest year for unicorns — that award goes to 2015, which boasted 81 new unicorns — but it certainly has been busy.

Social platform Reddit, bitcoin marketplace Coinbase and ride-hail company Careem are among the notable entrants this year. Synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks is the latest inductee into the group, thanks to a $ 275 million funding round last week.

Altogether there are now a total of 227 active unicorns, according to PitchBook.

Here’s a look at the companies that have attained unicorn status this year, by their valuation and how much venture capital they’ve raised. Revenue data is available from the few private companies that made that information public. Click on a company to see its industry category.

A few notable stats from this year’s unicorns:

  • Content recommendation platform Toutiao had the highest valuation, VC raised and revenue of all the unicorns this year.
  • Four startups — Outcome Health, SenseTime, VIPKid and Mobike — had at least one female founder.
  • About half of this year’s startups focus primarily on information technology and software.

The PitchBook data included goes through Dec. 14.

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How Russia became a breeding ground for cryptocurrency innovation

Cryptocurrency has found support all over the world. It is popular as a solution for common business problems in many industries, but also allows people to invest and speculate as they would with stocks. For both reasons, companies and individuals around the globe are motivated to participate in cryptocurrency, but when this adoption reaches a certain point, governments step in to have their say. This makes perfect sense, as there are no other entities with such a significant stake in the status quo. Chinese citizens were on the leading edge of both bitcoin mining and trading for years until China’s…

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